Sunday, May 25, 2008

So Many Things To Do, So Little Time

It seems that I hardly get to use the computer for the past few weeks because I kept going out during the weekend. This is something that I would hardly do. And now that I’m online, there seems to be lots of stuffs for me to do. One of which is to write something in the blog.

Tomorrow is my “O” levels Chinese Paper 1 & 2. Amazingly, I’m not in the least worried about it. Must be the aftereffect of having so many Chinese lessons. Lol… But anyway, I really hope to do well in it because that’s the only subject that I think I’m able to get an A. Hopefully, I’ll get A1.

This June holiday is going to be a busy month. But it seems as though I will be far more busy than expected, as I have to go back to school for 2 weeks, plus additional Maths lessons and Literature workshop. And maybe I’ll even have extra Chinese lessons on the last week of the holiday. There goes my time for using the computer.

After much hard work, I finally managed to find all the InuYasha VCD box sets but sadly, 2 of them are second-hand. So after I bought them, I’ll be busy cleaning it… X_x
But I’m still overjoyed that I finally will be able to collect the whole set! Woot~! XD

Happy Jolin~
Probably I’ll use this to design a new banner or some stuffs etc, once I installed Photoshop…
Ah, another thing to be completed… =.='''

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