Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pokemon - Nostalgic Times

Ash, Misty & Brock!
The screenshot of the 1st Pokemon theme song!

Hmm... Now when did this craziness over Pokemon again first started?

Was it the last post where I somehow linked to Pokemon when I mentioned Digimon and started frantically looking for Pokemon photos?
No, no, that's the trigger...

This is the cause:

Limited Edition Pokemon NDS Lite Pack

It is kind of rare because it had been a few month since its release and it took me a while to find it.
It was really only a while, about 10-20 mintues, I started my search at Funan the IT Mall. Luckily I did, because I was on the right track, and most importantly of all, I bought it at a price much lower than I had expected!

Although it's still kind of expensive as not only did I bought the NDS Lite, I bought Pokemon Diamond Version. It costed me S$300 and I'll be officially broke after going out to celebrate Joey's birthday once Yuit Ping recovers...

Actually I had no idea what the legendary Pokemon is or even what it's called.
Probably the Diamond Version appealed to me more because it's bluey and not pinkish like the pearl version.

I had lots of fun playing it because I had been playing Pokemon Diamond for the whole week.
I finally managed to defeat the Elite Four & the Champion on Friday.

Sadly, I did not manage to keep up with my Leaf Green record of 39 hours as I entered the Hall of Fame at 40 hours. Lols, not like it made much difference. XD

This is practically my team except instead of Pikachu, I had Graveler. No point having 2 electric Pokemon no matter how much I love them, right?
Furthermore, I intended to start a team that I had never tried before. And I always wanted a Ponyta!!! XD

This is the 1st time I decided to choose my actual gender and not leave my gender as male.
And besides, the female character looks pretty this time round.

If I didn't remember wrongly, this is also the 1st time I defeat the Elite Four & the Champion with the worst team ever, with only 2 Pokemon slightly above lvl 50 but not reaching lvl 55, 1 Pokemon almost reaching lvl 50, and 3 Pokemon that is about lvl 45 or slightly less.

So I used a lot of Hyper Potions and Revives and any other stuffs I picked up on the floor in the past.

Beating the Gym Leaders are easy peasy but not trying to find my way to the Gym Leaders (stupid ice Gym with the stupid snowballs).
Beating the Elite Four is rather stressful.
Beating the Champion is super stressful.

I had to do my usual trick of oning and offing a few times before I managed to defeat the Champion, luckily she didn't use revives, otherwise it would be impossible for me to defeat her.

And after entering the Hall of Fame, it's Credits viewing time!!!

Followed by capturing the legendary Pokemon.
I became smarter this time round, I didn't use my master ball (saving it for the worst case scenario in case I made the legendary Pokemon faint like Raikou).

However, there was this stupid legendary Pokemon which was super difficult to catch, but I managed to refrain myself from wasting the master ball like what I did to Zapdos in Leaf Green.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Ep 34 Screenshot
Ash mentioning about an old friend who gave him this fishing hook! XD

This is what got me restless unless I find Pokemon videos (with Misty) to watch.
I missed Misty (Hey it rhymes!)!

They should just put Misty back into the show. I saw a petition online with millions of signatures wanting Misty back into the show.
All the producers gave was some lame excuse that Ash's & Misty's relationship could not get any closer and that even if Misty appeared again in the show, she'll not be a main character.

Come on, Pokemon fans watching Pokemon had already grown up, for example yours truly, me (supporter of Pokemon/Pikachu for 9 years!). I was a little kid back then but now I'm a full grown teenager. We wouldn't mind a little romance between Ash & Misty, you know?

And furthermore, even if there's no romance, they should encourage bonding between old friends because many people after separating with their friends (because of different schools, or different jobs, overseas, etc.) will not meet up again.

Ash & Misty should be their role model! XD

And after watching the first season of Pokemon again, I realised the drawings of Pokemon really did improved a lot!

Pikachu was kinda fatter in the past.

But cuter!

Misty was kinda cute!

And rather pretty now I come to think of it, maybe I missed her too much...

And remember the scene when Ash first realises that Misty is actually a girl after such a long time when Ash first saw Misty wore her swim suit?

The way she dresses makes her look kind of mature.
I think I prefer Misty with the ponytail at the side.

And the good old Misty who simply cannot stand bugs??!!

Presenting Misty!

I'm shocked but Misty actually looks better with long hair.

This is from the episode, "Misty Mermaid".

The 2 different clothes that Misty had on before she became a Gym leader and after she became a Gym leader.

The separation of Ash & Misty, one of the most loved couples in Animes.

And I think my craziness over wanting Misty back in the show will end now but beware Pokemon producers, I'll sue you for ruining my teenager hood and not letting me recall my childhood when I grow up!!!

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  1. ahh! yes so true! i miss misty so much. :p