Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Am Always A Weirdo.

I Am Always A Weirdo.

Wonders Why?
I always like writing stories, and maybe perhaps poems?
Although I’m not good at English, as I’d always said.
And I don’t really know much fanciful words.

Come to think of it,
I’m trying to make this rhyme too.
But then again, does it really rhymes?
I shall not think too much,
But there’s one thing that I would like to share,
Which is a poem I created,
To submit to a Neopets Contest.

It’s called:

My Poor Soul
By: Carrot

Searching high and searching low,
I seek for an opponent so.
Not one that will hurt thy soul,
But perhaps one like a Punchbag Bob.

He is indeed a kind soul,
Stands and look at how I go,
While I slice through with my claws,
But got blown back by a strong force.

I stand up and rub my face,
From the dust that’s surrounding us.
He looks at me and I look back,
And the next moment,
The real battle begins!

I jump and I claw,
But I miss by an inch.
He sits back and laughs,
As though he’s watching a show.

He neither strike nor does he move,
To sent me back to my home,
Where I moan over my poor soul,
Of how pitiful I look when I fall.

Finally with one last strike,
I miss and I give up.
And I shall withdraw myself,
From this never ending fight.

This is probably from my experience when I once tried to attack something called a Punchbag Bob at the battledome. However, he seems to have a lot of hp and I couldn’t defeat him.

… …

Recently after looking at other people’s blogs, I realized I really spent too much time indoors and hardly go out, hardly take photos and hardly ever post my own photos on my blog. In fact I hardly even tell others my blog URL.

Hmm… But I don’t like taking photos in the first place so oh well… XD

And I like using the computer so… ^o^

Yay! That’s me!

No of course that’s silly.
This is me…

In Maple Story though.
I’m a girl but my character is a boy. XD

Okay seriously.
That’s me but I’m looking away.
My friend didn’t tell me that she was taking a photo of me.

By the way, the person that is beside me is dear old Puss a few years ago. ^o^

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