Friday, December 5, 2008

Anime Festival Asia 2008

This post should have been posted few weeks ago, but as I was busy with going out, computer games and some other stuffs (一些有的没的), I delayed posting it until now.

I went there on 23 November together with Li Yi and her friend.
Since it's such a long time, I had forgotten her friend's name (sorry...)...

But in the end, after finding someone to go with me, I ended up going inside the anime fair myself because Li Yi and her friend when off for job hunting. And I was left with me, myself and I.

I started queueing for the entrance ticket (I didn't know I had to buy ticket to enter). But anyway, it didn't bothered me because it didn't cost a lot, it costed $5, while actually that's pretty much too... But still there was a long queue nonetheless.

When I first entered, someone started talking to me, she asked, "Are you from Kranji Sec?"
I nodded my head. Nothing surprising if she knew I'm from Kranji. I thought she was perhaps my senior.
Then she asked again, "You're Caroline, right?" I was practically stunned because I suppose not many knows my name since I'm quite anti-social.
But then she explained I wouldn't know her cause she used to be one of the peer leaders. Then I "Ohh...." inside my heart... XD

I took my first photo after squeezing through the crowd to look for the animes that I had been watching on okto.

Shakugan No Shana

I think I spotted D.Gray-Man first but because there were people posting in front of the D.Gray-Man boards that's why I didn't take photo of D.Gray-Man first.

And beside Shakugan No Shana is D.Gray-Man.

I don't know how I took the photos that it turned out to be so blur.
I had decided that the next time I'm going to the anime fair, I'm bringing a BETTER camera!

Toradora! My favourite anime currently!
I like the palm tiger! Haha! XD

Skip Beat! Another anime showing on okto.
It's funny too, however there are times when it goes too exaggerating on personal feelings and thoughts so it's kind of irritating...

I've been taking lots of photos all this while because I see others doing it and there's nothing much I can do since I went in there myself.

SD Gundam Sangokuden Mini Series
I wanted to buy it but I know it'll cost a lot and I'm poor... :'(
And besides, I don't have much space to put them...

Digimon Toys

A Pokemon Cardboard Stand? Haha!
There isn't any Pokemon toys or figurines for display. However, there's a few Pokemon toys for sale.
So I bought a XXXL NDS Pikachu Pen! Actually, it's a soft toy! Haha! XD

Aww... How nice of him to post a picture for us! XD
I have no idea what anime character this guy is acting at.
But since there's a whole lot of people of cosplaying, if I don't take a photo of them it'll be such a waste!

I saw a woman dressing as Lenalee from D.Gray-Man but she doesn't look that young like Lenalee so I didn't take her photo... Haha... XD

I made a round at the anime fair and came back to the D.Gray-Man section to that a photo of Chibi Allen Walker!

A Chibi Lenalee!

And a Chibi Kanda!
But Kanda's picture is so high up, it's difficult to take his photo!

The real Allen Walker, Kanda & Lenalee!

And of course, the bad guys, the Ancient Family or the Noah Family!

A big D.Gray-Man board! There's actually another one but there seems to be always filled with people so I can't take a good shot...

A big Shakagun no Shana board!

This is going to be a really long post! With all those photos!

A real life HUGE Gundam model!

And Chibi Death Note characters!

Ryuk, the Death God!

This is really not clear because it's taken from quite a distance.
People are crowding all over the figurines display!!!

A BIG Mickey Mouse and a small Mickey Mouse!

Ben 10 Figurines
I haven't been watching Ben 10 recently because I used to watch a Hong Kong drama and I just realised recently that Ben 10 had stopped showing on okto... :'(

A cool figurine that's not clear because of all the reflections...
They were placed in glass cabinets...

This is slightly better...
I love the sword! XD

And a guy from Final Fantasy!
The clearest of the 3 photos!

That's all! Haha!
I uploaded all the photos that I took at the Anime fair!

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