Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pokemon - Nostalgic Times

Ash, Misty & Brock!
The screenshot of the 1st Pokemon theme song!

Hmm... Now when did this craziness over Pokemon again first started?

Was it the last post where I somehow linked to Pokemon when I mentioned Digimon and started frantically looking for Pokemon photos?
No, no, that's the trigger...

This is the cause:

Limited Edition Pokemon NDS Lite Pack

It is kind of rare because it had been a few month since its release and it took me a while to find it.
It was really only a while, about 10-20 mintues, I started my search at Funan the IT Mall. Luckily I did, because I was on the right track, and most importantly of all, I bought it at a price much lower than I had expected!

Although it's still kind of expensive as not only did I bought the NDS Lite, I bought Pokemon Diamond Version. It costed me S$300 and I'll be officially broke after going out to celebrate Joey's birthday once Yuit Ping recovers...

Actually I had no idea what the legendary Pokemon is or even what it's called.
Probably the Diamond Version appealed to me more because it's bluey and not pinkish like the pearl version.

I had lots of fun playing it because I had been playing Pokemon Diamond for the whole week.
I finally managed to defeat the Elite Four & the Champion on Friday.

Sadly, I did not manage to keep up with my Leaf Green record of 39 hours as I entered the Hall of Fame at 40 hours. Lols, not like it made much difference. XD

This is practically my team except instead of Pikachu, I had Graveler. No point having 2 electric Pokemon no matter how much I love them, right?
Furthermore, I intended to start a team that I had never tried before. And I always wanted a Ponyta!!! XD

This is the 1st time I decided to choose my actual gender and not leave my gender as male.
And besides, the female character looks pretty this time round.

If I didn't remember wrongly, this is also the 1st time I defeat the Elite Four & the Champion with the worst team ever, with only 2 Pokemon slightly above lvl 50 but not reaching lvl 55, 1 Pokemon almost reaching lvl 50, and 3 Pokemon that is about lvl 45 or slightly less.

So I used a lot of Hyper Potions and Revives and any other stuffs I picked up on the floor in the past.

Beating the Gym Leaders are easy peasy but not trying to find my way to the Gym Leaders (stupid ice Gym with the stupid snowballs).
Beating the Elite Four is rather stressful.
Beating the Champion is super stressful.

I had to do my usual trick of oning and offing a few times before I managed to defeat the Champion, luckily she didn't use revives, otherwise it would be impossible for me to defeat her.

And after entering the Hall of Fame, it's Credits viewing time!!!

Followed by capturing the legendary Pokemon.
I became smarter this time round, I didn't use my master ball (saving it for the worst case scenario in case I made the legendary Pokemon faint like Raikou).

However, there was this stupid legendary Pokemon which was super difficult to catch, but I managed to refrain myself from wasting the master ball like what I did to Zapdos in Leaf Green.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Ep 34 Screenshot
Ash mentioning about an old friend who gave him this fishing hook! XD

This is what got me restless unless I find Pokemon videos (with Misty) to watch.
I missed Misty (Hey it rhymes!)!

They should just put Misty back into the show. I saw a petition online with millions of signatures wanting Misty back into the show.
All the producers gave was some lame excuse that Ash's & Misty's relationship could not get any closer and that even if Misty appeared again in the show, she'll not be a main character.

Come on, Pokemon fans watching Pokemon had already grown up, for example yours truly, me (supporter of Pokemon/Pikachu for 9 years!). I was a little kid back then but now I'm a full grown teenager. We wouldn't mind a little romance between Ash & Misty, you know?

And furthermore, even if there's no romance, they should encourage bonding between old friends because many people after separating with their friends (because of different schools, or different jobs, overseas, etc.) will not meet up again.

Ash & Misty should be their role model! XD

And after watching the first season of Pokemon again, I realised the drawings of Pokemon really did improved a lot!

Pikachu was kinda fatter in the past.

But cuter!

Misty was kinda cute!

And rather pretty now I come to think of it, maybe I missed her too much...

And remember the scene when Ash first realises that Misty is actually a girl after such a long time when Ash first saw Misty wore her swim suit?

The way she dresses makes her look kind of mature.
I think I prefer Misty with the ponytail at the side.

And the good old Misty who simply cannot stand bugs??!!

Presenting Misty!

I'm shocked but Misty actually looks better with long hair.

This is from the episode, "Misty Mermaid".

The 2 different clothes that Misty had on before she became a Gym leader and after she became a Gym leader.

The separation of Ash & Misty, one of the most loved couples in Animes.

And I think my craziness over wanting Misty back in the show will end now but beware Pokemon producers, I'll sue you for ruining my teenager hood and not letting me recall my childhood when I grow up!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Digimon Data Squad & Pokemon

I have found a new interest, which is to watch Digimon Data Squad, and I'll be pretty busy with that because there's 40+ episodes and I only finished watching ep 9.

I think it's a pretty good idea to use new characters every time Digimon has a new series because the artists could improve their drawings this way.

For example, Ash from Pokemon looks the same for 10 series and they really couldn't change his looks totally otherwise he wouldn't be Ash. But I guess all of us Pokemon fans are fine with the way he looks although he looks very much different from how anime characters usually look.

Not really much difference, right? (I found this by chance.)

Oh well, maybe there's a difference...
How I miss the first series! I want Misty back!!! Give Misty back!!! T.T

The drawing of Pokemon looks more detailed and better now.
So I see there's a slight difference.

Aww~ Ash & Misty looks so sweet together~ ^^

And remember the time when Pikachu simply REFUSES to cooperate with Ash and goes inside the Pokeball. Pikachu even refuses to budge so Ash had to use rubber gloves (in case he gets electrocuted) and a string (to pull Pikachu). Haha!! XD

Of course, Digimon Data Squad can't be replaced with D.Gray-Man but at least it's better than nothing.
And Toradora and Skip Beat are awesome too!

Feel the power of the palm tiger!

Skip Beat
And a girl fights to get inside the entertainment industry to get revenge??

Both of them are considered Comedy Animes, I supposed.
Seems like I really like watching funny shows, anything funny and it'll suit me just fine.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Love Exercise 《愛的練習語》

Since "Love Exercise" is sort of an English book, I shall post in English.

It took me a while to find it after its release and it costed me S$35.95! Which is the most expensive so far compared to the rest of the prices I had heard.
I bought it at Jurong Point CD Rama.

"Love Exercise" is Jolin Tsai's 3rd English Book.

It has shown much improvements compared to her previous 2 books.
It's a commendable effort by Jolin!

What's more, it includes Jolin's very first English album!
Although many said that Jolin's pronunciation isn't very accurate but as most of her fans did, we stood up for her.

Jolin's pronunciation is actually quite accurate (I might be bias), however because when Jolin sang the English songs, she sang it with her special accent (which is usually what she does even when she sings Chinese songs), that's why it might not sound so accurate.
But I don't mind, because it makes me know that that's Jolin's voice.

Firstly, I would focus on the good points of the book.

  1. Jolin's 1st English album, as I had mentioned, and it's a must have for all Jolin's hardcore fans!
  2. The idea of using English songs to teach English.
    That's a pretty good method because that's how I learnt how to read Chinese traditional words.
    Furthermore, Jolin even makes the effort to translate the English songs to Chinese and she's pretty good at that (and her group of translators).
  3. The theme of "Love" is a good idea too because it will attract more readers.
  4. Cutting down on examples and providing a detailed explanation of how those English words and sentences should be used.
    There used to be a lot of examples and it's tedious reading them all.
  5. Using the idea of a girl and guy conversation as examples.
  6. There's no more spelling errors and grammatical errors but somehow the sentences don't seem to be smooth so that's something Jolin should improve on.
  7. And lastly, there's more Jolin's pictures than ever before! XD

Areas where Love Exercise should be improved on:

  1. Although there's a decrease in grammatical errors, somehow, the sentences are not very smooth.
  2. Jolin (and her group of translators) should not directly translate Chinese into English like programmed translators because there's a difference between English and Chinese.

But then again, it's much more enjoyable reading "Love Exercise" then her previous 2 books.
Probably because there's a decrease in pages? Haha... XD
I mean it's kind of weird for me to read a book teaching me English, I should have read a book teaching me Chinese instead... >.>


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hot Shot Last Episode!


结局还算蛮完整的,唯一我不喜欢的就是 W 在最后死了,但起码她死的无怨无悔因为她总算看着霹雳烽火狼队赢了。
但是,可惜的是,W 跟大鹰是不会有结果的。。。

W 其实倒下来的时候是蛮美的。

Starting of School Holidays!

Yesterday is the official 1st day of my school holidays and I'm not bored at all.
I had plenty of things to do.

In fact, I'm feeling very happy & relaxed.
"O" levels seemed like a dream to me, I'm like, "Wow! "O" levels are over just like that?"
It's not a bad dream really, but I don't want to experience that again! XD

Firstly, I woke up in the afternoon because I was glued to the television till late at night.
And the first thing I did when I woke up was to the toilet of course, followed by watching television again!

I feel so breezy and relaxed, I can't explain my feelings...

After I'm finally willing to leave the television set, I went inside my room to keep my bag and the items inside it which I had brought out on my last paper to celebrate the end of my "O" levels with my mother and grandmother.

Following that, I cleaned my table and I was shocked at how dirty it was!
But I wasn't able to clean the table till it's sparkling so I'll leave it after cleaning it 4-5 times.

And the next thing I did is something that I had been planning to do for a long, long, long time. Because I didn't had the time.
And it only took me a mere hour or so to complete it but I'm so proud of it! XD

It's cool isn't it?
I have no idea what it's called but I know it's one of the characters from SD Gundam Sangokuden.
And I thought I wouldn't be interested in Gundam but I love their armours and weapons!!!

And it took me a while to realise that this is another version of the sword.
The sword looks cooler and more beautifully designed but now the figurine's body looks kind of plain without all those impressive armours.
But there's one thing good about that though, it keeps the armour from falling off! Haha! XD

This figurines are so cool, if only I had the space to put them, I'll buy more!!!
Besides, they are only about a palm size large.

After I had completed it, I admired it for a while and I read a magazine called CO-CO! that was left in my cupboard to let dust accumulate on it for a month.

And that's the end of my first day!
As for the second day, I shall devote all of my time to computer!!! Haha! XD

Oh and before I forget, this is something from my form teachers which ended up in a disaster because there was cake fight... >.>

And before I end my post,

I shall post the picture of my favourite dog friend, Bonnie, taken by dear Pussa.

"O" Levels - Last Part

Can you believe it?
"O" levels are over!!!
I can't believe it, all of it feels like a dream...

But now, I'm feeling very happy and relaxed~ ^o^

Physics Paper 1:

This is the most relaxing paper that I had. Not that I don't need to study for it. But how stressful can multiple-choice questions be?

All I need to do is to choose A, B, C or D instead of writing long sentences, formulas, equations and making sure that all of the answers are in 3 significant figures. And I have 25% of getting the answer right too!

Actually, that's only part of the reason why it's the most relaxing paper I had.
The second part is that I'm better at paper 1 than paper 2, who isn't? XD

There's a few questions that I did in the TYS that came out for "O" level.
Overall, I can't say it's super easy but it isn't very tricky either. XD


Okay, that's the end of my "O" levels~

Now, I'm moving on to the second part of my life.
The "relaxing" part, whereby I get to do the things that I also wanted to do but didn't have enough time to do.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

"O" Levels Part 3

Ah~ "O" levels are ending soon~ XD

Review of "O" Levels Papers:

Social Studies

This happened kind of a "long" time ago so it'll take me a while to recall what happened.
It was the first paper this week on Monday.

Same as History, all the themes that I studied came out for SEQ. I must say Mrs Ram is really good at spotting questions. (Except that she had a gut feeling Stalin will come out for Hist. but it didn't)

I did the question on Gulf War because that's the theme I'm more confident in compared to Governance. I hadn't done Governance in months but I just did a Gulf War question recently in Prelim 2.

This paper shouldn't be considered difficult for the SEQ section as they gave us the factors for the non-standard question. And I don't have to rack my brains to think of factors for a long, long time.

However, the SBQ was rather "unique". First time I did a SBQ with no pictures!
But I didn't really mind it, cause that means it would be easier to infer. And my inference isn't really good.

Pure Literature

Pure sounds awesome doesn't it?
Not many people go around taking Pure Literature as a subject.

So when I when for the paper on Friday, my whole class was practically sitting at one corner of the hall and it looks kind of weird. Because the whole BIG hall was only filled with ONE CLASS sitting at the left corner of the hall and ONE ANONYMOUS GUY sitting in the middle of the hall.

Before Paper 1, I was a little nervous and worried whether will I do well for Lit.
However, Miss Lee came along and passed me a card (she decided to give a card to everyone of us).
Due to my curiosity, I opened it and looked at the contents.

My expression changed for a while when I was reading.
Miss Lee sort of assured me that I will do well...

When I was going inside the hall, Miss Lee told me to follow the format that she gave. So I followed it, or maybe not exactly. But it's the first time I don't feel that what I had written was a huge big mess that doesn't make sense. XD

When I first flipped open the paper, I was stunned to see that the 2nd page isn't "To Kill A Mockingbird". And it took me a while to find the Mockingbird passage because I didn't know that this paper will be mixed with other novels.

Furthermore, this paper is exactly what the sub lits take so if I'm able to drop to sub lit...

After paper 1, there were 3 big boxes containing Mcdonals breakfast for us.
I wasn't really sure whether Miss Lee will really buy it so I was forced by my mother to stuff 2 buns in my stomach.

But I ate the hash brown anyway. That's the thing that I had been longing to eat for a long time~
I'll seriously stuff myself silly after "O" levels are over!!!

Following that is paper 2. There isn't really much time in the middle to study. So all I did was trying to recall my quotes, hopefully, I can remember them when I take the paper.

Basically, there's a lot of literary devices questions than usual and I was guessing half the time whether did I write correctly. But I managed to finish both papers, with super ugly handwriting for the conclusion...


My Youtube account got deleted! ARGH!!!