Sunday, June 1, 2008

Stuck in Literature, Thinking of Inuyasha

I’m currently doing an essay for Literature and I’m totally stuck. The question is weird and the answers that I give are even weirder. Anyway, taking a break from that energy-absorbing question to blog.

I finally completed the whole set of Inuyasha! And I’m overjoyed just by the thought of it. ^o^

But sadly, 2 boxes are secondhand and one of them, which is the last box, its cover is CRUMBLED?!! I had no choice but to just stick with it because that is the last box and it’s so rare, I think it’s impossible to find another one of it again.

And those 2 secondhand boxes are not in such “good condition” as their previous owner had described them. I think my boxes are in way better condition than hers and if she can sell them for $16 each, I probably can sell mine for $20+ each. XD

It’s down to one week left for my two weeks of extra lessons but to my dismay, I had lots of homework left uncompleted. x_X It’s all due to my laziness for not doing them the previous week, oh well, this week I got to chiong liao.

I’m suddenly in to Inuyasha’s pictures after seeing lots of them in Facebook’s groups. And I must say, they are awesome, especially those that are drawn by other people, and not from the anime, movie or comic. There’s this person whom I saw her art and I like it a lot, the name that she used on her pictures of Inuyasha is druihd.

And my Internet is problematic as usual… Sigh…

Some art from druihd...

Dawn Awakening

InuYasha Reflection

Sweet Cuddle

A Breath Away

Soft Kisses

(She said she had no intention in drawing porn but I wonder...? Hmm...)

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