Saturday, November 8, 2008

"O" Levels Part 3

Ah~ "O" levels are ending soon~ XD

Review of "O" Levels Papers:

Social Studies

This happened kind of a "long" time ago so it'll take me a while to recall what happened.
It was the first paper this week on Monday.

Same as History, all the themes that I studied came out for SEQ. I must say Mrs Ram is really good at spotting questions. (Except that she had a gut feeling Stalin will come out for Hist. but it didn't)

I did the question on Gulf War because that's the theme I'm more confident in compared to Governance. I hadn't done Governance in months but I just did a Gulf War question recently in Prelim 2.

This paper shouldn't be considered difficult for the SEQ section as they gave us the factors for the non-standard question. And I don't have to rack my brains to think of factors for a long, long time.

However, the SBQ was rather "unique". First time I did a SBQ with no pictures!
But I didn't really mind it, cause that means it would be easier to infer. And my inference isn't really good.

Pure Literature

Pure sounds awesome doesn't it?
Not many people go around taking Pure Literature as a subject.

So when I when for the paper on Friday, my whole class was practically sitting at one corner of the hall and it looks kind of weird. Because the whole BIG hall was only filled with ONE CLASS sitting at the left corner of the hall and ONE ANONYMOUS GUY sitting in the middle of the hall.

Before Paper 1, I was a little nervous and worried whether will I do well for Lit.
However, Miss Lee came along and passed me a card (she decided to give a card to everyone of us).
Due to my curiosity, I opened it and looked at the contents.

My expression changed for a while when I was reading.
Miss Lee sort of assured me that I will do well...

When I was going inside the hall, Miss Lee told me to follow the format that she gave. So I followed it, or maybe not exactly. But it's the first time I don't feel that what I had written was a huge big mess that doesn't make sense. XD

When I first flipped open the paper, I was stunned to see that the 2nd page isn't "To Kill A Mockingbird". And it took me a while to find the Mockingbird passage because I didn't know that this paper will be mixed with other novels.

Furthermore, this paper is exactly what the sub lits take so if I'm able to drop to sub lit...

After paper 1, there were 3 big boxes containing Mcdonals breakfast for us.
I wasn't really sure whether Miss Lee will really buy it so I was forced by my mother to stuff 2 buns in my stomach.

But I ate the hash brown anyway. That's the thing that I had been longing to eat for a long time~
I'll seriously stuff myself silly after "O" levels are over!!!

Following that is paper 2. There isn't really much time in the middle to study. So all I did was trying to recall my quotes, hopefully, I can remember them when I take the paper.

Basically, there's a lot of literary devices questions than usual and I was guessing half the time whether did I write correctly. But I managed to finish both papers, with super ugly handwriting for the conclusion...


My Youtube account got deleted! ARGH!!!


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