Sunday, October 12, 2008

Publishing Photos Website

Actually, I have already done that in the past. It's just that recently, I went over to check and find that it's kind of messy. So I redo some stuffs and add new pictures.

Here is the link:

But the main aim for setting up this photos website is for people to click on my referral links so I can get points. XD

Oh well, I find myself doing a great job for the photos website so I think it's worth going there. Besides, there's really lots of pictures there too. Which I spent the whole of yesterday afternoon to do... >.>

With Cute InuYasha & Sesshoumaru pictures!
Why can't the two siblings learn to get along? XD

Really have to start working hard starting from this afternoon! Last Friday of studying with Li Yi was a big failure because I ended up using the internet and we started planning for our holidays before even completing "O" levels.

Oh well, I have one whole week to make up for that but I wonder if it's enough?

But anyway, this week Miss No Good is funny. I just came to realise my sense of humour is totally different from Li Yi's. But it's rather similar to Yuit Ping's though. Probably spent too much time with her... Haha...

Scenes from Hot Shot Ep 11:
Da Ying thanking W for telling him that love requires no returns when Da Ying is depressed that he might never be able to win Jie Er's heart.

Hot Shot is ending, I wonder if I should be happy or sad?

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