Friday, March 21, 2008

Changes are Constant

I once watched a show, and there is this statement that appeared in the show, “The only things that remain constant are changes.” After thinking about it, I agree with that statement too.




。。。 。。。

还有,我老妈她去了云顶旅行,我并没去。。。这几天我就霸占电脑咯~ 哈哈。。。

My Maths homework usually occupies the most of my homework. So you can imagine how my life is made better without them… Haha… This is really a miracle~ OMG~! The first time in years!!!

So cute~ ^^

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lazy... =.=


想戒也戒不掉,haix,不管那么多了,懒就懒吧。。。一个星期的假期刚过,好像跟没假期一样,没关系,这个星期五又有假期 lol。。。

不管我再聪明,一定会被我的懒而败。。。也没关系,因为我不聪明。。。哈哈。。。 :P


Jolin Tsai - Kiss Me

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bad Week

Another tedious week has yet past again but this week seemed somehow more stressful than the previous week… I think I’m getting old… Kept forgetting to post here… O well, actually I was busy trying to level up in Maple…

Now let’s see… Hmm… I slept for only about 3 hours plus everyday for the past week caused I’m like busy doing school stuffs, homework, project, etc. Except for Monday, I went to watch “L Change The World”~ It’s nice but not as unpredictable as Death Note 1 & 2…

And because of the lack of sleep, I happily rolled down the stairs and the following day, somehow tripped and fall after numerous attempts of trying to jump over 150 cm for standing board jump… Although it was more of a “floor” than a “board”… So sad… :’( I can’t jump over my height… :’(

And I failed my E Maths Common Test, *Sigh*… But I passed my A Maths Common Test, and I failed my English Compre and I’m sure that I’m going to find out that I have failed more subjects next week… Life’s Terrible…

Life is terrible. I had been doing tons of Maths homework for the past week till I’m going bonkers… I’ll probably end up dreaming about Maths sooner or later… -.-

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And D.Gray Man is so cool~ So nice... Pity it's only showed once a week... T.T

Allen's Crown Clown

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依林的书还要多久才会出呢?依林姐唱的“Kiss Me”很好听哦~!

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And a video my friends and I did for a Social Studies Project...