Sunday, July 20, 2008

Birthday Approaching – Celebration Two

This is the second time that I went out this week to celebrate my birthday but with Amy, Yuit Ping & Joey. I think I should just stick to calling Yuit Ping, Ping, since I’m lazy to call her name in full anyway. XD

We went to Novena for lunch this afternoon, or yesterday afternoon since it had passed 12 am, and went to the Korean restaurant that Aunty Dorothy first brought me.

Then we went to Bugis to take neoprints and started scrolling around. Before we took neoprints, Amy and I went to the arcade to play basketball while Ping and Joey were at an autograph session taking photos.

I got a hi-score of 193 points when I played basketball! A few more shoots and I would had overshot 200! XD

The present that Amy secretly stuffed into my bag when I went to the toilet.

And I didn’t even notice it! =.=

I missed out a photo on the first shot… =.=

The wrapper! >.>

And it says, “Merry Christmas”

The a cash card that they gave me.
I love the ludi series card, the background is awesome!

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