Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kingdom Hearts – Chain of Memories

I guess I’m probably just too overwhelmed by Kanda’s death that I forgot to post something that I had been thinking of for the past few days…

On that day that I didn’t go to school because of my giddiness, I played Kingdom Hearts – Chain of Memories. Oh, and that was in the night, of course, who is able to play any games when they’re feeling giddy?

I haven’t touch Kingdom Hearts – Chain of Memories for several months, I think. Only after I bought the comic, I realized I haven’t completed the Reverse/Rebirth game yet. Thus, I went back to playing the part that I was stuck at.

Kingdom Hearts – Chain of Memories is another game that I like besides Pokemon. The storyline, graphics, plot are great. And the credits too! XD Credits is the part of the game that I like the most. For a simple reason that it indicates the completing of the game. And Kingdom Hearts – Chain of Memories ending song is so nice that I tried to download it.

And that was what that caused the virus attacks because I downloaded another thing by mistake.

Kingdom Hearts – Chain of Memories is one game that really requires strategy, I must say. Just by blind hitting will most probably cause you dying if your level is too low. Besides, it is sort of interesting to see the combination of cartoon and anime in a game – Disney and Final Fantasy.

Riku’s Ending:

Riku: What are you making me choose now?

Enigma: Will you take the road to light—

Enigma: —or the road to darkness?

Riku: Neither.

Riku: I’m taking the middle road.

Enigma: You mean the twilit road to nightfall?

Riku: No…

Riku: The road to dawn.


Riku's Ending (GBA Version)


Riku's Ending (With Voice)

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