Friday, June 13, 2008

F.I.R. Singapore Concert 2008

After listening to F.I.R.’s songs, I suddenly had yet another strong urge to go to F.I.R.’s concert in Singapore. Besides, it’s their first concert in Singapore!

Before that, I had already told my mother that I wouldn’t go. But I added that I’m still considering about it (or did I?), I wonder whether she heard it. Nevertheless, I’m still considering whether should I go.

The most expensive ticket costs $148 and plus another $3 sistic charge, it costs $151. And recently I just spent few hundred buying InuYasha VCDs and movie. :’(

Faye has great vocals and is probably as good as Jolin or even better in her singing. But I shouldn’t compare them; they are two different people with different unique abilities. XD
However, my mother pointed out that F.I.R. don’t dance in their concert. Actually, it’s hardly but why can’t I go there and listen to them sing?

My mother is also worried that by the time the concert ended, there will be no transport and it’s dangerous to take the taxi alone. However, I said that there would definitely be transport because not all the people going to the concert have car and they’ll probably make their way back home by using public transport.

Before I told my mother that I wouldn’t be going, she had reluctantly allowed me to go to the concert.

But I’m still considering… XD Till then…

And I’ll miss D.Gray-Man too cause it’s on Friday! But then again, I can watch that on youtube.

… …

I forget to mention that yesterday was my first time trying out the Orbis pq. It’s not as much fun as the Ludi pq and I had to jump here and there, which is something that I hate, but it gives me faster exp compared to the Ludi pq and there’s lesser party doing the pq.

As a first timer, I was again called a noob and stuff and I had no idea how to do the pq even after reading the guide at Hidden Street. And thank god I got almost 3k hp, otherwise I would have died like the leader while killing Papa Pixie.

But the leader was a kind soul, at least he’s better than one of the other members, because I think I’m not the only first-timer in that party.

Who has not been a first timer before?

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