Sunday, August 3, 2008

I won a pair of F.I.R. concert tickets!

What can I say? I’m one lucky Carrot. XD

Now that I had won a pair, I can give one to Raewen and thus I can go to the concert, as my mother wouldn’t let me go alone.

I was so overjoyed for the past few days that nothing could upset me, not even a weird question that I answered during my SS test. :P

Raewen was just as excited as me and she went home telling her family. I did the same thing as well although it was difficult for me to tell it to my grandmother because of communication difficulties. >.>

However the trip to Mediacorp was very exhausting. After we reached the bus stop, we still had to walk a long way uphill and our bodies became numb under the scorching sun and heavy bags. Fortunately, Raewen had an umbrella. Lol…

My beloved concert ticket! XD

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