Saturday, September 20, 2008

Comedy Drama

I guess it must be the stress that I’m facing, so I’ll be attracted to any dramas that are stupidly or exaggeratedly hilarious.

Hot Shot (篮球火) is funny I must say, although I have said it for numerous times.

Hot Shot Online Game

Da Ying's & W's Love Story [Part 10] (元大鹰和李赢的故事 - 爱情篇 10)

Main Casts:
Show Luo (罗志祥) as Yuan Da Ying (元大鹰)
Jerry Yan (言承旭) as Dong Fang Xiang (东方翔)
Wu Chun (吴尊) as Wu Ji Zun (无极尊)
Coco Chiang (蒋怡) as Li Ying [W] (李赢)
Zhou Cai Shi (周采诗) as Zhan Jie Er (湛洁儿)

Hot Shot is a story of a boy who loves basketball a lot. He is Yuan Da Ying. No matter how much his grandmother forbids him from playing, he would not stop and would play on the sly.

However, one day Da Ying made his grandmother so mad by rebutting her that she had a sudden heart attack. Sadly, Da Ying’s grandmother, his only kin in this world, departed and left him.

When Da Ying was packing his grandmother’s belongings, he found a letter for him by accident. He read it and realized that his grandmother was once a great legendary basketball player.

Thus, Da Ying begun on his journey to find the person whom was mentioned in his grandmother’s letter, Li Tian, bringing along his grandmother’s basketball. When he arrived at Li Tian’s house, he found out that Li Tian was dead but Li Tian’s son, Li Zi Ping decided to let him stay at his house.

This was a great turning point for Da Ying.

Although Li Zi Ping was the principal of Pi Li University, the school with the worst basketball team, it was still a new start for Da Ying. Especially when W (Li Ying), Li Zi Ping’s daughter, who was the NBA consultant whom came back to Taiwan for some personal issues, became Pi Li’s new basketball coach. Not only that, Dong Fang Xiang, a legendary basketball player, joined the team as well after much persuasion from Da Ying.

Finally, Da Ying’s dream to become a great basketball player is not farfetched…


This show consists of some love triangles as well; the most obvious is Dong Fang Xiang, Jie Er & Yuan Da Ying. Besides that, there is also an ambiguous relationship between Da Ying & W, not just an ordinary student – coach relationship.

Today, I spotted another comedy drama that attracted my attention.

Miss No Good (不良笑花) is really amazingly funny. Rainie Yang did a big breakthrough acting as a girl with no fashion sense. While on the other hand, Wilber Pan acted as a fashion designer. However, this is Wilber’s first show in years so he made lots of mistakes and ended up with lots of NG.

Main Casts:
Rainie Yang as Jiang Xiao Hua (蒋小花)
Wilber Pan (Will Pan) as Tang Men (唐们)
Dean Fujioka as Jia Si Le (贾思乐)
Chen Yan Xi as Jiang Mi (江蜜)

Jiang Xiao Hua met Tang Men by chance when her motobikes spoilt and she need a ride back home. Their encounter started with Xiao Hua dashing inside the taxi when Tang Men had already told her that he was the one who called the taxi to come.

Their second encounter was Xiao Hua threatening to destroy Tang Men’s beloved set of scissors, which Tang Men dropped on the taxi on his first encounter with Xiao Hua, as she wanted Tang Men to change the way she dresses in order to fit Jia Si Le’s image as a rich and handsome guy.

Jia Si Le was Xiao Hua’s ex-classmate and good friend as well. Jia Si Le came back to Taiwan from overseas and organized a party inviting his ex-classmates.

At the party, Jia Si Le met Xiao Hua for the first time in years and he was determined to ask her to be his girlfriend. At the same time, he arranged for his fiancée, Jiang Mi, whom he had a pact with to find each other’s true love in a year’s time and if they failed to do so, they will follow their parent wishes and get married, to meet his best friend, Tang Men, hoping that there will be some sparks between them.

The story goes on with Tang Men trying his best to change Xiao Hua’s image as a village girl into a virtuous lady, although not in the most friendly way as he tends to go overboard when he scolds people. However, there seems to be some sparks between them as…

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