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RuneScape Short Story: Back To Level 3

This is a short story created by my friend, Denthok, and I.

It’s also the story that made us friends.
Actually, it started with Denthok telling stories in the RuneScape clan chat, I requested to be the star in his next story and he started telling it. It lasted kind of long compared to his other stories. Probably because Denthok was the only one telling the story at first, I helped him along the way by replying in the dialogues in the story.

This story is purely fiction and probably doesn’t make much sense either. Kids and logics never mix together. I’m not really a kid but I’m not yet an adult either. XD

Back to Level 3

Carrot woke up, coughing sand out of his mouth. He stood up and looked at the surroundings. He was startled at where he was now. He muttered to himself, “This is not my bedroom. I can’t remember what happen yesterday, all I remember is going to sleep…”

As he started exploring this rather familiar place, he paused for a moment and let out an exclamation, “Oh My God! This is Tutorial Island!”

“I need to get out of here,” he thought to himself.

Just then, an odd looking man shouted, “Welcome to RuneScape!” Carrot turned around and started walking towards the man. “Can you help me to get out of here?” he asked.

“Sure,” the odd looking man said. “First, you choose the hair style you want, then you choose the hair colour, follow by choosing the skin colour, clothes and shoes,” the man added.

“But… I have done that before,” Carrot said.

“Really?” asked the odd looking man.

“Yes!” Carrot replied.

“Well done, you start by choosing the hair style you want…” repeated the odd looking man again.

“I told you I have done that before!” shouted Carrot.

“Is there any other way I can help you?” asked the odd looking man.

“Yes, by getting me out of Tutorial Island!” said Carrot angrily.

“I know a woman who can help you, her name is Elizabeth,” said the odd looking man.

“Where is she?” asked Carrot eagerly.

“She’s at…” said the odd looking man but before he could finish his sentence, he died from a sudden heart attack. Carrot was devastated as it was hard for a level 82 to accept the fact that he had been turned back to a level 3 again.

From behind his back, Carrot heard a woman’s voice calling, “Come here young man.”

He turned around and spotted a woman beside a lake, thinking that that might be Elizabeth, Carrot rushed towards to where the woman was. “Can you help me to get out of here?” asked Carrot anxiously.

“I can’t but I know a man who can help you,” replied the woman.

“Who is he? Where is he?” asked Carrot more anxious than ever before.

“He’s…” said the woman, however, before she could even said her second word, she died from a sudden heart attack.

“No! No! No! This is not happening to me!” shouted Carrot and started running away, hoping to find an exit sign somewhere or perhaps waking up all of a sudden to find that this is a dream.

A man’s voice stopped him in his tracks. “Wait!” shouted the man.

Carrot turned around and saw Zezima, the legendary player in RuneScape. He quickly rushed over and asked the same question for the third time, “Can you help me to get out of here?”

“Yes, I can,” replied Zezima. “However, you have to complete the test first,” he added.

“Test? What test?” Carrot asked, puzzled by the question.

“The Newbie Test of course! That’s what everyone has to go through!” Zezima said with a loud laugh.

“But I have done that before! I used to be a level 82 in RuneScape!” shouted Carrot angrily.

“Well then, sadly you have to do it again,” said Zezima and he disappeared.

“Wait… No… Not again,” cried Carrot sadly.

Carrot moaned over his misfortune and continued on his way to finding an exit out of the Tutorial Island, or perhaps another person who can helped him with the crisis he was facing.

“Wait,” shouted a familiar voice.

Carrot turned his head and found Zezima beckoning to him for him to come over. “Now what?” Carrot thought as he strolled over to Zezima’s side.

“I have found the cause of why you became a level 3,” said Zezima seriously.

“Really?” asked Carrot happily.

“It’s caused by a hacker,” said Zezima.

“A hacker?” asked Carrot.

“Yes,” replied Zezima firmly. “He’s at Varrock now, I’ll wait for you there,” he added, with that, Zezima disappeared again.

“He could at least get me out of here before disappearing,” mumbled Carrot.

Carrot quickly finished the Tutorial Island test and got out of Tutorial Island. When he was out of Tutorial Island, Zezima was waiting for him. “Follow me,” said Zezima and Carrot followed him.

After a while, they arrived in Varrock.

Carrot looked around and was puzzled by what he saw. He turned to Zezima and asked him, “Where’s the people? There’s no one here.”

“They are here. It’s crowded here,” replied Zezima.

“Are you sure?” Carrot looked at Zezima bewilderedly. “I’ve got a feeling we’re not looking at the same thing,” Carrot thought.

“Oh… You’re right. There’s no one here,” Zezima finally said after a thorough thought.

“Behind the bush!” Zezima suddenly shouted. Carrot turned his head only to see the shadow of a person who was running away. Before he could react, Zezima was ahead of him and chasing after the mysterious person.

Carrot got up and chased after the person as well. However, the person disappeared when he entered a corner and was nowhere in sight. Carrot, who was exhausted after running, collapsed to the ground breathing heavily.

“Aren’t you tired?” asked Carrot, looking up at Zezima.

“Level 99 run,” replied a serious Zezima who was figuring out what was happening.

All of a sudden, Zezima eyes shined as though he had figured out something. He threw a portal on the ground and ordered Carrot to go in it.

“Oh my God! How do you do that?” asked Carrot, amazed at the powers of the legendary player.

“Level 99 mage,” mumbled Zezima and jumped into the portal. Carrot followed suit and they ended up in a place that made Carrot gasped.

They were back in Tutorial Island again!

Zezima looked around only to find out the reason why Varrock was deserted. Lying on the floor, were the dead bodies of the rest of the players! Zezima looked at Carrot worriedly but Carrot was not looking at him. He was still puzzled by what was happening and even more puzzled and surprised by the sight he saw.

“Why aren’t their clothes on?” asked Carrot, turning around to see a speechless Zezima.


“Well never mind that. What do you think is the cause of their deaths?” asked Zezima. “I think it’s caused by atomic bombs,” said Zezima, even before Carrot could speak.

“Atomic bombs?” asked Carrot. Zezima nodded his head. “It’s the medieval ages, how can there possibly be atomic bombs? I think it’s atomic spell,” said Carrot.

“… …”

“Well then, what shall we do now?” asked Carrot who was at his wits end.

“Wait. Look carefully again. All of this is an illusion!” exclaimed Zezima.

Carrot looked at the dead bodies again only to find them fading away. He was stunned, very stunned.

“Now what?” asked Carrot.

An evil smile formed on Zezima’s face. He looked at Carrot and let out a loud evil laugh. “Mwuhahaha! I’m the hacker you noob!” shouted Zezima, ran away and logged out.

“You!” shouted Carrot angrily, his face turning red. He was mad at the hacker for making him running around in circles.

“You are so dead! I’m the creator of RuneScape and I’m so deleting away your account!” shouted Carrot furiously and logged out as well.

The End

This is not the exact story that Denthok and I created as I could not remember every single little details that took place. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? XD

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