Sunday, October 19, 2008

Big Rush

It's down to 2 days before "O" levels and I haven't study much things or do much practice. I guess my happy-go-lucky nature is back again. In another word, lazy.

All I want is to laze around. Which will be soon, because "O" levels end in 3 weeks. The longest exam that I have taken so far. In fact, it started during June when I took my Chinese exam. Hopefully, another miracle will happen and more As will appear.

Of course, it will not appear out of nowhere by meditating...



现在,大鹰已经把洁儿让给东方翔了。所以,我在想,大鹰和李赢应该会有火花了吧。但是,很可惜的是W的身体不太好。要是, W真的“死了”的话,我会很伤心的,虽然只是一部戏。但看久了,一定会有感情的吗。。。

I suddenly have an urge to play online games. Although I know that's not the right thing to do at this time but I can't help it. I'm tempted. XD

But anyway, I don't have the time to play. I have to forget about the marvellous internet for 3 weeks. I can do it!

Haha... This Pikachu line is great for my randomness!

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