Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Don't Ask Me Why

I’m a loner. The one that always get left out. The one that always tagged along behind others. Don’t ask me why. I’m born like that. In fact, I am the only child.

Actually, I am a sociable person. Circumstances force me to be what I am. A loner. A weirdo that likes to sit in front of the computer the whole day. The loner that doesn’t likes to go out.

If you’re a loner too, you’ll understand.

But it’s all right. There’s no such thing as everlasting friendship? Or is there?

Although I’m a loner, I do still have a very good friend. A friend that have been with me for the past 5 years plus. A friend who actually cares about me and not just let me tag along behind her. A friend who does things that can actually make me feel honored.

To my dear friend --- Puss! Kudos to our 5 years plus of friendship! ^o^

。。。 。。。

我肯定了吗?我不知道。我只知道喜欢依林不是一时的冲动。依林姐,我又回来支持你了哦~!好怀念能再次看到你在电视节目里。我也第一次在我的学校发现原来在 notice board 上面也有依林姐的照片哦~

好期待依林姐出的新书~ ^o^

This is the Jolin photo I saw at school but without the pink background.

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