Friday, November 14, 2008

Love Exercise 《愛的練習語》

Since "Love Exercise" is sort of an English book, I shall post in English.

It took me a while to find it after its release and it costed me S$35.95! Which is the most expensive so far compared to the rest of the prices I had heard.
I bought it at Jurong Point CD Rama.

"Love Exercise" is Jolin Tsai's 3rd English Book.

It has shown much improvements compared to her previous 2 books.
It's a commendable effort by Jolin!

What's more, it includes Jolin's very first English album!
Although many said that Jolin's pronunciation isn't very accurate but as most of her fans did, we stood up for her.

Jolin's pronunciation is actually quite accurate (I might be bias), however because when Jolin sang the English songs, she sang it with her special accent (which is usually what she does even when she sings Chinese songs), that's why it might not sound so accurate.
But I don't mind, because it makes me know that that's Jolin's voice.

Firstly, I would focus on the good points of the book.

  1. Jolin's 1st English album, as I had mentioned, and it's a must have for all Jolin's hardcore fans!
  2. The idea of using English songs to teach English.
    That's a pretty good method because that's how I learnt how to read Chinese traditional words.
    Furthermore, Jolin even makes the effort to translate the English songs to Chinese and she's pretty good at that (and her group of translators).
  3. The theme of "Love" is a good idea too because it will attract more readers.
  4. Cutting down on examples and providing a detailed explanation of how those English words and sentences should be used.
    There used to be a lot of examples and it's tedious reading them all.
  5. Using the idea of a girl and guy conversation as examples.
  6. There's no more spelling errors and grammatical errors but somehow the sentences don't seem to be smooth so that's something Jolin should improve on.
  7. And lastly, there's more Jolin's pictures than ever before! XD

Areas where Love Exercise should be improved on:

  1. Although there's a decrease in grammatical errors, somehow, the sentences are not very smooth.
  2. Jolin (and her group of translators) should not directly translate Chinese into English like programmed translators because there's a difference between English and Chinese.

But then again, it's much more enjoyable reading "Love Exercise" then her previous 2 books.
Probably because there's a decrease in pages? Haha... XD
I mean it's kind of weird for me to read a book teaching me English, I should have read a book teaching me Chinese instead... >.>


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