Friday, October 31, 2008

"O" Levels Part 2

I almost went nuts studying for Elective History.
And I was practically scaring myself half the time, worrying that the chapters that I studied might not come out.

My Review of the "O" Levels Paper:

Elect. Hist.:

Firstly, the worst case scenario that I was afraid of didn't come out.
The worst case scenario is basically all the 3 chapters that I did not study came out.

But the second worst case scenario happened, no Stalin & no Hitler. And I was focusing a lot on that. Awfully sure that either one of them will come out. When I look at the SEQ questions, I felt something was fishy and I turned to look at the SBQ questions.

Aha! Hitler came out all right! But only for the source-based part!

Actually it was not all that bad.
3 out of 5 of the chapters that I studied came out.

However, Treaty of Versailles (the SEQ question that I did) was rather easy. That's what I'm worried about. Because it's easy, the marks might be moderate UP, instead of moderating DOWN.

Want to know how easy it is?

Basically if I were to study only for TOV, I would only need the most 15 minutes out of the 12 hours that I did studying for Hist.

And furthermore, I learnt TOV at the starting of last year. So I wasted about 1 and a half year studying for things that did not come out! ARGH!!!

Physics Paper 2:

I'm so dead. My Physics paper 2 can't make it, I know it.

Like what Amy said, "自找的".
If I had studied hard for Physics right from the start, I wouldn't be in this state. But anyway, Physics was rather hard. Even Yuit Ping found it difficult so it must be difficult.

When I reached the fourth question of the Physics paper, I knew I wouldn't do well for it.
And my definition for well is only a mere past. In fact, I hadn't past Physics paper 2 for quite a long time...

I was stuck at the first question of the very last part. When they asked us to draw some vector diagrams. I didn't studied much for that. Didn't expect that it would appear for paper 2.

By the time I reached question 4, I had skipped about 2 questions not knowing how to do at ALL.

And I was daydreaming halfway while doing the paper. I can't really seemed to focus on the paper very well. Probably because I don't even know what I'm writing...

Daydreaming about lots of things, just like the garfield comics:

And by the time I finished Physics Paper 2, I can't really recalled what I had done on that same night. Seems that I had suffered Permanent Head Damage (PHD).

Not only was I daydreaming, every time this particular teacher walked past, I would look at her.

She's my ex-teacher, Miss Sha.
She used to teach my art when I was in lower secondary. I doubt she remembers me anyway. But I DO remember her. Why? She's pretty and sweet but rather strict too. And she's cute too! XD

I remembered once saying that "There will be no more pretty teacher left in Kranji once Miss Sha leaves." Okay, maybe I was exaggerating too much... >.>

*Steals Photos from Miss Sha's Blog* (Didn't expect to find it... XD)

Told you she's pretty, cute.

Didn't know that Miss Sha came back to Kranji after leaving...
Oh well, the one on the left is her.
On the right is well, another one of my art teachers... (I happen to saw her a few times outside, even Genting... o.O)

Now before I forget her blog:


Summary of Physics Paper 2:
Everything that you expect to come out didn't come out.
Everything that you didn't expect to come out, came out.

Elementary Mathematics Paper 2:

"XD" I keyed it into my calculator after the paper is over.

I almost finished the paper! Only 2 marks not done! Because I forgot how to draw a probability diagram, and I didn't have time to think and do the last part of the graph!

But the graph is rather unique this time round. I hadn't drawn a cubic graph for a long time so it was a challenge for me.

Actually, not really a challenge. All I need is the curve ruler to draw the curves for the cubic graph and used a normal ruler to join the rest of the curve... Haha... XD

That was a huge improvement for me! In the past, I had about 10 marks not done. And when I mean "not done", I meant that I don't even have the time to look at it!

It can't be considered really easy. Just easier than average.

But the Number Pattern & form an equation with the information questions wasted a lot of my time...

Anyway, XD!


After E Maths Paper 2, it seemed to me that "O" levels was over and I was really relaxed.

Yuit Ping and I even started planning for Joey's birthday celebrations... XD

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