Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jolin Tsai at Singapore (IMM Garden Plaza)~!

Venue @ IMM



Jolin's Face Enlarged.

Jolin with the background poster.

依林姐离开了。。。 T.T

Jolin playing with the sticker on her hand.

You couldn’t imagine how overjoyed I was when I know that Jolin is coming to Singapore. She hasn’t come to Singapore for almost 2 years.

I first received a sms from the Jolin Fan Club Singapore Chairman. And I was told that we would be going to the airport to welcome Jolin. Because of that, I ended up daydreaming during Physics lessons about what I would do when I am at the airport welcoming Jolin.

But later on, there was a change of plan and we ended up gathering at IMM Garden Plaza at 11am in the morning. And the Welcome To Taiwan press conference only starts at 3pm.

But I was a few minutes late. (And I got myself sweating as I was rushing to get there.) And I only started waiting few minutes after I reached there because I don’t know anyone from the FC and I don’t really dared to go and say “Hi!” to the FC members.

But then again, Jolin was late; she only arrived at about 3:30pm. So I can consider myself waiting for 4 hours. I didn’t leave that place, never eat or go to the toilet. But I had a small bottle with me that didn’t last long either.

I probably can consider this as a worthwhile wait because I was at the front all this while and no one was blocking my view except for the reporters that’s inside the barrier and the hosts on stage. The female host kept blocking my view of Jolin every time I wanted to take a nice picture of Jolin ONLY.

But then again, I see no need in arriving so early because there was still not much of a crowd even if I arrived 2 hours later.

The people that were around me were complaining that they had been waiting for almost 2 hours and Jolin hadn’t arrived yet. And I was thinking, “I have been waiting here for the past 3 hours plus and I haven’t even utter a sound. So what are you complaining for?”

There were also people complaining something about “Don’t they know that Singaporeans don’t have patience?” Well, I can see that. I’m a Singaporean myself too. And I also have to say that Singapore is full of Complain Kings and Complain Queens. Not that I’m not one myself. It’s just that my friends aren’t with me so I’m not talking.
Kind of like an emo kid.

Then there was this male host who was trying to bring up the exciting atmosphere but to no avail. He assumed that the weather’s too hot that’s why all of us were acting so dead. He didn’t know that we were all so dead because we were frustrated from all this waiting.
In another words, pek chek.
He was also trying to make us try the food and drinks that were behind but from what I see, no one went there, at least the people that were in front. You wouldn’t want others to take the place that you had been occupying for so long just to get a nice shoot of Jolin, would you? At least I wouldn’t.




Luckily I’m standing in front; therefore I was able to make use of the barrier to help me. Because I’m quite short, standing on the gaps in the barrier helped me to be able to a better photo of Jolin without other people blocking my view of her.

Jolin only stayed for a short while, I think, about half an hour or so.

Actually she was about to leave, but one of the hosts held her back by asking the media to ask Jolin and another guy (a film director, I think) some questions.

The male host had also offered to help Jolin to translate the questions that he asked the English media to ask Jolin. At that time, I suddenly had an urge to shout, “JOLIN CAN UNDERSTAND ENGLISH!” But oh well, I didn’t…


But I was still unable to see Jolin for the last time in don’t know how many years’ time before she made her departure down the lift, as I took a big round around the escalator due to all those people piling up at the other end.

After I had my lunch (almost fainting due to tiredness, haven’t had enough sleep for the past whole week because my teacher went ki siao and gave so much homework that have to be handed up by that week because the next week was Mid-Year Examinations), I proceeded with my searching for the Inuyasha VCD box sets at IMM. Inuyasha VCDs are almost out of stock and I don’t want my 6 box sets to be incomplete without the other 7 box sets.

After searching almost all the VCDs shops, I stopped at the last shop, Comics connection, and went searching again. I looked through the shelf once and to make sure that I was correct, I asked the shop assistant to help me search through another time. To my delight, he said that there were Inuyasha box sets from 1-8, and 2 of the box sets where those that I don’t have.

He even suggested to me to order the Inuyasha box sets directly from Odex as there are not much hope that I will be able to find the remaining 5 box sets. (But when I tried to find Odex’s homepage today, I can’t find it.) I also asked him to help me to check whether the other outlets have any box sets left.

I continued my searching at Jurong Entertainment Centre. As I am determined to find the box sets, I asked around any possible places, even a figurine shop. Oh well, I was just anxious. The shop assistant at first took out an Inuyasha figurine when I told him but when I said again that I was looking for the VCD box sets; he gave me a “Are you crazy?” look and told me that this isn’t a VCD shop.

Next, I went on to Jurong Point and I managed to find an Inuyasha box set 11 at the other Comics Connection outlet. And off I went to other VCD shops, I paused at one when I saw that there was a box set 6 but pity, there’s only box set 6 left, so off I went again.

Next stop I went was West Mall, and I couldn’t find any box sets. The most common answer that I got was, “No.” I heard so many “No”, I was sick of them. I was so determined to find the box sets that when the shop assistant at the Comics Connection at the West Mall branch told me there weren’t any box sets without searching, I searched for them myself.

Plus Friday, I went to a total of 6 shopping malls (I went to Lot 1 & Causeway Point on Friday, one to search for Jolin’s gift (Hello Kitty) and second to search for the box sets. But I bought neither. Luckily I didn’t buy anything for Jolin because the nearest distance that I could get to Jolin was the distance between the stage and the barrier) to search for the Inuyasha box sets but only found 3 out of the 7 that I wanted. Now, it’s down to 4 more box sets before I complete the whole collection and I ain’t giving up. Besides, I want to know the ending as well.


  1. hello :)
    im a fan of hers too:) and was there on sat !
    thank God and the HEAVENS that you were there early! cos even i who reached sadly at 3 only, couldnt manage to catch a CLOSE up glimpse of her like u did. although i still caught her on photos and vids. but alls like from afar tat kind.i was like SOO busy taking photos i didnt even manage to see how she looks like in person -.-
    but thank God your picts show her. in close up. ahha. yea. nice meetin u! ^^
    God Bless XD

  2. The photos I took of Jolin were shown in close up because my camera can zoom a lot… XD