Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008!

Happy Halloween!

I have never celebrated Halloween before because my country doesn't celebrate it.
Oh well, at least not in real life.

I always celebrate Halloween in games, etc. But the best part is celebrating Halloween in RuneScape. Every time this year, RuneScape will add some interesting Halloween quests that we have to complete to obtain some special Halloween items. ONLY ONCE IN A LIFETIME ITEMS!

This is the costume and emote I got from this year's Halloween (not including the hood which was last year's Halloween item).
Look at the design of Draynor Village. Isn't it cool?

Well, as for now. Let me show you what I did for Halloween this year... As the saying goes, picture says a thousand words...

I decided to try something new at the starting of this year Halloween... Playing with a new kite I bought at Draynor!

Not bad huh? Kite and Zammy? XD

This is the area where I'll be doing this year Halloween event!

The first item I got from this year Halloween event... A broom...
I'm suppose to find 3 witches to enchant it.

The first task I'm supposed to do when I went to Rimmington to find a witch called Hetty.
She asked me for a newt. So here am I, trying to get a newt.
But first, I must re-stick the labels that were messed up.
Out of the 3 crates, I'm supposed to only look at one crate and guessed what the other 2 holds. That's the 1st clue.
As for the 2nd clue, all 3 crates are labelled wrongly.
Luckily for me, I solved it with only one attempt as I saw some pattern in this quest!

This is the second task that I had to complete when I went to Port Sarim to find another witch called Betty.
I'm supposed to put all the animals at their rightful pens because 4 of them are messed up, except for the bat and snail.
But this is a little tricky. It took me a while before I understood how to do it.
Firstly, I can only shift one animal to the holding pen at once.
Secondly, I cannot bring an animal to an area with another animal.
The holding pen is right above the raven pen.
The raven is at its rightful pen.
The rat is at the spider pen.
The spider is at the lizard pen.
The lizard is at the rat pen.
It's kind of messed up isn't it?
But look at the above picture again. You see a pattern? Well, as for me, I saw the pattern so with only one attempt I solved the puzzle!

The raven at its rightful pen.

The bat which blended into the surrounding of its pen.

The snail in its err... Slimy pen?

The spider, its webs and its pen.

The short lizard and the outstanding cactus!

The rat looking at me in its pen. Seems that I'm more attractive than the cheese! XD

This is the last and final task that I had to accomplish when I proceeded to Draynor Village to find the last witch, Aggie!
I'm suppose to sweep 4 lines out of 16 lines to get 4 small triangles with no other shapes and lines.

I couldn't see the pattern at all. I just sweep away the lines with my guts instinct and I was right!
With only one attempt as well!

Now can you see the pattern? The original pattern is covered with lines at both of its sides and the middle of the pattern.
When I completed the last task, I went back to find Maggie and she awarded me with the broom? And 10 bowls of the soup she cooked.
Every bowl I drank gave me a choice to add exp that was 10 times the level of my skill!
I used all of them on prayer because that is the most difficult skill to level up.

Trick or Treat!
He chose Trick and here's my Trick! Beware of the flying bats!
I need to get some candies and give them to Maggie to obtain the last cape to complete this year Halloween's outfit!

The full costume! Oops! The cape can't be seen... But it's orange as well so you can imagine a walking pumpkin with a broomstick...

Now with the hood on from last year. I feel it looks better this way!

Lastly, fishing to get 22 raw trouts to complete the job I got from Ned in Draynor Village.
I look pretty cool in this outfit, don't I? XD

This year Halloween event is rather unique.
I supposed its set with the theme, "Patterns".

Oh Jagex, you can't fool me with those patterns, not after those numerous practices I did before my E Maths "O" level Papers!

"O" Levels Part 2

I almost went nuts studying for Elective History.
And I was practically scaring myself half the time, worrying that the chapters that I studied might not come out.

My Review of the "O" Levels Paper:

Elect. Hist.:

Firstly, the worst case scenario that I was afraid of didn't come out.
The worst case scenario is basically all the 3 chapters that I did not study came out.

But the second worst case scenario happened, no Stalin & no Hitler. And I was focusing a lot on that. Awfully sure that either one of them will come out. When I look at the SEQ questions, I felt something was fishy and I turned to look at the SBQ questions.

Aha! Hitler came out all right! But only for the source-based part!

Actually it was not all that bad.
3 out of 5 of the chapters that I studied came out.

However, Treaty of Versailles (the SEQ question that I did) was rather easy. That's what I'm worried about. Because it's easy, the marks might be moderate UP, instead of moderating DOWN.

Want to know how easy it is?

Basically if I were to study only for TOV, I would only need the most 15 minutes out of the 12 hours that I did studying for Hist.

And furthermore, I learnt TOV at the starting of last year. So I wasted about 1 and a half year studying for things that did not come out! ARGH!!!

Physics Paper 2:

I'm so dead. My Physics paper 2 can't make it, I know it.

Like what Amy said, "自找的".
If I had studied hard for Physics right from the start, I wouldn't be in this state. But anyway, Physics was rather hard. Even Yuit Ping found it difficult so it must be difficult.

When I reached the fourth question of the Physics paper, I knew I wouldn't do well for it.
And my definition for well is only a mere past. In fact, I hadn't past Physics paper 2 for quite a long time...

I was stuck at the first question of the very last part. When they asked us to draw some vector diagrams. I didn't studied much for that. Didn't expect that it would appear for paper 2.

By the time I reached question 4, I had skipped about 2 questions not knowing how to do at ALL.

And I was daydreaming halfway while doing the paper. I can't really seemed to focus on the paper very well. Probably because I don't even know what I'm writing...

Daydreaming about lots of things, just like the garfield comics:

And by the time I finished Physics Paper 2, I can't really recalled what I had done on that same night. Seems that I had suffered Permanent Head Damage (PHD).

Not only was I daydreaming, every time this particular teacher walked past, I would look at her.

She's my ex-teacher, Miss Sha.
She used to teach my art when I was in lower secondary. I doubt she remembers me anyway. But I DO remember her. Why? She's pretty and sweet but rather strict too. And she's cute too! XD

I remembered once saying that "There will be no more pretty teacher left in Kranji once Miss Sha leaves." Okay, maybe I was exaggerating too much... >.>

*Steals Photos from Miss Sha's Blog* (Didn't expect to find it... XD)

Told you she's pretty, cute.

Didn't know that Miss Sha came back to Kranji after leaving...
Oh well, the one on the left is her.
On the right is well, another one of my art teachers... (I happen to saw her a few times outside, even Genting... o.O)

Now before I forget her blog:


Summary of Physics Paper 2:
Everything that you expect to come out didn't come out.
Everything that you didn't expect to come out, came out.

Elementary Mathematics Paper 2:

"XD" I keyed it into my calculator after the paper is over.

I almost finished the paper! Only 2 marks not done! Because I forgot how to draw a probability diagram, and I didn't have time to think and do the last part of the graph!

But the graph is rather unique this time round. I hadn't drawn a cubic graph for a long time so it was a challenge for me.

Actually, not really a challenge. All I need is the curve ruler to draw the curves for the cubic graph and used a normal ruler to join the rest of the curve... Haha... XD

That was a huge improvement for me! In the past, I had about 10 marks not done. And when I mean "not done", I meant that I don't even have the time to look at it!

It can't be considered really easy. Just easier than average.

But the Number Pattern & form an equation with the information questions wasted a lot of my time...

Anyway, XD!


After E Maths Paper 2, it seemed to me that "O" levels was over and I was really relaxed.

Yuit Ping and I even started planning for Joey's birthday celebrations... XD

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Weird Dream

I should seriously stop thinking too much about my English. Guess I'm so worried that I might disappoint Miss Yong that I sort of dreamt about her...

"What you think about during the day, you'll dream about it during the night."
Or whatever it's called...

How am I seriously going to stuff all those History stuffs into my brain?
And will last minute studying Physics help much?

Stay tune to find out... =.='''

I'm currently suffering from some lost of memory because of doing too much Maths... >.>

Hot Shot Ep 13 Screenshots

W & Da Ying looks so sweet being together. They should be together.

你现在应该照顾 W,她。。。活不了多久了。。。



W 大胆的对大鹰表达她的感情。。。

篮球火还有一大半才完呢~ 哈哈~ XD

Saturday, October 25, 2008

"O" Levels

Bad, bad week.
First thing that I did when I woke up, Maths.
The last thing I did before I slept, Maths.

This whole routine can continue on forever if "O" levels doesn't end any sooner. Luckily, now I'm down to the last E Maths Paper 2. But hey, it might not be easy. Paper 1 wasn't that easy. It's average. Next Tuesday, I'll be taking Elect. History exam. *Sobs* My poor brain... I can't stuff any more things inside...

But did I mention I was doing something else in the afternoon? Like being distracted by the television and chatting with my friends... =.=''' And playing with the skipping rope?

Review of the "O" level examination papers so far:

English Paper 1:

Choice? Where's the choice for situational writing? And Miss Yong said that there will DEFINITELY be a choice for "O" levels.
Lesson Learnt: Don't trust your teachers too much.

As for the composition, isn't it amazing? I actually "spotted" the question! Not really spotted though but I did it the Sunday before "O" levels! Haha... 傻人有傻福...

The question that I did, "Write about a time when you laughed despite the situation."
The question that came out for "O" levels, "Write about an occasion when you could not stop laughing during an inappropriate moment."

Only some slight difference but basically I got the story in my head so I didn't spent any time planing.

And so, I had spare half an hour for rushing the hell out because I thought I had no time.

English Paper 2:

At first I was happy because I thought the passage that came up wasn't that boring. But then, the STUPID summary wasted a lot of my time. I rewrote the whole summary because I realised a lot of my points were not there. Actually, even after rewriting, it didn't really make a huge difference.

And I didn't really manage to finish it, I left a few words before hitting the 150 words limit. My first time not able to finish English summary.

I'm so dead. 死了。Mati. Sh-i.

我对不起 Miss Yong, I'm sorry! Now, I don't even dare to look at Miss Yong...

A Maths Paper 1:


It was much easier than I had expected! It turned out to be totally different from the rest of the other school papers that I had done. Other schools and my school focused a lot on the topics that I'm not good at, Differentiation, Integration, Area under graph, Kinematics.

But "O" levels tested everything! Even if they did tested on the topics that I'm not good at, it's usually quite simple without a lot of tricky questions. And they're rather generous with their marks, compared to other schools which required one whole pile of workings to get a few pathetic marks.

And it was the first time that I had finished an A Maths paper 1! XD

But, I should not be so happy yet. They might moderate up the marks.

E Maths Paper 1:

Not really very easy. Just average. And they had a wonderful combination of questions this year. Bearing + Construction! I had a hard time drawing the figure because of that as my lines don't seemed to meet... But it was rather "fun".

A Maths Paper 2:

Didn't manage to finish it, as usual. BUT at least I managed to reach the last part of the last question. XD

And there's not a lot of Integration questions that I thought would come up. Only 2. And my teacher even said that Integration is VERY IMPORTANT.
Lesson Learnt: Seriously, don't trust your teachers too much.

But the show that L = ___________ question wasted a lot of my time. I should have skipped that and go to the last question. The last question was pretty easy.

And the graph? Graph? Where are you? Graph, graph??
I was flipping all over the page for it. And there's no graph in sight.

First time in my whole life doing A Maths paper with no graph! XD

Coming Up Next:

Elect. History

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Butterfly Lovers 武侠梁祝

This is the latest adaptation of the famous 17th century Chinese love story. Legend has it that once there was a golden couple living in the celestial sky who committed one of the gravest mistakes and was sent to live in the mortal world below. As their punishment, they were to fall in love madly with each other over ten lifetimes, only to end in disaster every time.


I know a lot of people find this movie bad. In fact, the ticket sales proved that when I watched the movie. But sometimes, we have to see things our own way instead of believing what others say. It isn’t as bad as what others described. It’s just that the storyline is not as interesting as other movies.

However, for me, that’s what I like about it. The storyline. Why? Because it’s a simple love story where 2 persons love each other yet they can’t be together because of an evil villain.

The storyline is not very complex and heavy, where there are lots of twists and turns. I like it for being simple and light-hearted.

The starting of the movie is rather humourous too. And the love slowly blossoms between Charlene Choi and Wu Chun. There aren’t much romantic scenes because this movie takes place in the 17th century and the people are less open.

The action scenes are not really good. Just average. But commendable effort for Wu Chun as this is his first movie.

But I must say I was touched at the very end for their true love for each other. Why must things always be complicated? The things we enjoy most of the time are mainly because of simple reasons.

Big Rush

It's down to 2 days before "O" levels and I haven't study much things or do much practice. I guess my happy-go-lucky nature is back again. In another word, lazy.

All I want is to laze around. Which will be soon, because "O" levels end in 3 weeks. The longest exam that I have taken so far. In fact, it started during June when I took my Chinese exam. Hopefully, another miracle will happen and more As will appear.

Of course, it will not appear out of nowhere by meditating...



现在,大鹰已经把洁儿让给东方翔了。所以,我在想,大鹰和李赢应该会有火花了吧。但是,很可惜的是W的身体不太好。要是, W真的“死了”的话,我会很伤心的,虽然只是一部戏。但看久了,一定会有感情的吗。。。

I suddenly have an urge to play online games. Although I know that's not the right thing to do at this time but I can't help it. I'm tempted. XD

But anyway, I don't have the time to play. I have to forget about the marvellous internet for 3 weeks. I can do it!

Haha... This Pikachu line is great for my randomness!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Publishing Photos Website

Actually, I have already done that in the past. It's just that recently, I went over to check and find that it's kind of messy. So I redo some stuffs and add new pictures.

Here is the link:

But the main aim for setting up this photos website is for people to click on my referral links so I can get points. XD

Oh well, I find myself doing a great job for the photos website so I think it's worth going there. Besides, there's really lots of pictures there too. Which I spent the whole of yesterday afternoon to do... >.>

With Cute InuYasha & Sesshoumaru pictures!
Why can't the two siblings learn to get along? XD

Really have to start working hard starting from this afternoon! Last Friday of studying with Li Yi was a big failure because I ended up using the internet and we started planning for our holidays before even completing "O" levels.

Oh well, I have one whole week to make up for that but I wonder if it's enough?

But anyway, this week Miss No Good is funny. I just came to realise my sense of humour is totally different from Li Yi's. But it's rather similar to Yuit Ping's though. Probably spent too much time with her... Haha...

Scenes from Hot Shot Ep 11:
Da Ying thanking W for telling him that love requires no returns when Da Ying is depressed that he might never be able to win Jie Er's heart.

Hot Shot is ending, I wonder if I should be happy or sad?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Start… Working Hard

But I’m kind of lazy nowadays. All I want to do is laze around. I wish that there is no such thing as “O” levels. *Poof* “O” levels disappear.

Like if that would ever happen… *Sigh* So I have to start studying. My first task, try to stay awake in the afternoon to study. X_x