Saturday, February 16, 2008

After A Long While…

It has been a long time since I last came here. Not that I was about to abandon this blog but just that I am once again interested in playing games, playing Maple SEA that I had abandoned for so long.

Just interested in playing games again, okay? Not addicted, addicted is >> Jolin.

I logged on a day before Valentine’s but didn’t realize that the next day is Valentine. All I could remember was that I had no IP and I had a LOT of Chinese homework. I spent the next miserable 2 and half hours of my time after I came back from school doing them. :’(

So I happily used the com, doing stuffs here and there and by the time I was free to type an entry, bingo, I got to shut down the com. =.=

… …

This year Valentine’s, lots of people started giving stuffs here and there, of course I didn’t, I didn’t even remember it. =.= Well then, even if I remembered, I doubt I’ll give, it’s not my style to do so, lol. But probably all of them started giving because it’s their last year at the Secondary School. I couldn’t be much less bothered, all I could be bothered with is that I have a MAJOR exam at the end of year… :’(

。。。 。。。

今年的情人节,原本还为会有一个值得开心的事,因为在情人节当天可以预购依林姐的新书啊~ 但是,新加坡始终还是比台湾慢,在新加坡还不能预购依林姐的新书,没关系,我等。。。


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