Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back to Keming

I finally managed to “blackmail” Yuit Ping to go back to Keming. It has been years since she last went back to our Primary School. Since this will probably be our last year together (I doubt we will end up in the same school again), I decided I should just drag her along to visit the teachers with me.

However when she got there, she kept to her group of friends that she brought along, refusing to speak to our old friends. I wanted to drag her along to meet the teachers but she refused, so I went along on my own.

Till I met Li Yi and our group of old friends, actually it’s more of her friends, not mine. But anyway, I felt out of place, so I just started frantically looking around, to see whether are there any teachers in sight.

Nope. No teachers in sight. My primary 6 Chinese teacher went to China for upgrading course. Pillow, my primary 5 form teacher, left when I arrived.

Serene was stuck outside the gate because she came late as her school released late.
After that, I hanged out with her for a while, to avoid feeling out of place again, and the four of us, Serene, Sherly, Li Yi and I went to West Mall.

That was the longest time I hanged out at West Mall for years. We spent 5 hours just talking there. Refusing to leave even when we were at the entrance.

Finally, Serene and Sherly left at 6pm because it was late. Li Yi and I went to Jurong Point.

And we spent almost $100 on our dinner!

Guess what? We were tempted and went to have buffet… Although I don’t recall eating much either. All I remembered was I choked on the mango pudding because Li Yi made me laugh so hard, I had to rush to get a tissue to wipe away my tears.

The four of us will meet again… Someday…

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