Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yuit Ping’s Birthday Celebration!

I had a great day today.

It’s weird that I’m going out during weekdays instead of using the computer but there are exceptions like Yuit Ping’s birthday. But then again, I didn’t regret it. It was so fun; I was still thinking about it even when I got home.

Amy, Joey and I planned a “special” birthday surprise for Yuit Ping. It started with Amy finding a necklace that her sister didn’t want so that we can treat it as a “fake” birthday present to give to Yuit Ping.

Yuit Ping’s reaction was naturally shocked when she received it probably because it’s quite a “small” present for 3 people to give. Our main aim was to make her not to like the present but it somehow backfired because she told me later that she sort of like it. But she would have preferred if Amy didn’t tell her the origin of the necklace.

So the next day we went out to celebrate her birthday as we had Chinese Oral on Yuit Ping’s birthday. Poor girl, she had Oral and Culture Fiesta Night on her birthday. I didn’t go to CFN though; I was sleeping at home throughout the celebration… Haha…

At first we had decided to go to Marina Square and K Box on Yuit Ping’s birthday but there was some sort of disagreement about it. However, when we were on our way there, we decided on going according to plan again.

We went there and had lunch; I had laksa that had some prawns that Amy took a long time to peel using spoon and fork. And Amy and Yuit Ping had so kind of “entertainment” watching me eating the laksa because it’s pretty hot… >.>

We went searching for K Box after that and we passed by The Wallet Shop on the way. I acted as though I wanted to go inside and Amy acted as though she wanted to buy a new pencil case. In fact, everything was going according to plan and we were acting so normal that Yuit Ping did not suspect a thing.

So Amy bought a matching pencil case for Yuit Ping’s new wallet and we proceeded on finding K Box. When we reached, there was quite a long queue and I spotted a poster having some kind of promotion for anyone who is celebrating his or her birthday.

Pity I didn’t know so I could booked in advance thus we went on with the normal package. When I was searching for the room, I saw some rooms with similar number to my room, so I looked inside those rooms by chance and found that it’s pretty spacious.

I was so excited; I did a little jog to find the room. When I found it, I pushed the door open and was stunned by the sight I saw, the room was HUGE, and it’s so HUGE it’s BIGGER than my room…

I ran out again to tell the others and once Yuit Ping and Joey got inside, they started taking out their handphones to snap photos of the room. I too took one picture of it…

The HUGE K Box room

So I was the only one who took the controller and started searching for songs with Yuit Ping telling me what songs she wanted to sing. However, she was reluctant to open her mouth and sing so I started saying that she had known all the people in this room for at least a year, in fact she known Amy and Joey since she’s Sec 1 and she known me since kindergarten.

Soon, I could see that Yuit Ping was enjoying herself a lot although previously she was a little reluctant to come to K Box to sing. But I reassured her by saying that I will sing with her… See… Carrot is “good” to use… =.=

However, we took a long time to make Amy and Joey sing, especially Joey. But she sang after all. Come on, what’s so embarrassing about it? I was even made to sing without the original singer singing. I sang wrong a lot of times but I don’t care! XD

However, I almost had no voice after singing for so long. I sang about 80% - 90% of the songs. Yuit Ping sang more than half and Amy and Joey hardly sang any. >.>

When we had to leave K Box soon, Yuit Ping and I went to the toilet, followed by Amy and Joey. I thought that it would be a perfect excuse for Amy to buy the cake since she’s separated from Yuit Ping but she forgot about it!!!

So we had to forgo the cake and after we went out of K Box, we sang a Birthday song for Yuit Ping in English and Chinese. Amy took out the plastic bag containing the pencil case after that, handed it to me, and I suddenly turned around and said “Happy Birthday!” to Yuit Ping while handing her the plastic bag.

Yuit Ping had a shock of her life when she knew that the pencil case is the “real” present. Probably if someone else handed her the present, the shocking effect will be less… Probably because my expression is weird?

We went home after that.

As usual, Amy and I were strolling all the way when we passed by a cake shop. I paused and asked Amy whether we should buy a cake for Yuit Ping. She said, “Yes” and chose a small cake for Yuit Ping (the rest are really expensive). I immediately dashed off to the cashier, paid for the cake and headed for the MRT station where Yuit Ping and Joey were waiting for us.

When I handed the cake to Yuit Ping, she got another shock again. XD

Plan accomplished!

But then again, why am I always the one handing the presents and cake to Yuit Ping? But without me, the effect wouldn’t be that good, would it?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yooyuball Craziness

Feels great when you score doesn’t it?

Yooyuball is actually a Neopets version of football.
I wasn’t interested in football in the past but Yooyuball seems to be fun to me, after I know how to play it though, because I keep scoring. XD

So there’s a short period of time I was pretty engrossed in scoring and helping my team to score points. But I didn’t really manage to play it for an hour in a go because it’s quite tiring playing the same thing over and over again.

Just like how I did when I tried to kill Punchbag Bob who has 5000 hp and I only can hit about 10 hp at a time.

So I clicked repeatedly about 500 times the same thing over and over again. Actually, I was multitasking at that time because I was playing other games or doing other stuffs. However, it still took me a few hours to kill him although he didn’t injure me at all, that’s why he’s called a Punchbag. XD

... ...

As usual, I have been sleeping late again as well.

And I have watched a show called Criss Angel Mindfreak.

Criss Angel is awesome. Once I saw him doing a trick whereby he swallowed a coin. I was thinking that he’s probably going to make it magically reappear again perhaps in his hand. But guess what he did?

The coin that he swallowed somehow managed to move from his throat to his arm and he used a penknife to cut open his arm and took the coin out!!!

The coin was the original coin as it had the signature of the person whom Criss borrowed from. He’s amazing! This is more than just magic, it’s so awesome it’s crazy… >.>

And he’s hot too! XD

The show that I watched was few years back when Criss had long hair.
Now his hair is short but he’s still hot! XD

… …

And I wonder why but recently I dreamt of Jolin too. It’s the first time and I was her assistant in my dream. Something that I always want to be.
I seem to have telepathy with Jolin in my dream too…

Now that’s what I call a sweet dream~ ^o^

Jolin looks better in plain clothing to me. ^o^

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Neopets User Lookup & New Domain Name

I spent a long time before I managed to design finish the Neopets User Lookup.

It was my first time so it was pretty tough, especially for someone like me whose art isn’t very good.

But then again, after posting the 2nd wallpaper that I created using Photoshop on a website called Dollwizard, the comments that I got was “Wow!” XD
Thanks to the Maple Story screenshot. XD

So I decided to post the screenshots of the Neopets User Lookup here. ^^

I even changed the domain name for my blog to: because Neopets treated as a foul language. How dare they treat my love for Jolin as a foul language! >:@

But then again, the new domain name sounds pretty cool… Provided you know how to spell it… >.>

I reused the wallpaper that I created for the blog and added some additional items.
Lazy… >.>

Monday, June 16, 2008

Changed the Wallpaper again

I changed the wallpaper again because the previous one made it really hard to read the words. But it can’t really be considered as change because the Pokemon picture that I added later was after considering for a long time.

So this is not really the final version of the wallpaper but with the black patch at the bottom of the wallpaper, it makes reading easier. XD

This is the final version of the wallpaper with almost all the things that I like.
I wanted to add F.I.R. picture in the wallpaper but it ended up kind of strange, probably because I only like Faye the best. XD

This is not the final version of the wallpaper.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Wallpaper for Blog

I changed the wallpaper for my blog! And this time I created it myself instead.

This is my second attempt on doing a wallpaper and it seems better than the first but I think I overdid the shiny effects. Anyone can read the words? Oh well, I’ll just let it be. It seems like an abstract art to me. Haha…

This is also the second time I reused the mask. Seems to me I really like Crown Clown’s mask a lot.

And plus, this is probably by far the shortest entry I had so far… >.>

This is the picture that I used in the middle of the wallpaper.

It looks awesome doesn’t it? Looks as though you’re lost in the world of time.

Aren’t they cute? ^o^

They are Tick and Tick-Tock. They are one of the least aggressive monsters that give you 80+ to 90+ exp.

Bored… Jumping in mid-air…
Those are Chronos, and I wanted to kill them to get cogs for quest, but I ended up killing Platoon Chronos instead. Argh! I wasted my pots!

Friday, June 13, 2008

F.I.R. Singapore Concert 2008

After listening to F.I.R.’s songs, I suddenly had yet another strong urge to go to F.I.R.’s concert in Singapore. Besides, it’s their first concert in Singapore!

Before that, I had already told my mother that I wouldn’t go. But I added that I’m still considering about it (or did I?), I wonder whether she heard it. Nevertheless, I’m still considering whether should I go.

The most expensive ticket costs $148 and plus another $3 sistic charge, it costs $151. And recently I just spent few hundred buying InuYasha VCDs and movie. :’(

Faye has great vocals and is probably as good as Jolin or even better in her singing. But I shouldn’t compare them; they are two different people with different unique abilities. XD
However, my mother pointed out that F.I.R. don’t dance in their concert. Actually, it’s hardly but why can’t I go there and listen to them sing?

My mother is also worried that by the time the concert ended, there will be no transport and it’s dangerous to take the taxi alone. However, I said that there would definitely be transport because not all the people going to the concert have car and they’ll probably make their way back home by using public transport.

Before I told my mother that I wouldn’t be going, she had reluctantly allowed me to go to the concert.

But I’m still considering… XD Till then…

And I’ll miss D.Gray-Man too cause it’s on Friday! But then again, I can watch that on youtube.

… …

I forget to mention that yesterday was my first time trying out the Orbis pq. It’s not as much fun as the Ludi pq and I had to jump here and there, which is something that I hate, but it gives me faster exp compared to the Ludi pq and there’s lesser party doing the pq.

As a first timer, I was again called a noob and stuff and I had no idea how to do the pq even after reading the guide at Hidden Street. And thank god I got almost 3k hp, otherwise I would have died like the leader while killing Papa Pixie.

But the leader was a kind soul, at least he’s better than one of the other members, because I think I’m not the only first-timer in that party.

Who has not been a first timer before?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Happy Day!

About the poem that I submitted yesterday to Neopets, I received a NeoMail from them the following day. I was overjoyed when I saw it but they have to spoil my happiness by telling me that:

Your entry for Poetry Contest has been held over by the judges. While this does not mean that you have won, it does mean that you have made a good first impression and they have saved your entry for closer consideration. That is a good sign. ;)

But oh well, that’s something I should be happy about. At least it goes to show my English isn’t that bad. XD

… …

And I have changed my looks in Maple! Actually, it’s the hat only. But I have been thinking of that hat day and night and I want it pretty badly. Since I was lvl 42 till lvl 53?

I can only get it through a quest or by buying from other players but that hat is very expensive, it costs a few million. So I started with that quest and doing many linking quests to eventually get to the final part. When I was at the final part, I was stuck. Not because I don’t know how to do but because I was missing a very important thing needed for the quest, called Nependeath’s Honey.

So I started hunting for it by killing Nependeaths. Probably after killing over a thousand Nependeath, I got seeds, ores, eqs, mesos, choclate, everything but the honey ~>

I tried buying it once at the Free Market but the person’s offer was 14m. I was shocked and asked for a cheaper price. She gave a slightly cheaper price and I went, “…” so she cancel the trade. =.='''

Then today, I was frustrated after killing so many Nependeaths, I decided I’d rather be poor than to spend the rest of my life killing Nependeaths and I got the honey at 8.7m. It’s still expensive though, but I’m happy, I’m happy being poor with a bone helm (the hat that I want badly) ~>

Actually I’m not that poor, I have 4m+. Oh well, that’s considered poor. =.='''

My New Looks~! XD

And I can finally see my face~! XD XD

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Am Always A Weirdo.

I Am Always A Weirdo.

Wonders Why?
I always like writing stories, and maybe perhaps poems?
Although I’m not good at English, as I’d always said.
And I don’t really know much fanciful words.

Come to think of it,
I’m trying to make this rhyme too.
But then again, does it really rhymes?
I shall not think too much,
But there’s one thing that I would like to share,
Which is a poem I created,
To submit to a Neopets Contest.

It’s called:

My Poor Soul
By: Carrot

Searching high and searching low,
I seek for an opponent so.
Not one that will hurt thy soul,
But perhaps one like a Punchbag Bob.

He is indeed a kind soul,
Stands and look at how I go,
While I slice through with my claws,
But got blown back by a strong force.

I stand up and rub my face,
From the dust that’s surrounding us.
He looks at me and I look back,
And the next moment,
The real battle begins!

I jump and I claw,
But I miss by an inch.
He sits back and laughs,
As though he’s watching a show.

He neither strike nor does he move,
To sent me back to my home,
Where I moan over my poor soul,
Of how pitiful I look when I fall.

Finally with one last strike,
I miss and I give up.
And I shall withdraw myself,
From this never ending fight.

This is probably from my experience when I once tried to attack something called a Punchbag Bob at the battledome. However, he seems to have a lot of hp and I couldn’t defeat him.

… …

Recently after looking at other people’s blogs, I realized I really spent too much time indoors and hardly go out, hardly take photos and hardly ever post my own photos on my blog. In fact I hardly even tell others my blog URL.

Hmm… But I don’t like taking photos in the first place so oh well… XD

And I like using the computer so… ^o^

Yay! That’s me!

No of course that’s silly.
This is me…

In Maple Story though.
I’m a girl but my character is a boy. XD

Okay seriously.
That’s me but I’m looking away.
My friend didn’t tell me that she was taking a photo of me.

By the way, the person that is beside me is dear old Puss a few years ago. ^o^

Monday, June 9, 2008

Words Phobia

I have been constantly doing homework from Thursday till Sunday, although I did pause in the middle for a break, however, it still took me about 20 hours to finish all that. That’s probably one of my longest time spent doing homework during the holiday. But I’m glad I finished it anyway, because my hand gets to rest for 2 weeks for not holding the pen. XD

So why do I have the word phobia? Simple, imagine seeing nothing but words and doing nothing but homework for the past few days. Creepy, but amazingly I finish it anyway, so I can use the computer in peace.

I have always regard homework as a burden so I’ll try to finish it usually way before the dateline. That’s my style, my life, a Carrot’s life.

So cute~ ^o^

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Stuck in Literature, Thinking of Inuyasha

I’m currently doing an essay for Literature and I’m totally stuck. The question is weird and the answers that I give are even weirder. Anyway, taking a break from that energy-absorbing question to blog.

I finally completed the whole set of Inuyasha! And I’m overjoyed just by the thought of it. ^o^

But sadly, 2 boxes are secondhand and one of them, which is the last box, its cover is CRUMBLED?!! I had no choice but to just stick with it because that is the last box and it’s so rare, I think it’s impossible to find another one of it again.

And those 2 secondhand boxes are not in such “good condition” as their previous owner had described them. I think my boxes are in way better condition than hers and if she can sell them for $16 each, I probably can sell mine for $20+ each. XD

It’s down to one week left for my two weeks of extra lessons but to my dismay, I had lots of homework left uncompleted. x_X It’s all due to my laziness for not doing them the previous week, oh well, this week I got to chiong liao.

I’m suddenly in to Inuyasha’s pictures after seeing lots of them in Facebook’s groups. And I must say, they are awesome, especially those that are drawn by other people, and not from the anime, movie or comic. There’s this person whom I saw her art and I like it a lot, the name that she used on her pictures of Inuyasha is druihd.

And my Internet is problematic as usual… Sigh…

Some art from druihd...

Dawn Awakening

InuYasha Reflection

Sweet Cuddle

A Breath Away

Soft Kisses

(She said she had no intention in drawing porn but I wonder...? Hmm...)