Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yooyuball Craziness

Feels great when you score doesn’t it?

Yooyuball is actually a Neopets version of football.
I wasn’t interested in football in the past but Yooyuball seems to be fun to me, after I know how to play it though, because I keep scoring. XD

So there’s a short period of time I was pretty engrossed in scoring and helping my team to score points. But I didn’t really manage to play it for an hour in a go because it’s quite tiring playing the same thing over and over again.

Just like how I did when I tried to kill Punchbag Bob who has 5000 hp and I only can hit about 10 hp at a time.

So I clicked repeatedly about 500 times the same thing over and over again. Actually, I was multitasking at that time because I was playing other games or doing other stuffs. However, it still took me a few hours to kill him although he didn’t injure me at all, that’s why he’s called a Punchbag. XD

... ...

As usual, I have been sleeping late again as well.

And I have watched a show called Criss Angel Mindfreak.

Criss Angel is awesome. Once I saw him doing a trick whereby he swallowed a coin. I was thinking that he’s probably going to make it magically reappear again perhaps in his hand. But guess what he did?

The coin that he swallowed somehow managed to move from his throat to his arm and he used a penknife to cut open his arm and took the coin out!!!

The coin was the original coin as it had the signature of the person whom Criss borrowed from. He’s amazing! This is more than just magic, it’s so awesome it’s crazy… >.>

And he’s hot too! XD

The show that I watched was few years back when Criss had long hair.
Now his hair is short but he’s still hot! XD

… …

And I wonder why but recently I dreamt of Jolin too. It’s the first time and I was her assistant in my dream. Something that I always want to be.
I seem to have telepathy with Jolin in my dream too…

Now that’s what I call a sweet dream~ ^o^

Jolin looks better in plain clothing to me. ^o^

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