Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Wallpaper for Blog

I changed the wallpaper for my blog! And this time I created it myself instead.

This is my second attempt on doing a wallpaper and it seems better than the first but I think I overdid the shiny effects. Anyone can read the words? Oh well, I’ll just let it be. It seems like an abstract art to me. Haha…

This is also the second time I reused the mask. Seems to me I really like Crown Clown’s mask a lot.

And plus, this is probably by far the shortest entry I had so far… >.>

This is the picture that I used in the middle of the wallpaper.

It looks awesome doesn’t it? Looks as though you’re lost in the world of time.

Aren’t they cute? ^o^

They are Tick and Tick-Tock. They are one of the least aggressive monsters that give you 80+ to 90+ exp.

Bored… Jumping in mid-air…
Those are Chronos, and I wanted to kill them to get cogs for quest, but I ended up killing Platoon Chronos instead. Argh! I wasted my pots!

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