Sunday, August 24, 2008

Balanced Luck

What do I mean by balanced luck?

That means I can’t just be pure lucky for a day without anything happening to me afterwards. It is sort of like karma.

The first example: I won tickets to F.I.R. first concert in Singapore. Following that, my bag spoilt and I had to carry it to service. Therefore, I had to carry a big heavy plastic bag back home containing all my stuffs.

The second example: I got A1 for my “O” levels Chinese. (Well, I couldn’t count that as all plain luck because I really did put in lots of efforts for that examination, except that I didn’t expect myself to get A1.) Following that, I got insect shit on my school shirt during morning assembly. (My grandmother counted that as lucky because she never heard anyone getting insect shit on his or her shirts before.)

Now talking about luck, it makes me think about fate and some special dates from 2007 & 2008.

My Mother and Erich’s birthday.
(Isn’t it unusual that my mother and friend’s birthdays fall on the same day?)

F.I.R.’s first Singapore concert.
(The special concert that made me find back my passion for Chinese music and motivation in life. And happy for several weeks. XD)

Now talking about the special horoscopes.

Cancer & Virgo are supposed to be good friends, that’s what I read before.

I’m a Cancer.

My best friend, Puss, is a Virgo.

My favourite singer, Jolin Tsai, is also a Virgo.

My favourite band’s vocal lead, Faye from F.I.R., is a Virgo as well.

Now that’s fate. Don’t you think?

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