Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Layout

New wallpaper I made using mostly pictures that I had taken at F.I.R.’s concert in Singapore.

New blog banner

I created a new layout for my blog that included changing the background wallpaper, blog banner and the blog title.

I decided to rename the blog title to “Change, is the way I feel good”. This line is from a song “Change” created and sang by Faye from F.I.R.

Probably on 8th August 2008, what Faye said at F.I.R.’s first Singapore concert left a deep impression in my mind.

She said that because of the continuous changes in life, she felt that there was nothing that she could grip hold of. Thus, making her feel unhappy. However, later on she realized that since life is full of changes, at every moment, she is special.

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