Saturday, November 15, 2008

Digimon Data Squad & Pokemon

I have found a new interest, which is to watch Digimon Data Squad, and I'll be pretty busy with that because there's 40+ episodes and I only finished watching ep 9.

I think it's a pretty good idea to use new characters every time Digimon has a new series because the artists could improve their drawings this way.

For example, Ash from Pokemon looks the same for 10 series and they really couldn't change his looks totally otherwise he wouldn't be Ash. But I guess all of us Pokemon fans are fine with the way he looks although he looks very much different from how anime characters usually look.

Not really much difference, right? (I found this by chance.)

Oh well, maybe there's a difference...
How I miss the first series! I want Misty back!!! Give Misty back!!! T.T

The drawing of Pokemon looks more detailed and better now.
So I see there's a slight difference.

Aww~ Ash & Misty looks so sweet together~ ^^

And remember the time when Pikachu simply REFUSES to cooperate with Ash and goes inside the Pokeball. Pikachu even refuses to budge so Ash had to use rubber gloves (in case he gets electrocuted) and a string (to pull Pikachu). Haha!! XD

Of course, Digimon Data Squad can't be replaced with D.Gray-Man but at least it's better than nothing.
And Toradora and Skip Beat are awesome too!

Feel the power of the palm tiger!

Skip Beat
And a girl fights to get inside the entertainment industry to get revenge??

Both of them are considered Comedy Animes, I supposed.
Seems like I really like watching funny shows, anything funny and it'll suit me just fine.


  1. I love pokemon!!!!
    this was a wonderful read and i adore the pictures! Keep up the good work and please feel free to read my blog.

  2. I fucking hate pokemon dp i miss the indigo siris with bullbasur charmander and squirttle i miss i wanna be the very best bring misty back lets start a rally with signs posters and yell out loud bring misty back