Saturday, July 19, 2008

Birthday Approaching – Celebration One

As my birthday is approaching, I will naturally celebrate it with Puss. It happens every year without fail.

So as usual we went out together yesterday. Even if there wasn’t much activity, and we didn’t spend the whole day together, I know we enjoyed ourselves.

Puss is probably the only friend that knows me very well, in fact, we even think about the same thing at the same thing. Now that’s some chemistry we have… Although my chemistry failed…

We went to VivoCity yesterday and caught a movie at the cinema. Since it was a new movie, we ended up with not the front row but the second front row! Well, at least it’s not the worst we had predicted…

We even decided that we should stay overnight together at Sentosa and enjoy the scenery at VivoCity on the top floor garden, but that would be of course after our “O” levels.

On our way back, Puss said she wanted to take some photos because she had a lot of memory space in her new phone and here’s what we took:

A photo that Puss took with her new hp camera and edited it.

Another photo I took at Dover.

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