Sunday, August 24, 2008

Balanced Luck

What do I mean by balanced luck?

That means I can’t just be pure lucky for a day without anything happening to me afterwards. It is sort of like karma.

The first example: I won tickets to F.I.R. first concert in Singapore. Following that, my bag spoilt and I had to carry it to service. Therefore, I had to carry a big heavy plastic bag back home containing all my stuffs.

The second example: I got A1 for my “O” levels Chinese. (Well, I couldn’t count that as all plain luck because I really did put in lots of efforts for that examination, except that I didn’t expect myself to get A1.) Following that, I got insect shit on my school shirt during morning assembly. (My grandmother counted that as lucky because she never heard anyone getting insect shit on his or her shirts before.)

Now talking about luck, it makes me think about fate and some special dates from 2007 & 2008.

My Mother and Erich’s birthday.
(Isn’t it unusual that my mother and friend’s birthdays fall on the same day?)

F.I.R.’s first Singapore concert.
(The special concert that made me find back my passion for Chinese music and motivation in life. And happy for several weeks. XD)

Now talking about the special horoscopes.

Cancer & Virgo are supposed to be good friends, that’s what I read before.

I’m a Cancer.

My best friend, Puss, is a Virgo.

My favourite singer, Jolin Tsai, is also a Virgo.

My favourite band’s vocal lead, Faye from F.I.R., is a Virgo as well.

Now that’s fate. Don’t you think?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Plans for holiday with Puss after “O” levels

It is kind of early to decide where Puss and I should go for our “honeymoon” now. Especially when we haven’t even started studying for our “O” levels. In fact, we planned for the holiday a year ago.

I know we crazy people, counting the eggs before they hatches…

Now on the topic back to “O” levels, a wonderful thing happened to me but I forgot completely about it because my mind is still on the F.I.R. concert.

I got A1 for my Chinese!!! Isn’t that amazing? And I was expecting myself to get B3 or the highest A2. But anyway, I must say I actually did put in a lot of effort in this exam. Probably, it’s the most effort I had put in an examination for the first time in my whole life.

And now back about the F.I.R. concert again. I’m a very random person so I’m trying to keep this as structured as possible.

I bought a shirt at the concert by borrowing money from Raewen’s father because I didn’t have enough cash on hand and they don’t accept Nets.

I’m so in love with this shirt.
This shirt comes in 2 different colours. One is black and gold, which is the one I bought; the other is white and red.
If I were to buy the other one, probably I can wear it on National Day celebrations. Lol…

Okay, finally back to the topic I was going to say.

So I called Puss yesterday and told her I could come over to her house on Sunday to study together.

Somehow, we drifted to the topic of “Holiday” as I couldn’t find anything better to talk about. And indeed, we chatted a lot about “Holiday”.

I was asking Puss where should we go. And since our budget is quite limited, we restricted ourselves to only going somewhere in Asia or SEA.

And Puss said she wanted to go Genting. But I don’t like the thought of it since I had been there many times. And besides, my mother wouldn’t like the thought of me going to Genting with my friend but refusing to go with her.

And after that, Puss said we could go shopping for a day at KL after going to Genting. I even disliked the idea of it since KL isn’t very safe and it’s inconvenient traveling without a car.

Then SOMEHOW, we were discussing on how to go there and it became riding a sampan on the Singapore River.

And ever since then, everything we said, Puss will say about “her sampan”.

But that sampan gave me an idea and we finally decided after a long time… To go on a cruise. XD

Fine… A Sampan she wants, a Sampan she will get…

Sunday, August 17, 2008

F.I.R. The Tenth Planet Singapore Concert 2008

I met Raewen at around 5pm plus on 8th August and we went to a restaurant at Raffles Place to have our dinner. After that, feeling that we still have sufficient time, we went shopping around Raffles Place and I paused at a toyshop.

Suggesting that we should go in, we went in and started looking at the toys and figurines inside. I came out of the toyshop with a pokemon toy in hand. XD
But it didn’t turn out to be the Pikachu toy that I wanted.

We hurried to Kallang as it was quite late and waited for a LONG time before the bus arrived. I still remembered the time when we were trying to dash up the overcrowded bus. I was pushing Raewen to go up the bus and I was following closely behind her. However, her shoe kicked my leg.
I even suggested that we should hold hands, in case we get separated. Lol…

We finally arrived at the Singapore Indoor Stadium after a long time. Seeing that the concert was about to start, I told Raewen that we might as well cross the road instead of making the trouble to cross the overhead bridge. I was in such a rush; I almost banged onto a motorcycle that stopped in front of me.

I continued rushing all the way till I was inside the stadium and fortunately, the concert hadn’t started yet. In fact, the concert was half an hour late. Probably, the organizers were expecting people to be late, like what people always do whenever there’s a wedding dinner.

The view of the stage before the concert started.
In fact, people were still slowly strolling in.

When the lights were off except for the stage light.

After announcing all the sponsors and producers of the concert, F.I.R. emerged on the stage singing “Unlimited” (无限).

I was deafened, not by the crowd cheers, but by the loud, blasting music. In fact, I had to shout at the top of lungs just to communicate with Raewen.

I admit I don’t have the best shooting skills.
This is just a warm up; I hadn’t shot any photos in a long time.

This is the best blur effect I can ever make with my camera! XD

Rock it!
Look at how low Faye bends.

A clearer photo of F.I.R.

I must say I’m obsessed with taking photos. I took over a hundred photos with some videos included inside.

Front view of Faye and it’s clear.
I was like “YES!” when I shot it. XD



Another nicely taken photo of Faye.

I think I shall change the above sentence to “I’m obsessed with taking photos of Faye.”

But then again, Faye is charming in her own way.

Ian & Real


Faye’s back view.
I think I remembered Faye said something about looking at the back of her clothes that she was wearing.

Faye sitting down and asking Ah Qin to bring her her water.

Faye and Real singing 天天夜夜.

Now they are standing up.

Zooming out

A clear photo of Faye and Real singing.

A new set of clothes.

Faye Dancing

It must be hard work for Faye to learn dancing.
Considering that she hardly dances.

Faye Dancing (你的微笑)
The first song that I memorized.

My favourite song in Love Diva.

Faye singing

Although it’s kind of stupid but I only realized now that this song name means Tarot Cards.

The Stadium.
Looks like some kind of swimming complex with all those blue lights shining. Haha… XD

Another change of clothes.
In fact, this time they’re wearing casual clothing.

Faye drinking water. This was taken by CHANCE.

Faye looking at somewhere else. Wonders what she’s looking at?

Faye singing “Change” and playing the guitar.
She can play the guitar! o.O

Faye said something before she played “Change”. She was telling us why she created “Change”.
She said she used to feel unhappy as she felt there was nothing she could grip hold of because every moment was continuously changing. However, she later realized that since every moment was continuously changing, at every moment she is special. Thus, she created “Change” to encourage herself.

Little did I know, I would be affected deeply by this song as well. Or maybe it’s because after Faye’s explanation. Now, not only have I found back my passion for Chinese music, I have also found back my motivation to do better in life, and to do something about my life.

Arigato Gozaimasu Faye!


We Will Rock You (F.I.R. Singapore Concert 2008) Part 1
It was kind of blurred so I had to stop and record it again.

We Will Rock You (F.I.R. Singapore Concert 2008) Part 2

Faye & 萧敬腾

收藏 by 萧敬腾

王子的新衣 by 萧敬腾


Another photo of 萧敬腾.
Only one photo of him taken on the screen is clear which is this.

A board showing F.I.R.
I have no idea when it was there.

Another change of clothes again.

I don’t seem to have much of photos of F.I.R. together. Only Faye. Lols… XD

Okay, now I can see Real.

Now, it’s F.I.R.



Zooming even further out

This is a picture from a video, “NeverLand”.

A song that Faye said she likes a lot.

I mistook this song for Love*3. =.='''

The song that made me HIGH. However, when I wanted to stand up, Raewen refused to stand up so I didn’t stand up.

Although I finally managed to make Raewen stood up when F.I.R. was singing “Get High” because I stood up first and Raewen followed suit.

The last change of clothes.

Another photo of F.I.R. together because they’re standing together.
Ian seems to be in a daze.

Ian & Real playing the guitar while Faye is singing.

Ian & Real really rocking it

Real is in a blur.

Before that, F.I.R. were singing 我们的爱 and the whole crowd was singing with them. At first, I was wondering why was there echo. Later on, I realized that almost everyone was singing with them. It sounded marvelous.

There was also an encore, like always.
And I think they sang Lydia, Thank You (a song to thank their fans) & Fly Away.

A picture from the video, “Thank You”. Now that I heard this song again, it makes me feel like crying. I wonder why didn’t I cry at that time. Probably because I needed to go to the toilet badly.

谢谢你 [Thank You]

Faye cried. Actually I wanted to take down that scene. But I felt it’s rude, I should just let her cry in peace.

Before they sang the last song, “Fly Away”, Faye was announcing all the sponsors and organizers again by listening to someone saying it into her earphone.

Every time Faye said one sponsor or organizer, we will clap and cheer.

The last few pictures of Faye before F.I.R. left.

The very last photo taken.

I didn’t bid farewell to F.I.R. In fact, before they sang finish their last song “Fly Away”, I was on top of the stadium, ready to rush to the washroom. Just after they finished singing, I dashed to the washroom.

When I wanted to take one last look at F.I.R. when I was on my way to the toilet, other people who were coming out blocked me.

“Fly Away” can be considered as one of my favourite songs but when they were singing it, I completely forgot the lyrics. I wonder whether it was because I was too engrossed with watching the concert or I was too urgent and needed the toilet badly.

But it might be a good thing that I didn’t bid farewell to F.I.R. Otherwise, I might find it hard to leave them. Sobs… T.T

I finally uploaded all the pictures and videos and it was HARD WORK because I have some problems uploading the pictures.

But… It’s worth it. :)