Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stupid Dream

I suddenly thought of this when I was answering a question on Yahoo! Answers about dreams. The person was asking if dreams have any meaning.

So my answer was that dreams do have meanings. Take for example, I watched a game show on 100% Entertainment yesterday and I’ll be having History exams tomorrow, and recently I have being feeling kind of depressed.

So I had a dream last night. Actually it wasn’t really night because I only woke up at around 12 noon. I dreamt that I’m on a game show answering History questions… >.>

And suddenly there’s a question about a song, to determine who is singing the song (same as the game show I watched yesterday). I listened hard and the teacher (I think) is increasing the score we can get for answering this question correctly.

When the score we can get hits 80+, I shouted out “Jolin Tsai”. Correct Answer! Haha… XD And I was certain there was a guy singing this song with Jolin, I think it’s Lee Hom.

But it doesn’t sound like her at first because it’s a funny song created by my dear brain and I don’t even know how it sounds like now.

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