Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Plans for holiday with Puss after “O” levels

It is kind of early to decide where Puss and I should go for our “honeymoon” now. Especially when we haven’t even started studying for our “O” levels. In fact, we planned for the holiday a year ago.

I know we crazy people, counting the eggs before they hatches…

Now on the topic back to “O” levels, a wonderful thing happened to me but I forgot completely about it because my mind is still on the F.I.R. concert.

I got A1 for my Chinese!!! Isn’t that amazing? And I was expecting myself to get B3 or the highest A2. But anyway, I must say I actually did put in a lot of effort in this exam. Probably, it’s the most effort I had put in an examination for the first time in my whole life.

And now back about the F.I.R. concert again. I’m a very random person so I’m trying to keep this as structured as possible.

I bought a shirt at the concert by borrowing money from Raewen’s father because I didn’t have enough cash on hand and they don’t accept Nets.

I’m so in love with this shirt.
This shirt comes in 2 different colours. One is black and gold, which is the one I bought; the other is white and red.
If I were to buy the other one, probably I can wear it on National Day celebrations. Lol…

Okay, finally back to the topic I was going to say.

So I called Puss yesterday and told her I could come over to her house on Sunday to study together.

Somehow, we drifted to the topic of “Holiday” as I couldn’t find anything better to talk about. And indeed, we chatted a lot about “Holiday”.

I was asking Puss where should we go. And since our budget is quite limited, we restricted ourselves to only going somewhere in Asia or SEA.

And Puss said she wanted to go Genting. But I don’t like the thought of it since I had been there many times. And besides, my mother wouldn’t like the thought of me going to Genting with my friend but refusing to go with her.

And after that, Puss said we could go shopping for a day at KL after going to Genting. I even disliked the idea of it since KL isn’t very safe and it’s inconvenient traveling without a car.

Then SOMEHOW, we were discussing on how to go there and it became riding a sampan on the Singapore River.

And ever since then, everything we said, Puss will say about “her sampan”.

But that sampan gave me an idea and we finally decided after a long time… To go on a cruise. XD

Fine… A Sampan she wants, a Sampan she will get…

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