Saturday, October 25, 2008

"O" Levels

Bad, bad week.
First thing that I did when I woke up, Maths.
The last thing I did before I slept, Maths.

This whole routine can continue on forever if "O" levels doesn't end any sooner. Luckily, now I'm down to the last E Maths Paper 2. But hey, it might not be easy. Paper 1 wasn't that easy. It's average. Next Tuesday, I'll be taking Elect. History exam. *Sobs* My poor brain... I can't stuff any more things inside...

But did I mention I was doing something else in the afternoon? Like being distracted by the television and chatting with my friends... =.=''' And playing with the skipping rope?

Review of the "O" level examination papers so far:

English Paper 1:

Choice? Where's the choice for situational writing? And Miss Yong said that there will DEFINITELY be a choice for "O" levels.
Lesson Learnt: Don't trust your teachers too much.

As for the composition, isn't it amazing? I actually "spotted" the question! Not really spotted though but I did it the Sunday before "O" levels! Haha... 傻人有傻福...

The question that I did, "Write about a time when you laughed despite the situation."
The question that came out for "O" levels, "Write about an occasion when you could not stop laughing during an inappropriate moment."

Only some slight difference but basically I got the story in my head so I didn't spent any time planing.

And so, I had spare half an hour for rushing the hell out because I thought I had no time.

English Paper 2:

At first I was happy because I thought the passage that came up wasn't that boring. But then, the STUPID summary wasted a lot of my time. I rewrote the whole summary because I realised a lot of my points were not there. Actually, even after rewriting, it didn't really make a huge difference.

And I didn't really manage to finish it, I left a few words before hitting the 150 words limit. My first time not able to finish English summary.

I'm so dead. 死了。Mati. Sh-i.

我对不起 Miss Yong, I'm sorry! Now, I don't even dare to look at Miss Yong...

A Maths Paper 1:


It was much easier than I had expected! It turned out to be totally different from the rest of the other school papers that I had done. Other schools and my school focused a lot on the topics that I'm not good at, Differentiation, Integration, Area under graph, Kinematics.

But "O" levels tested everything! Even if they did tested on the topics that I'm not good at, it's usually quite simple without a lot of tricky questions. And they're rather generous with their marks, compared to other schools which required one whole pile of workings to get a few pathetic marks.

And it was the first time that I had finished an A Maths paper 1! XD

But, I should not be so happy yet. They might moderate up the marks.

E Maths Paper 1:

Not really very easy. Just average. And they had a wonderful combination of questions this year. Bearing + Construction! I had a hard time drawing the figure because of that as my lines don't seemed to meet... But it was rather "fun".

A Maths Paper 2:

Didn't manage to finish it, as usual. BUT at least I managed to reach the last part of the last question. XD

And there's not a lot of Integration questions that I thought would come up. Only 2. And my teacher even said that Integration is VERY IMPORTANT.
Lesson Learnt: Seriously, don't trust your teachers too much.

But the show that L = ___________ question wasted a lot of my time. I should have skipped that and go to the last question. The last question was pretty easy.

And the graph? Graph? Where are you? Graph, graph??
I was flipping all over the page for it. And there's no graph in sight.

First time in my whole life doing A Maths paper with no graph! XD

Coming Up Next:

Elect. History


  1. all the best in your papers. try not to overstrain yourself, ok? be convinced, have the willpower and you'll succeed.