Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008!

Happy Halloween!

I have never celebrated Halloween before because my country doesn't celebrate it.
Oh well, at least not in real life.

I always celebrate Halloween in games, etc. But the best part is celebrating Halloween in RuneScape. Every time this year, RuneScape will add some interesting Halloween quests that we have to complete to obtain some special Halloween items. ONLY ONCE IN A LIFETIME ITEMS!

This is the costume and emote I got from this year's Halloween (not including the hood which was last year's Halloween item).
Look at the design of Draynor Village. Isn't it cool?

Well, as for now. Let me show you what I did for Halloween this year... As the saying goes, picture says a thousand words...

I decided to try something new at the starting of this year Halloween... Playing with a new kite I bought at Draynor!

Not bad huh? Kite and Zammy? XD

This is the area where I'll be doing this year Halloween event!

The first item I got from this year Halloween event... A broom...
I'm suppose to find 3 witches to enchant it.

The first task I'm supposed to do when I went to Rimmington to find a witch called Hetty.
She asked me for a newt. So here am I, trying to get a newt.
But first, I must re-stick the labels that were messed up.
Out of the 3 crates, I'm supposed to only look at one crate and guessed what the other 2 holds. That's the 1st clue.
As for the 2nd clue, all 3 crates are labelled wrongly.
Luckily for me, I solved it with only one attempt as I saw some pattern in this quest!

This is the second task that I had to complete when I went to Port Sarim to find another witch called Betty.
I'm supposed to put all the animals at their rightful pens because 4 of them are messed up, except for the bat and snail.
But this is a little tricky. It took me a while before I understood how to do it.
Firstly, I can only shift one animal to the holding pen at once.
Secondly, I cannot bring an animal to an area with another animal.
The holding pen is right above the raven pen.
The raven is at its rightful pen.
The rat is at the spider pen.
The spider is at the lizard pen.
The lizard is at the rat pen.
It's kind of messed up isn't it?
But look at the above picture again. You see a pattern? Well, as for me, I saw the pattern so with only one attempt I solved the puzzle!

The raven at its rightful pen.

The bat which blended into the surrounding of its pen.

The snail in its err... Slimy pen?

The spider, its webs and its pen.

The short lizard and the outstanding cactus!

The rat looking at me in its pen. Seems that I'm more attractive than the cheese! XD

This is the last and final task that I had to accomplish when I proceeded to Draynor Village to find the last witch, Aggie!
I'm suppose to sweep 4 lines out of 16 lines to get 4 small triangles with no other shapes and lines.

I couldn't see the pattern at all. I just sweep away the lines with my guts instinct and I was right!
With only one attempt as well!

Now can you see the pattern? The original pattern is covered with lines at both of its sides and the middle of the pattern.
When I completed the last task, I went back to find Maggie and she awarded me with the broom? And 10 bowls of the soup she cooked.
Every bowl I drank gave me a choice to add exp that was 10 times the level of my skill!
I used all of them on prayer because that is the most difficult skill to level up.

Trick or Treat!
He chose Trick and here's my Trick! Beware of the flying bats!
I need to get some candies and give them to Maggie to obtain the last cape to complete this year Halloween's outfit!

The full costume! Oops! The cape can't be seen... But it's orange as well so you can imagine a walking pumpkin with a broomstick...

Now with the hood on from last year. I feel it looks better this way!

Lastly, fishing to get 22 raw trouts to complete the job I got from Ned in Draynor Village.
I look pretty cool in this outfit, don't I? XD

This year Halloween event is rather unique.
I supposed its set with the theme, "Patterns".

Oh Jagex, you can't fool me with those patterns, not after those numerous practices I did before my E Maths "O" level Papers!

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