Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Merry Belated Christmas & Happy Advanced New Year! XD

Okay, so I'm 2 days late in posting this Christmas post. That's because I'm posting in my Chinese blog, and because of my carelessness, I pressed something by mistake and all the things that I typed is gone... T.T

And not only once, I pressed wrongly twice! So I got to re-type it 2 times, in Chinese...

On Christmas day, I went to my Aunty's house to celebrate. We stayed at the function room for practically the whole day, and most of the facilities nearby were booked by my family. For example, the karaoke room, table tennis room & pool room.

A while after I arrived there, Hng Meng, Lay Han and their family arrived too. I was shocked to see that Hng Meng had grown much taller from the previous time that I saw him, he's about my height now, and he used to be half a head shorter than me... I guessed I'm the only one who stopped growing completely... T.T

But it's okay, since my height is same as Jolin. XD

Hng Meng & Lay Han started isolating themselves from the rest of the family by sitting at one corner, so I walked over and talked with them. I haven't saw Lay Han for almost one year!!! The last time that I saw her was Chinese New Year. So I told Lay Han that I missed her and she said she's not les, come on, there's different kind of miss, like missing my cousin because she vanished for one year with no news about her except that she's busy with school...

We went to the karaoke room after that and it's the first time I dared to sing without the original singer singing, and with many people looking at me. Maybe because it's Lay Han's help, making me feel less afraid to sing on my own, as I sang with her at the starting...

So we sang for very, very long, till it was evening and we got bored again. Hng Meng went to play table tennis with Jeremy so I suggested to Lay Han that we might as well play billiard together. But after a while, when it's 7, all of them started watching "Miss No Good" on channel U (I watched it before on youtube), so I played on my own, making lots of round around the pool table. *Dizzy*

After that, Rebecca kept asking me to play Monopoly with her and I dragged Lay Han & Hng Meng with me. All of us were dead when we were playing and we aimed to go into the jail, Hng Meng ended up there first. Luckily, after a while, we were asked to stop and we ate again and proceeded home after that.

The next day, I can't use the computer so I was lying all over the sofa with nothing better to do. Finally, it's 5:40pm and I made my way for the Jolin fan club (Singapore) gathering. Jolin was not there of course, only the members. Plus me, there's only 11 people. However, I was feeling awkward because I didn't know anybody so I didn't talk much. And worst of all, I thought it's steamboat so I went there but it turned out to be BBQ/Steamboat/Buffet.

I was scaled by the butter splattering around a few times so after a while, I decided I should just sit there and do nothing so the butter wouldn't do any harm to me. I was not my normal self with people I don't know so I didn't eat much.

However, the experience is not bad, maybe I should go again next time, when there's no BBQ because I smelled like BBQ Carrot when I came back and there's oil all over me...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Trip to Genting

I came back last Tuesday night but I delayed the post all the way till now because I was busy playing Maple Story.

I firmly believed that I would be able to meet the deadline and reached lvl 50 to get the lvl 50 Super Fornax Bandana. Now I firmly believed that I would not make it unless a miracle happened...

On the night or morning before I left for Genting. I was busy playing Maple. And my mother was busy packing the luggage or doing some last minute washing and hanging of clothes. I know I'm very bad because I didn't help her but I would only make matters worst.

So it ended up that both of us didn't sleep at all.

We left at around 4am in the morning last Saturday.

I was happily doing Kerning PQ and forgot to call Grandma to wake her up.
And I was late 15 minutes... >.>

On the way there, I was sort of disturbed by Jeremy (I was sitting at the back with him, usually I sat with my mother) and because of my sitting position, I slept for about less than 1 hour...

Actually I was rather energetic until afternoon. And I was practically dozing off on the chair and I remembered my mother and Jeremy talking to me but I was too tired to response by talking...

Before that, I was walking around and noticed this Carrot down there.

Actually I intended to take photos at Genting because I never did that before as I went there too many times. In the end, that's the only photo that I took because I didn't wander around with my bag and my handphone was in my bag. Except for the time when we hadn't got our hotel rooms yet.

The first day at Genting, I slept all the way till night and had dinner at the Hong Kong restaurant that we usually go.

My mother bought a birthday ice-cream cake for Joelle because it was her birthday on that day.
And my mother told Joelle to give the 1st piece of cake to her favourite person. After that, my mother realised that she made a bad mistake because Joelle has too many favourite people.

But Joelle gave the first piece of cake to me!!! XD

After that, I told my mother that I don't like little kids but Joelle is an exception. Because she no longer irritates me like what she did when she was younger.

The 2nd day, actually I intended to do some shopping with my mother and spent time with her. But it ended up that I was persuaded by Aunty Cynthia to go to the Outdoor Theme Park. o.O

I didn't take any rides that were high up, like roller coasters, etc. Because I'm scared of heights.

Actually, I wanted to take a roller coaster but it was closed when we went up.

Before that, Aunty Cynthia let me and Jeremy played some games to win prizes.
Both Jeremy and I got nothing at our first turn.
But the second time, we got a lion each. (That's the small prize.)

And we happily went back to let Joelle try (Joelle was playing at the playground with Grandma looking after her) and see whether she could get any prizes by hooking the ducky...
However, she didn't win anything and before that I promised Joelle that I'll give her the lion if she didn't win anything because I see that she like the lion a lot.
Not that I didn't like the lion, just that I didn't like it a lot, at least not as much as my baby Eeyore that I brought along there.

We had our lunch after that but the Curry Chicken Spaghetti tasted kind of weird because it is salty. Aunty Cynthia bought Nasi Lemak for us because the Spaghetti serving is kind of small...

After that we went for some more rides and we were sitting on the Tea Cup.
We had so much fun spinning but because Grandma was sitting in there too so we couldn't spin too hard.
So Jeremy, Joelle and I went for a second round and I ended up very dizzy.
I told Jeremy to stop and told him that I was dizzy and he said that me getting dizzy was my own business... That boy...

After that we went to sit the Kart (where we drove the car on our own), I think I sat that before in the past. Jeremy kept worrying that he wouldn't be able to sit it because the height limit is 153cm and he's only 152cm but I told him that his shoes made him taller. And indeed he was able to ride after all...

It was a really long wait. As I wasn't wearing any shoes, I had to wear the smelly shoes that they provided...

I went to the Kart in front and I was the first to go, the view was amazing with no cars in front of me, until slowly all the cars overtook me but I didn't dare to drive too fast because I think I almost overturned by turning around the corner too fast.

After that, I saw another game stand and I realised that as long as I throw the ring and it ended up on the bottle mouth, I'll win a really big prize so I told Aunty Cynthia about it and she let us played.

That was when I realised that it was really hard to get the prize. Out of 10 rings, none went in. Jeremy didn't won anything too.

So we went bad disappointed but Aunty Cynthia gave us money again and told us not to return if we didn't won any prize. Grandma came over to help us but the rings she throw didn't end up on the bottle mouths too.

Then I think after 2 - 3 rings that I threw, it landed on the bottle mouth!!! XD

The man came over and said that the ring didn't land nicely so I didn't get any prize. Either I was too shocked or stunned, I didn't had any reaction to his words.

But suddenly, he went to the bell and started ringing it, announcing that I was the winner!!! XD
There were 3 choices and I chose the Pink Chair Dog. And it was the biggest soft toy that I had!!!

After that, because of my giddiness due to the Tea Cup, I didn't take any more rides except for one last one that made me even more giddy...

And so we went back to the hotel room and I showed my mother the Big Prize that I got... Not much response from her... But Aunty Dorothy liked the dog too!!! :P

We had our dinner at Hao Mei... And I tried Asam Laksa for the first time... And they had a lot of funny ingredients like canned sardines, cucumber, onion, pineapple??? And the noodle was funny too, something like mi tai ba... It was probably the first time that I ate anything with so much food left in the bowl except for the noodles and the sardines...

The 3rd day, I went to watch a movie. Bolt! It was awesome except for the part that I was irritated by Jeremy and Joelle talking. I usually hate people talking to me when I'm watching shows...

So after the movie ended, my whole face turned...

Before the movie, my mother bought a new addias slipper for me because my old addias slipper broke when I played at the arcade that involves kicking the ball...

I actually wanted the black slipper but because it was too small so I got a pink one (and it was the last pair again!) instead but the colour is rather unique. Haha! XD

At night, we went to a restaurant that we never tried before at old Genting. The food was nice and I ended up dumping the rest of my rice inside the Curry pot but the others looked at me in disgust except for Aunty Cynthia.

I never really cared about how I acted in public as long as I don't harm any people.

But my mother minded so I scooped the rice and Curry back into my bowl...

The last day, I woke up rather early due to some circumstances.
And it was the first time that I woke up so early.
So my mother and I had breakfast.

After that, I went to the arcade again because I didn't had much freedom with Jeremy around me when I went to the arcade the previous days as he kept wanting to play games that has tickets.

Oh and the arcade was changed, my favourite frog game was gone, replaced with other games... The frog game was at the other arcade at First World Plaza but it was spoilt...

I played for a while and left one credit in my card so I started searching for any games that requires one credit and went to the K-BOX section and sang one F.I.R. song, Neverland! XD

After that it was time to go home. I didn't really feel like I reached Singapore until I saw the Yew Tee MRT station... ...

The End.

Sentosa Pics

Little Joey took her time to sent us those photos because she forgot... How could she forget? We had such a wonderful time together... >.>

Oh and Joey isn't little any more, she's finally officially 16! XD

We didn't take any photos until we went inside the Merlion because of me and my stupid idea of walking alongside the beach with totally no idea where we were heading and the weather was terribly hot!

Don't try looking at the faces... The shirts are the centre of attention!!!

Up on top of the Merlion! Yes, the Sun was very glaring... Our eyes~

The mouth of the Merlion, look at those teeth lol~!
A photographer helped to take photo of us but before that he had to take 3 photos using his own camera.
Of course we didn't buy the photos... We're poor... T.T

The water path place! Or whatever it's called...

After much encouraging, Yuit Ping finally was willing to go inside the water and I helped to take their photo.

A blue expressway that was passing by near the water path.

Me?? And Amy in the background...
How dare they took my photo without me knowing!!!
It's okay, except I think I was drenched because I fell... >.>

Ah~ Amy was also caught in action playing in the waters...
Those 2, better be careful because next time I'm bringing my camera! XD
Can zoom 50x remember? :P

Our legs? The one at the right should be mine...

Christmas Tree @ VivoCity Night View

In front of the Christmas Tree

Ah, this is much clearer because we moved forward... >.>

Friday, December 5, 2008

Joey's Birthday Celebrations!

Joey's Birthday is on 17th November, however, dear Yuit Ping is sick so we had to shift all our plans a week later on 27th & 28th November...

On Joey's actual birthday, Amy & I gave Joey a surprise by going to her house without telling her that we're coming.

But it's not fun, Joey don't even look surprised, just slightly puzzled... >.>

Because Yuit Ping is sick, I helped to change our plans to plan B that I thought suddenly. Haha! XD

  • If Yuit Ping isn't sick, Yuit Ping & I will be meeting Joey for a simple lunch on her actual birthday at Lot 1.(because the next 2 days that we're celebrating her birthday will cost a lot of money! $$$)
  • Amy, who said that she wouldn't be coming because she's preparing to go for the grad nite (the 3 of us didn't go), will suddenly appear and pass Joey her big, big bunny present.
  • We'll also be buying Joey a tiny chocolate cake (supposing to make Joey disappointed) and wish her "Happy Birthday!"

However, since Yuit Ping is sick, Amy & I brought the
big, big bunny present and the tiny chocolate cake to Joey's house and gave her.
Instead of being disappointed because of the tiny cake, Joey was rather happy.
Amy & I concluded that only Yuit Ping would make a fuss out of it! Haha! XD

On 27th November, when Yuit Ping is finally fully recovered and I ended up with a slight sore throat X_x, we went to Jurong Point to eat Japanese buffet. It wasn't as much fun as it was when I first went with Li Yi. I realised that my taste and theirs are totally different and they can't eat a lot either...

After that, Amy & I did our disappearing trick (because we walked really slow), and bought the
bigger Cheese cake for Joey (if Joey was disappointed with the tiny chocolate cake, it will be more fun! XD).

Next, we tried to find a place to take Neoprints.
To make a long story short...
Jurong Point? No!
Jurong Entertainment Centre? No!
Causeway Point? No!
Lot 1? Yes! But there's only one pathetic Neoprint machine that isn't very good either...

Because my grandma went out and she wouldn't be back till night, and my mother will be outside eating dinner too, there will be nobody at home till at night. And somehow it ended up with me going to Amy's house but Yuit Ping and Joey wanted to come along too because they had never been to Amy's house.

When we reached Amy's house, I took out the relight candles for Joey to place on the cake.
Nobody dared to light the candles except for Amy.
When Joey was suspicious that the candles were relight candles, we pretended that we didn't know anything.
And waited for her to blow the candles, and blow the candles again, and again! Haha! Of course they couldn't be blown out!!!

Later on at night, Yuit Ping and Amy vanished into Amy's bedroom t
o write the Birthday Card for Joey.
If Amy had suceeded in asking Wu Chun to sign the
Birthday Card, then we'll be giving to Joey on the last day of celebrations.
Since before Amy could even ask she's being stopped by the people beside Wu Chun so we gave the
Birthday Card to Joey later that night.

On 28th November, the most fun day because we went to Sentosa (suggested by Joey herself so if anything went wrong just blaim Joey! Haha! XD).

And it's also the day when I started taking photos... >.>

Sadly, since Amy had a job interview, we had to go to Sentosa first without her.

Yuit Ping, Joey & I met at Choa Chu Kang MRT station (I'm not late! Joey is the latest! :D). We passed Joey her
last and final present (4 in a row) before proceeding to Vivocity to have our lunch. (Actually, I'm the only one who's hungry cause I didn't ate anything.)

The last time I went to Vivocity, which is just a few days ago on Monday, I saw someone eating some kind of vegetable rice so I bought it. It's called Thunder Tea rice. Anyone who knows me knows that I like to eat vegetables~ :D
The rice is nice but the soup is yucky... X_x (Some kind of tea smell, but it's horrible.)

Yuit Ping and Joey bought the same food, U-Mian, but neither of them can finish it (if I didn't remember wrongly).

Then it's off to Sentosa by sitting on the Sentosa expressway at Vivocity (my first time sitting).

When the expressway finally arrived, I snatched for the seats and poor Yuit Ping had to sit in the middle of the 2 seats (with the hole in the middle). The expressway is kind of slow and when it slowly passed by some cruises, I suddenly asked the both of them whether they wanted to go on cruise together next time, the four of us.
They agreed.

Because previously we said we wanted to play sand so we alighted at the last stop, the Beach Station. Actually there were trams that we could take, but because I felt like walking and looking at the surroundings so I didn't want to take the trams...

And so we walked, and walked, and walked under the hot Sun. We saw some bikes and wanted to rent them at first, however, if we rent the bikes that means we had to return the bikes and we're not familiar with the surroundings.

And so we walked, and walked, and walked under the hot Sun. And passed by some teenagers playing with balloons like bursting the balloons (my ears... T.T).

After a long time, we finally walked to Underwater World. But since our budget is limited, we didn't go in, we just looked at the things outside. Actually along the way to Underwater World we passed by a game that Joey said she wanted to play but since it's expensive, we just walked on.

We continued walking and entered a place that requires tickets so we were "chased out" nicely.

After walking for about an hour, the three of us were exhausted and decided to take the bus. But before taking the bus, we went to a drinks stall to buy canned drinks. 2 for $2.20 if I'm not wrong, there were more expensive ones but since there's a discount, so we bought it. One Coke and one Ice Lemon Tea.

I have a wonderful memory don't I?

We took the bus and I anyhow mentioned that we should go to the Merlion and so we did... >.>

However, we alighted one stop earlier and because Yuit Ping refuses to walk so we waited for the next bus to arrive. (Note that Joey doesn't talk much because she usually don't have much opinions...)
When we boarded the next bus with the correct line and alighted at the Merlion stop, we realised we made a very stupid mistake because if we didn't take the bus, it would only take us less than 3 minutes to walk to the Merlion stop.

And so we walked, and walked, and walked under the hot Sun to the Merlion. But sort of made a detour because we walked the wrong way... >.>

The Merlion, it looks kind of fierce...

From another angle.

Since we're at Sentosa, we felt that it's a pity not to do any of the attractions so we did one, the Merlion!

When we went inside it's so dark and cooling.

Yuit Ping and Joey got so scared when a person walked by that they scared me in the process... >.>

It's kind of dark.
Not that I mind, at least it's better than the Sun...

And there are lots of Mermaid photos inside...

This is taken with flash, if my handphone camera didn't have flash, I couldn't even see the words.
Yuit Ping is smart because she made use of my handphone light so that her photos wouldn't be dark either. Same as me, we didn't brought a real camera, only Joey did.

This is what I meant by dark...

And more Mermaids...

And seashells??

There are dragons too...

And I had no idea what this creature is.
They took photos of it so I just followed suit.

Now this is creepy...

Yay! My shirt glowed in the dark, Yuit Ping's shirt too!
Only Joey's shirt didn't glowed cause she wore black shirt... to Sentosa... That girl is crazy...

My shirt... XD

Some kind of skeleton's head??

The view on top of the Merlion...

The other direction. Just testing to see what's below because the Sun is really glaring! I should have brought my sunglasses... Baka Carrot...

Look at the thing down there, we'll be going there next! XD

And so here we're playing with water?? Haha!
Since there were people already playing inside, we stepped inside and Joey and I walked a short distance.

However the real fun only started when Amy came and we had no better place to go but here!
Why is that so?
Because Amy is the only one who will accompany me to got through all the paths, even if there's a tunnel.
I didn't really care if I'm wet because I'm already wet before Amy started playing with me.
On my second attempt (when Amy's there) on trying out the water paths (or whatever it's called), I slipped and fell because I was too confident that I don't need to hold on to anything.

Amy got wet in the end too! But she's worst than me cause she's wearing jeans and when jeans get wet, it's really heavy but I'm only wearing a short shorts.

Now back to the part where Joey and I were walking a short distance in the water and Amy wasn't there yet...

We left the Merlion and passed by all this statues.
By the way, we got gifts for visiting the Merlion.
Joey got a keychain (not fair).
Yuit Ping and I got a plastic fan.
And there's also a poster...

The back of the Merlion.
Looks pretty artistic! XD

And a mousey??

I don't know what's that, just some tall thing...

And a patch of flowers when we were taking the escalator up...

That was the place where my mother previously brought me to eat lobster laksa. XD

When we were walking and somehow walked to the cable cars and was about to go back to beach station because Amy had arrived at Sentosa, a person talked to me and asked me to do a survey about the transport that I took at Sentosa and the places that I went, even the timing... >.>

But after that survey, I got a keychain too! Now only Yuit Ping didn't have a keychain so she was not happy...

Then we went to beach station to wait for Amy...

When we were at the beach station we saw...

A peacock... XD

And another more beautiful peacock!

After that, the four of us went to the real beach and sat on some chairs, we figured that it wasn't very fun at the beach (and I refused to play with the sand because I got bitten by an ant...), so we went to the water path. (Scroll up)

Amy wasn't very happy at first, it's a tiring day for her and she didn't want to come to Sentosa at first, however, we had a
LOT OF FUN at the water path! XD

When we were about to leave Sentosa, another person asked me to do the same survey! But since Amy had a different schedule from us, she took the survey. But she didn't want the keychain. And Yuit Ping who wanted the keychain very badly took it...

Later at night, we went to Vivocity to have our dinner at yet another Japanese restaurant. (Never give Joey to choose because she will always choose a Japanese restaurant...)

I ordered Curry Soba (never tried before) and it's my first time eating Soba that's not cold!

But after finishing the Soba, even all the Curry, I was still somewhat hungry and I noticed Yuit Ping is rather full so... I ate her food. XD Actually, she offered me... But for some reason I'm really hungry.

And yah, this is the first time that Amy ordered Curry and she didn't followed me. XD So I'm not the only one eating Curry, besides it's not hot, just a little spicy compared to the usual Japanese Curry, or maybe it's because of my sore throat?

Oh wait, before we went to eat, we somehow walked to the third floor and took the sunset and the Christmas tree!
It's beautiful~

This was taken after we ate and because I mentioned to Amy the previous day that we should go to the top floor and looked at the the night sky.

And we walked in the waters again.

Yuit Ping and Amy thought the waters were rather deep so they didn't want to go further.
Joey and I assured them that the waters were not very deep. Besides, if I was not scared they had no reason to be scared because I can't swim either, I can only float! XD

And we sat by the waters for a while, eating the crackers I exchanged from the arcade (wasted my money...) but in the end we didn't sit for long because there were ants.

Suddenly, I didn't feel like going home and I asked them whether they wanted to stay overnight. Amy agreed but Yuit Ping and Joey were reluctant because they were certain that their parents wouldn't allow them.

So we decided to go to East Coast and stay overnight.

But the next Monday when Yuit Ping, Amy and I met to play basketball, I suddenly don't feel like going to East Coast to stay overnight, instead, I want to go K-Box and sing because I sang at Aunty Cynthia's Condo Karaoke Room.

Anime Festival Asia 2008

This post should have been posted few weeks ago, but as I was busy with going out, computer games and some other stuffs (一些有的没的), I delayed posting it until now.

I went there on 23 November together with Li Yi and her friend.
Since it's such a long time, I had forgotten her friend's name (sorry...)...

But in the end, after finding someone to go with me, I ended up going inside the anime fair myself because Li Yi and her friend when off for job hunting. And I was left with me, myself and I.

I started queueing for the entrance ticket (I didn't know I had to buy ticket to enter). But anyway, it didn't bothered me because it didn't cost a lot, it costed $5, while actually that's pretty much too... But still there was a long queue nonetheless.

When I first entered, someone started talking to me, she asked, "Are you from Kranji Sec?"
I nodded my head. Nothing surprising if she knew I'm from Kranji. I thought she was perhaps my senior.
Then she asked again, "You're Caroline, right?" I was practically stunned because I suppose not many knows my name since I'm quite anti-social.
But then she explained I wouldn't know her cause she used to be one of the peer leaders. Then I "Ohh...." inside my heart... XD

I took my first photo after squeezing through the crowd to look for the animes that I had been watching on okto.

Shakugan No Shana

I think I spotted D.Gray-Man first but because there were people posting in front of the D.Gray-Man boards that's why I didn't take photo of D.Gray-Man first.

And beside Shakugan No Shana is D.Gray-Man.

I don't know how I took the photos that it turned out to be so blur.
I had decided that the next time I'm going to the anime fair, I'm bringing a BETTER camera!

Toradora! My favourite anime currently!
I like the palm tiger! Haha! XD

Skip Beat! Another anime showing on okto.
It's funny too, however there are times when it goes too exaggerating on personal feelings and thoughts so it's kind of irritating...

I've been taking lots of photos all this while because I see others doing it and there's nothing much I can do since I went in there myself.

SD Gundam Sangokuden Mini Series
I wanted to buy it but I know it'll cost a lot and I'm poor... :'(
And besides, I don't have much space to put them...

Digimon Toys

A Pokemon Cardboard Stand? Haha!
There isn't any Pokemon toys or figurines for display. However, there's a few Pokemon toys for sale.
So I bought a XXXL NDS Pikachu Pen! Actually, it's a soft toy! Haha! XD

Aww... How nice of him to post a picture for us! XD
I have no idea what anime character this guy is acting at.
But since there's a whole lot of people of cosplaying, if I don't take a photo of them it'll be such a waste!

I saw a woman dressing as Lenalee from D.Gray-Man but she doesn't look that young like Lenalee so I didn't take her photo... Haha... XD

I made a round at the anime fair and came back to the D.Gray-Man section to that a photo of Chibi Allen Walker!

A Chibi Lenalee!

And a Chibi Kanda!
But Kanda's picture is so high up, it's difficult to take his photo!

The real Allen Walker, Kanda & Lenalee!

And of course, the bad guys, the Ancient Family or the Noah Family!

A big D.Gray-Man board! There's actually another one but there seems to be always filled with people so I can't take a good shot...

A big Shakagun no Shana board!

This is going to be a really long post! With all those photos!

A real life HUGE Gundam model!

And Chibi Death Note characters!

Ryuk, the Death God!

This is really not clear because it's taken from quite a distance.
People are crowding all over the figurines display!!!

A BIG Mickey Mouse and a small Mickey Mouse!

Ben 10 Figurines
I haven't been watching Ben 10 recently because I used to watch a Hong Kong drama and I just realised recently that Ben 10 had stopped showing on okto... :'(

A cool figurine that's not clear because of all the reflections...
They were placed in glass cabinets...

This is slightly better...
I love the sword! XD

And a guy from Final Fantasy!
The clearest of the 3 photos!

That's all! Haha!
I uploaded all the photos that I took at the Anime fair!