Sunday, July 20, 2008

RuneScape Scene Flashes

Every once in a while when I saw a website, I will start thinking of RuneScape and the good old days.

So I went back to playing RuneScape for the past week and didn’t post on the last week. Actually I was about to, but when I finished training crafting, it was time for me to go down to Grandma’s house.

Hmm… Actually if I get to use the computer longer on Saturday, I would probably be able to post but I was persuading myself to go and do homework for the whole day but I just couldn’t “bare” to leave the TV.

But at least I prepared some screenshots before because I suddenly had a strong urge to play Maple as Amy, Ping & Joey just gave me a 10k a cash today.

Besides, I need to appear online in Maple just in case I got kicked out of the guild again. >.>

Here are the screenshots:

The good old ludy but they got to modify it and all my good old memories of there are gone.
However, that’s not the main point, the main point is, the new RS is pretty laggy now.

In front of the castle.

Here are some RS photos that I took in the past:

My old Zammy gang forming a row at Karamja.

Erich and I~! XD

… …

I’m recently suffering from Anime craziness as well.

As well as Anime songs.

In D.Gray-Man episode 92, Allen Walker played a song using the piano and it’s awesome! I loved it immediately.

Screenshots of EP 92 when Allen played the piano in the ark:

14th’s Song:

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