Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cause I Believe

“Cause I Believe”, a song sang by Show Luo in the Taiwan drama, Hot Shot.

I changed the wallpaper and banner as well to suit this new theme.

I lost all my motivation to study.

I know I wouldn’t do that badly for “O” levels but I just don’t have the confidence to do well. It became especially bad when I had set my goal for “O” levels. I want to get in Games Design & Development in Singapore Polytechnic. But the more I think about it, the more I fear that I wouldn’t be able to get inside.

My fear of not being able to get in the course I want is slowly eating away my happiness.

I’m not doing anything constructive yesterday.

Just wasting my time away by watching videos. Actually, it’s not on purpose, because I’m tempted to click on the next link to the next video…

But I gained some sort of “knowledge” about 蒋怡姐.

Didn’t know she could be that cute even with a rabbit teeth and moustache. Haha… XD

It’s sort of a punishment when 蒋怡姐 got the lowest score in a game show on 100% Entertainment. She was keeping silent all this while because she don’t know the answer. Until they came to the section where they have to guess those people related to Show’s scandal.

Somehow I find 蒋怡姐 looks better in videos than in pictures. But nevertheless, she’s still pretty. She’s a model after all, and a very unique one indeed. Not only is she tall, she’s tanned, but that’s her natural colour anyway.

I’ve been emo for the past few days; don’t feel like saying anything else. Probably I’ll be happier once my “O” levels finishes. But I can’t think of that yet, I have yet to start studying hard.

I suddenly remembered something. My teacher wrote in my report book saying that I’m hardworking. I disagree to a large extent. So does my mother.

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