Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday Presents

I thought I wouldn’t be getting that many presents but it seems as though it’s more than last year. And Puss still owned me one as well. XD

But I’m not really a realistic person so I wouldn’t be mad if my friends didn’t give me any presents because I know that the things that I want, they couldn’t afford it. Lol…

But there’s one present that I like a lot which is a Baby Eeyore that my mother gave me because I told her I wanted it. XD And it’s so cute~ ^o^

Baby Eeyore

And a small teddy bear keychain that Raewen gave me.
I didn’t know that she’s going to give me a birthday present but I smelled something fishy. XD

I didn’t took photos of the other presents because I was in a rush… …

However, there was a special present, which Thai Yeng gave me. It’s a birthday card that she sewed.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

RuneScape Scene Flashes

Every once in a while when I saw a website, I will start thinking of RuneScape and the good old days.

So I went back to playing RuneScape for the past week and didn’t post on the last week. Actually I was about to, but when I finished training crafting, it was time for me to go down to Grandma’s house.

Hmm… Actually if I get to use the computer longer on Saturday, I would probably be able to post but I was persuading myself to go and do homework for the whole day but I just couldn’t “bare” to leave the TV.

But at least I prepared some screenshots before because I suddenly had a strong urge to play Maple as Amy, Ping & Joey just gave me a 10k a cash today.

Besides, I need to appear online in Maple just in case I got kicked out of the guild again. >.>

Here are the screenshots:

The good old ludy but they got to modify it and all my good old memories of there are gone.
However, that’s not the main point, the main point is, the new RS is pretty laggy now.

In front of the castle.

Here are some RS photos that I took in the past:

My old Zammy gang forming a row at Karamja.

Erich and I~! XD

… …

I’m recently suffering from Anime craziness as well.

As well as Anime songs.

In D.Gray-Man episode 92, Allen Walker played a song using the piano and it’s awesome! I loved it immediately.

Screenshots of EP 92 when Allen played the piano in the ark:

14th’s Song:

Birthday Approaching – Celebration Two

This is the second time that I went out this week to celebrate my birthday but with Amy, Yuit Ping & Joey. I think I should just stick to calling Yuit Ping, Ping, since I’m lazy to call her name in full anyway. XD

We went to Novena for lunch this afternoon, or yesterday afternoon since it had passed 12 am, and went to the Korean restaurant that Aunty Dorothy first brought me.

Then we went to Bugis to take neoprints and started scrolling around. Before we took neoprints, Amy and I went to the arcade to play basketball while Ping and Joey were at an autograph session taking photos.

I got a hi-score of 193 points when I played basketball! A few more shoots and I would had overshot 200! XD

The present that Amy secretly stuffed into my bag when I went to the toilet.

And I didn’t even notice it! =.=

I missed out a photo on the first shot… =.=

The wrapper! >.>

And it says, “Merry Christmas”

The a cash card that they gave me.
I love the ludi series card, the background is awesome!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Birthday Approaching – Celebration One

As my birthday is approaching, I will naturally celebrate it with Puss. It happens every year without fail.

So as usual we went out together yesterday. Even if there wasn’t much activity, and we didn’t spend the whole day together, I know we enjoyed ourselves.

Puss is probably the only friend that knows me very well, in fact, we even think about the same thing at the same thing. Now that’s some chemistry we have… Although my chemistry failed…

We went to VivoCity yesterday and caught a movie at the cinema. Since it was a new movie, we ended up with not the front row but the second front row! Well, at least it’s not the worst we had predicted…

We even decided that we should stay overnight together at Sentosa and enjoy the scenery at VivoCity on the top floor garden, but that would be of course after our “O” levels.

On our way back, Puss said she wanted to take some photos because she had a lot of memory space in her new phone and here’s what we took:

A photo that Puss took with her new hp camera and edited it.

Another photo I took at Dover.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sick for 2 days

I was sick for 2 days so I only went to school for 3 days this week.

It was a pretty good break for me because I get to watch finish the whole set of Inuyasha but I wasn’t really happy with the ending.

They said that Inuyasha is a fairytale in the warring states era and so I suppose the ending will be Naraku is dead and Inuyasha and his friends lived happily ever after. Instead it was something about Inuyasha chasing Naraku to the ends of the world.

But then again, probably the author wanted to leave some space for imagination for us.
Oh well…

I suppose my favourite character in Inuyasha will be Kikyo. I was overwhelmed with sadness when I saw that Kikyo was hit by Naraku and dropped into the poisonous river.

And I was overjoyed to realize that Kikyo didn’t die from the poisonous gas and that Kagome saved her. Maybe even happier than Inuyasha?

Oh and although I was clueless about what Mr Teo said in class during Maths lessons, amazingly, I still managed to finish all my Maths homework.

My SS test seems to turned out pretty well too considering the fact that I studied on the actual day of the test because my textbook was in the locker and I was sick…

Kikyo is probably the most pitiful soul.
She died with hated for the one that she loved most.
And now she continues to live with no heartbeat…