Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Neopets User Lookup & New Domain Name

I spent a long time before I managed to design finish the Neopets User Lookup.

It was my first time so it was pretty tough, especially for someone like me whose art isn’t very good.

But then again, after posting the 2nd wallpaper that I created using Photoshop on a website called Dollwizard, the comments that I got was “Wow!” XD
Thanks to the Maple Story screenshot. XD

So I decided to post the screenshots of the Neopets User Lookup here. ^^

I even changed the domain name for my blog to: because Neopets treated as a foul language. How dare they treat my love for Jolin as a foul language! >:@

But then again, the new domain name sounds pretty cool… Provided you know how to spell it… >.>

I reused the wallpaper that I created for the blog and added some additional items.
Lazy… >.>

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