Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sentosa Pics

Little Joey took her time to sent us those photos because she forgot... How could she forget? We had such a wonderful time together... >.>

Oh and Joey isn't little any more, she's finally officially 16! XD

We didn't take any photos until we went inside the Merlion because of me and my stupid idea of walking alongside the beach with totally no idea where we were heading and the weather was terribly hot!

Don't try looking at the faces... The shirts are the centre of attention!!!

Up on top of the Merlion! Yes, the Sun was very glaring... Our eyes~

The mouth of the Merlion, look at those teeth lol~!
A photographer helped to take photo of us but before that he had to take 3 photos using his own camera.
Of course we didn't buy the photos... We're poor... T.T

The water path place! Or whatever it's called...

After much encouraging, Yuit Ping finally was willing to go inside the water and I helped to take their photo.

A blue expressway that was passing by near the water path.

Me?? And Amy in the background...
How dare they took my photo without me knowing!!!
It's okay, except I think I was drenched because I fell... >.>

Ah~ Amy was also caught in action playing in the waters...
Those 2, better be careful because next time I'm bringing my camera! XD
Can zoom 50x remember? :P

Our legs? The one at the right should be mine...

Christmas Tree @ VivoCity Night View

In front of the Christmas Tree

Ah, this is much clearer because we moved forward... >.>

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