Saturday, April 19, 2008

Computer Breakdown Season

My computer just broke down yesterday. Came as a shock to me because most of my files are not saved. Most of the files are just some photos, music and appliances. And they can be easily downloaded from the Internet again. (Actually it’s not only me… My friend’s computer broke down recently as well.)

But the screenshots that I had taken from the games that I played are all gone. And some other photos that took me a long time to collect. Oh well, I can treat it as a new start… Lol…

My computer broke down because of some virus attack but the only antivirus software that I had is an out-of-date one. Luckily, someone from facebook recommended me another kind of antivirus software, which is much better (I think), and hopefully it will protect my computer from the virus in the future. ^^

… …

Last Thursday I didn’t go to school, because I felt giddy. Second time this year. I was so giddy I couldn’t even walk straight. Besides, I was about to be late for school at that time so I might as well just skip school. Haha… I was already at the bus stop nearest to the school at that time.

Wondered why I went out anyway. I was feeling giddy the night before as well. Probably I was just making sure that I’m really giddy. Thus, wasting bus fare… As well as getting a bruise on my right arm because I tried to scan the card but with all those arms blocking, I ended up banging my own arm.

Kudos to Kanda’s victorious death!

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