Sunday, October 19, 2008

Butterfly Lovers 武侠梁祝

This is the latest adaptation of the famous 17th century Chinese love story. Legend has it that once there was a golden couple living in the celestial sky who committed one of the gravest mistakes and was sent to live in the mortal world below. As their punishment, they were to fall in love madly with each other over ten lifetimes, only to end in disaster every time.


I know a lot of people find this movie bad. In fact, the ticket sales proved that when I watched the movie. But sometimes, we have to see things our own way instead of believing what others say. It isn’t as bad as what others described. It’s just that the storyline is not as interesting as other movies.

However, for me, that’s what I like about it. The storyline. Why? Because it’s a simple love story where 2 persons love each other yet they can’t be together because of an evil villain.

The storyline is not very complex and heavy, where there are lots of twists and turns. I like it for being simple and light-hearted.

The starting of the movie is rather humourous too. And the love slowly blossoms between Charlene Choi and Wu Chun. There aren’t much romantic scenes because this movie takes place in the 17th century and the people are less open.

The action scenes are not really good. Just average. But commendable effort for Wu Chun as this is his first movie.

But I must say I was touched at the very end for their true love for each other. Why must things always be complicated? The things we enjoy most of the time are mainly because of simple reasons.

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  1. all i can say is different people have difference preferences in interests and things. thanks for the movie review anyway.