Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday Presents

I thought I wouldn’t be getting that many presents but it seems as though it’s more than last year. And Puss still owned me one as well. XD

But I’m not really a realistic person so I wouldn’t be mad if my friends didn’t give me any presents because I know that the things that I want, they couldn’t afford it. Lol…

But there’s one present that I like a lot which is a Baby Eeyore that my mother gave me because I told her I wanted it. XD And it’s so cute~ ^o^

Baby Eeyore

And a small teddy bear keychain that Raewen gave me.
I didn’t know that she’s going to give me a birthday present but I smelled something fishy. XD

I didn’t took photos of the other presents because I was in a rush… …

However, there was a special present, which Thai Yeng gave me. It’s a birthday card that she sewed.


  1. Hi i'm interested in buying your baby Eeyore, do u still want it? i've been finding it for months but couldn't find, please email me at

  2. Sorry, my Baby Eeyore is precious to me. It's not for sale. :)

  3. hihi would you mind asking where your mama bought the baby eeyore? i would like to get one too~
    i know this is random, but do email me at :>

    1. I've been searching all over Singapore for another identical Eeyore but it seems like it's not on sale anymore.