Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Merry Belated Christmas & Happy Advanced New Year! XD

Okay, so I'm 2 days late in posting this Christmas post. That's because I'm posting in my Chinese blog, and because of my carelessness, I pressed something by mistake and all the things that I typed is gone... T.T

And not only once, I pressed wrongly twice! So I got to re-type it 2 times, in Chinese...

On Christmas day, I went to my Aunty's house to celebrate. We stayed at the function room for practically the whole day, and most of the facilities nearby were booked by my family. For example, the karaoke room, table tennis room & pool room.

A while after I arrived there, Hng Meng, Lay Han and their family arrived too. I was shocked to see that Hng Meng had grown much taller from the previous time that I saw him, he's about my height now, and he used to be half a head shorter than me... I guessed I'm the only one who stopped growing completely... T.T

But it's okay, since my height is same as Jolin. XD

Hng Meng & Lay Han started isolating themselves from the rest of the family by sitting at one corner, so I walked over and talked with them. I haven't saw Lay Han for almost one year!!! The last time that I saw her was Chinese New Year. So I told Lay Han that I missed her and she said she's not les, come on, there's different kind of miss, like missing my cousin because she vanished for one year with no news about her except that she's busy with school...

We went to the karaoke room after that and it's the first time I dared to sing without the original singer singing, and with many people looking at me. Maybe because it's Lay Han's help, making me feel less afraid to sing on my own, as I sang with her at the starting...

So we sang for very, very long, till it was evening and we got bored again. Hng Meng went to play table tennis with Jeremy so I suggested to Lay Han that we might as well play billiard together. But after a while, when it's 7, all of them started watching "Miss No Good" on channel U (I watched it before on youtube), so I played on my own, making lots of round around the pool table. *Dizzy*

After that, Rebecca kept asking me to play Monopoly with her and I dragged Lay Han & Hng Meng with me. All of us were dead when we were playing and we aimed to go into the jail, Hng Meng ended up there first. Luckily, after a while, we were asked to stop and we ate again and proceeded home after that.

The next day, I can't use the computer so I was lying all over the sofa with nothing better to do. Finally, it's 5:40pm and I made my way for the Jolin fan club (Singapore) gathering. Jolin was not there of course, only the members. Plus me, there's only 11 people. However, I was feeling awkward because I didn't know anybody so I didn't talk much. And worst of all, I thought it's steamboat so I went there but it turned out to be BBQ/Steamboat/Buffet.

I was scaled by the butter splattering around a few times so after a while, I decided I should just sit there and do nothing so the butter wouldn't do any harm to me. I was not my normal self with people I don't know so I didn't eat much.

However, the experience is not bad, maybe I should go again next time, when there's no BBQ because I smelled like BBQ Carrot when I came back and there's oil all over me...

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