Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Happy Day!

About the poem that I submitted yesterday to Neopets, I received a NeoMail from them the following day. I was overjoyed when I saw it but they have to spoil my happiness by telling me that:

Your entry for Poetry Contest has been held over by the judges. While this does not mean that you have won, it does mean that you have made a good first impression and they have saved your entry for closer consideration. That is a good sign. ;)

But oh well, that’s something I should be happy about. At least it goes to show my English isn’t that bad. XD

… …

And I have changed my looks in Maple! Actually, it’s the hat only. But I have been thinking of that hat day and night and I want it pretty badly. Since I was lvl 42 till lvl 53?

I can only get it through a quest or by buying from other players but that hat is very expensive, it costs a few million. So I started with that quest and doing many linking quests to eventually get to the final part. When I was at the final part, I was stuck. Not because I don’t know how to do but because I was missing a very important thing needed for the quest, called Nependeath’s Honey.

So I started hunting for it by killing Nependeaths. Probably after killing over a thousand Nependeath, I got seeds, ores, eqs, mesos, choclate, everything but the honey ~>

I tried buying it once at the Free Market but the person’s offer was 14m. I was shocked and asked for a cheaper price. She gave a slightly cheaper price and I went, “…” so she cancel the trade. =.='''

Then today, I was frustrated after killing so many Nependeaths, I decided I’d rather be poor than to spend the rest of my life killing Nependeaths and I got the honey at 8.7m. It’s still expensive though, but I’m happy, I’m happy being poor with a bone helm (the hat that I want badly) ~>

Actually I’m not that poor, I have 4m+. Oh well, that’s considered poor. =.='''

My New Looks~! XD

And I can finally see my face~! XD XD

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