Sunday, February 3, 2008

CNY Approaching…

Our dear Mr Mike Teo is definitely going to give us lots of Maths homework; it has been a style of his and many Maths teachers for years… A tradition for all Maths teacher I must say…

CHINESE NEW YEAR leh… =.= Can’t even let us rest on this day… Later I skip reunion dinner 2 times in a row then he know… =.= Last year I had been doing Maths homework too, thus I skip reunion dinner… Trying to chiong finish it… Actually I got that homework because I never hand in my homework… Not like I never do, it's just cause I didn’t see anyone collecting it that’s why happily never submit… =.=

。。。 。。。

依林姐要出新书了,叫做【愛的練習語:LOVE EXERCISE】~!我一定会买的哦~ 哈哈~!希望这次的新书不会有那么多的 grammatical and spelling errors。。。真的好期待新书的来临哦~!


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