Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sick for 2 days

I was sick for 2 days so I only went to school for 3 days this week.

It was a pretty good break for me because I get to watch finish the whole set of Inuyasha but I wasn’t really happy with the ending.

They said that Inuyasha is a fairytale in the warring states era and so I suppose the ending will be Naraku is dead and Inuyasha and his friends lived happily ever after. Instead it was something about Inuyasha chasing Naraku to the ends of the world.

But then again, probably the author wanted to leave some space for imagination for us.
Oh well…

I suppose my favourite character in Inuyasha will be Kikyo. I was overwhelmed with sadness when I saw that Kikyo was hit by Naraku and dropped into the poisonous river.

And I was overjoyed to realize that Kikyo didn’t die from the poisonous gas and that Kagome saved her. Maybe even happier than Inuyasha?

Oh and although I was clueless about what Mr Teo said in class during Maths lessons, amazingly, I still managed to finish all my Maths homework.

My SS test seems to turned out pretty well too considering the fact that I studied on the actual day of the test because my textbook was in the locker and I was sick…

Kikyo is probably the most pitiful soul.
She died with hated for the one that she loved most.
And now she continues to live with no heartbeat…

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