Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas with Red Wine + Coke~ ^^

Probably the first time I actually drank quite a bit of wine. Haha!
Feels good to think and react slow.
Especially if I've got too many things to think about.

Plus the fact that our reactions were quite funny when we react too slow. LOLS. And then after that, we suddenly get "High!" again~

Anyway, this year Christmas gathering was very fun. Don't really feel that bored~

  • Had fun chatting with my cousins. (My oldest cousin's (I'm the 2nd oldest there...) 笑点很低,she easily laugh at seemingly not funny stuffs...) :)
  • Had fun singing karaoke. :)
  • Had fun playing poker cards. (But not gambling~ Though it requires fast reactions of tapping of cards which resulted in lots of hand injuries. LOLS.) :)
  • Had fun eating. :)

Friday, December 25, 2009


For once, I feel that, I can really put what I made using Adobe Flash for "practical" use. :)

By the way, this is homework. No joke. :)
Except that I removed the buttons and actionscript so that it can be easier published on the net in gif format. :)

Just posted it at for Jolin~ ^^

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

天晴了~ My Sky is Brighter~

Note to Self: My Clouds Background is brighter now.
From opacity 80-90% to 60%~ XD

After finally realising what my dream finally is.



And after watching F.I.R.'s new MV "We Are".
迷了路 算不算 一种新的生活~


好像突然之间开窍了耶~ XD


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

MSN new problem~

LOL! All my contacts gone~ HAHA!!!

I've really got nothing to say. :X
Perhaps I shall try restarting my lappy...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

People who require attention...

I came across a person on youtube just now when I was searching for F.I.R.'s new songs. That person provided download links for the songs. Thus I decided to go to that person's youtube channel page, followed by clicking on the blog link on that channel page.

Just when I was at that person's blog, I happened to glance at the chat box and realised that person apologising to other people for the upload link not working. Then out of a moment of curiosity after reading that person's self intro for the profile on blogger, I linked to that person other blog pages such as that person own personal blog as well as a blog which provided links for downloading dramas???

Okay, my point here is not trying to say it's illegal to download songs and drama, although it's really illegal to do so but how many people living on this surface of world cares anyway???

My point here is, just at that moment, when I was browsing through that person's blog, I was thinking that, this person really seemed to be lacking something in life, like perhaps people's attention. Maybe that person wants to be recognised and be appreciated for all that person's hard work.

I might not be right and I'm definitely not in the best position to say anything. But since I have a friend who happens to be like this, a friend who likes others thanking him and truly appreciating his help...

So I was thinking... Actually all of us wants to be notice in one way or another, like for me, I just want others to know my existence and not treat me as a transparent person, perhaps even treating me as someone special...

Anyway, if anyone realises that their friends are similar to that person whom I had described above, perhaps you can give that friend a little more acknowledgement, they will really appreciate it, although they might not say it...

I might be wrong though, perhaps that person provided so many download links just for fun, or to pass time, or to gain certain kinds of points, etc.

Friday, December 18, 2009

雨愛 Rainie Love - 楊丞琳 Rainie Yang

海派甜心片尾曲 - 雨愛
(Hi! My Sweetheart Ending Song - Rainie Love)

词(Lyrics) / Wonderful
曲(Song) / 金大洲

Chuang Wai De Tian Qi
The weather outside the window

就像是 你多變的表情
Jiu Xiang Shi Ni Duo Bian De Biao Qing
It's like your ever-changing expression

下雨了 雨陪我哭泣
Xia Yu Le Yu Pei Wo Ku Qi

It's raining, the rain is crying with me

看不清 我也不想看清
Kan Bu Qing Wo Ye Bu Xiang Kan Qing
I can't see clearly, I don't wish to see clearly either

離開你 我安静的抽離
Li Kai Ni Wo An Jing De Chou Li
Leaving you, I silently withdrew

Bu Ren Jie Xiao De Ju Qing
A scene that I can't bare to reveal

我的淚流在心里 學會放棄
Wo De Lei Liu Zai Xin Li Xue Hui Fang Qi

My tears flowed inside my heart as I learn to give up

聽雨的聲音 一滴滴清晰
Ting Yu De Sheng Yin Yi Di Di Qing Xi
Listen to the rain, each drop is clear and distinct

Ni De Hu Xi Xiang Yu Di Shen Ru Wo De Ai Li
Your breathing penetrates into my love like the rain

Zhen Xi Wang Yu Neng Xia Bu Ting
I really hope this rain will never end

讓想念繼續 让愛變透明
Rang Xiang Nian Ji Xu Rang Ai Bian Tou Ming
Let this missing continue, let love be transparent

我愛上给我勇氣的 Rainie Love
Wo Ai Shang Gei Wo Yong Qi De Rainie Love
I fell in love with the Rainie Love that gives me courage

窗外的雨滴 一滴滴累積
Chuang Wai De Yu Di Yi Di Di Lei Ji

The raindrops gathering outside the window are slowly accumulating

Wu Nei De Shi Qi Xiang Chu Cun Ai Ni De Ji Yi

The moisture in the house seems like it's preserving memories of my love for you

Zhen Xi Wang Yu Neng Xia Bu Ting

I really hope this rain will never end

雨愛的秘密 能一直延續
Yu Ai De Mi Mi Neng Yi Zhi Yan Xu
The secret of Rainie Love will be able to continue

我相信我將會看到 彩虹的美麗
Wo Xiang Xin Wo Jiang Hui Kan Dao Cai Hong De Mei Li
I believe I will get to see the beauty of the rainbow

Leng Leng De Kong Qi
The bitter cold air

很窒息 我無法呼吸
Hen Zhi Xi Wo Wu Fa Hu Xi
Is very suffocating, I can't breathe

一萬顆 雨滴的距離
Yi Wan Ke Yu Di De Ju Li
Ten thousand raindrops of distance

很徹底 讓愛消失無息
Hen Che Di Rang Ai Xiao Shi Wu Xi
Let love vanishes thoroughly

離開你 我安静的抽離
Li Kai Ni Wo An Jing De Chou Li
Leaving you, I silently withdrew

Bu Ren Jie Xiao De Ju Qing
A scene that I can't bare to reveal

我的淚流在心里 學會放棄
Wo De Lei Liu Zai Xin Li Xue Hui Fang Qi
My tears flowed inside my heart as I learn to give up

聽雨的聲音 一滴滴清晰
Ting Yu De Sheng Yin Yi Di Di Qing Xi
Listen to the rain, each drop is clear and distinct

Ni De Hu Xi Xiang Yu Di Shen Ru Wo De Ai Li
Your breathing penetrates into my love like the rain

Zhen Xi Wang Yu Neng Xia Bu Ting
I really hope this rain will never end

讓想念繼續 让愛變透明
Rang Xiang Nian Ji Xu Rang Ai Bian Tou Ming
Let this missing continue, let love be transparent

我愛上给我勇氣的 Rainie Love
Wo Ai Shang Gei Wo Yong Qi De Rainie Love
I fell in love with the Rainie Love that gives me courage

窗外的雨滴 一滴滴累積
Chuang Wai De Yu Di Yi Di Di Lei Ji
The raindrops gathering outside the window are slowly accumulating

Wu Nei De Shi Qi Xiang Chu Cun Ai Ni De Ji Yi
The moisture in the house seems like it's preserving memories of my love for you

Zhen Xi Wang Yu Neng Xia Bu Ting
I really hope this rain will never end

雨愛的秘密 能一直延續
Yu Ai De Mi Mi Neng Yi Zhi Yan Xu
The secret of Rainie Love will be able to continue

我相信我將會看到 彩虹的美麗
Wo Xiang Xin Wo Jiang Hui Kan Dao Cai Hong De Mei Li
I believe I will get to see the beauty of the rainbow

Wu Nei De Shi Qi Xiang Chu Cun Ai Ni De Ji Yi

The moisture in the house seems like it's preserving memories of my love for you

Zhen Xi Wang Yu Neng Xia Bu Ting

I really hope this rain will never end

雨愛的秘密 能一直延續
Yu Ai De Mi Mi Neng Yi Zhi Yan Xu

The secret of Rainie Love will be able to continue

我相信我將會看到 彩虹的美麗
Wo Xiang Xin Wo Jiang Hui Kan Dao Cai Hong De Mei Li

I believe I will get to see the beauty of the rainbow

[歌词、歌曲都很美~ ^^]

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I've no idea what I'm thinking nowadays... ...


My brain, mind, heart all went haywire. So much for trying out a new course in a totally new environment. =.=''' All I did was giving myself additional troubles that were already in my life. Well, at least I had just ONE lesser problem, for once in 4 years, I feel that I'm not invisible in class anymore.

Hard to be invisible when there's only like 7 girls out of about 60 people in my Year 1 course, and amazingly the girls are sitting in ONE island and I'm sitting at the back with the other guys -> Independent Red Dot. (I probably mentioned that a lot of times... :X)

Anyways, at least there was a bit of miracle, when I thought that I would no longer get noticed by the girls, one of them talked to me. :) Woots~~

Okay, anyway another problem arose... It probably will not be the cause of a problem for others but I've no idea why it had such a strong impact on ME. ME. :X

Due to the separation with Class 58, I went through a period of moodiness. Plus the fact that there will no longer be Zhenyi to entertain me in class. Lols. Never mind, anyways she is quite "famous" in my current class now because me & Zi He continuously mentioned her name and described her as an ultra blur person. Lols... >.>

And then there was this senior, she's exceptionally crazy, exceptionally good and willing to offer others help, exceptionally fun to irritate. :X And so I probably replaced Zhenyi with her without realising. But ah, this one is better, there is response when you irritate her unlike Zhenyi. Lols. :X

Since I'm mentioning about her...
Join Peiwen Fan Club!!!
>>>Click Here!<<<

Anyway, my point is. I really treated her as my real sister, so over reliance on her... >.> The minute you saw me disappear from my seat for quite some time, I'm definitely over at the year 2 class... >.<

And so I'm trying to find another person to rely on... By supporting another artist... ... Although I'm starting to feel guilty to Jolin all over again for being not totally loyal to her... :(


But well, at least it cured my emoness...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some scenes from my memory got deleted away... For some reason...

I always thought that not a lot of people went to Jolin's Dancing Diva Autograph Session 2006 at Singapore, Marina Square. Until I saw a video on youtube just now...

Apparently there's quite a lot of people...

Now I seriously think that I had some serious memory recording data failure somewhere in my brain. Unless I'm so OBLIVIOUS to the surroundings because I was too focused on Jolin that I can't recall... Hmm...

Or I was wayyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooooooo attttttttttttttt theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee backkkkkkkkkkkkkk (cause I wasn't that early and it's more spacious) that I only remembered the empty spaces around me? O.O

Perhaps I'm thinking too much, Jolin is definitely popular in Singapore, the number of people going to her autograph session can't be that pathetic. Her Butterfly, Jolin Autograph Sessions 2009 proved that. :)

Anyway, I had some kind of attachments with Marina Square ever since then I supposed. Probably it's the 1st ever Jolin autograph session that I FINALLY MANAGED TO GET HER SIGNATURE!!! After so many failed attempts... T.T

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm an ISFJ?

ISFJ is referred to as the Nurturers/Protectors/Guardians.

Wow, that seems like a very exaggerated title for me. But it seems true that I can tend to be very loyal if I decided to be. And I keep everything to myself, which is true too. How many of my friends actually know what I'm thinking deep inside my heart, unless I'm willing to tell them?

So that links back to why counselling wouldn't help me, because I wouldn't tell them what's my problem. Not that I don't want to, I can't. *Sigh* No wonder I get moody and emotional so easily... >.<

I seemed to be getting more and more interested in psychology. Maybe I can considered being one, since I go check the possible career paths for my personality, I can be a Counsellor, or I can go to the Business side, and the most amazing of all, I'm actually suited to be a Designer. XD

Thursday, November 26, 2009






Monday, November 23, 2009

3DS Max Design Problem Solved!!!

First of all, I have to sincerely thanks Zi He & Vincent (my lecturer) for helping me to solve this problem.

After so many days & weeks, I finally managed to make my 3DS Max work. O.O

Crashing everytime an object is selected and I click on the "Modifier List" back in the old days...

Finally able to see the "Modifier List" for the 1st time in my life today...


I solved this problem by installing Windows 7 on my D drive. So I did Dual Boot. Windows 7 is not bad. But I still prefer Vista's layout. So in the meanwhile, I'll use Vista as my main OS until SP distribute Windows 7 to us.

Anyway, I've to make sure that my Windows 7 has as little stuffs as possible so as to ensure that my 3DS Max will be working fine... ... ... >.<

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weather Very Bad... Nowadays...

Sunny to Rainy and Back to Sunny again.

Didn't realise that the Rainy Season was that bad because usually at this period of time, it's my holidays. Exception for this year because it was my 1st year in Polytechnic and Polys always have weird holidays... >.<

In fact, it's Raining Cats & Dogs now. The path from Dover MRT station to my class was practically flooded. And Zi He mentioned that I almost stepped on a Centipede. O.O Luckily I didn't see it otherwise I would be screaming...

Anyway the one who was screaming all the way while walking on the flooded path was my Jie... >.>

The path from Dover to my Class...
Took it for some visual diary homework...

There was once when I was at JE MRT station, and it was raining so heavily that IMM couldn't be seen at all. LOLs.

And when the MRT came, I had a feeling that rain was falling from the top (even though there was shelter). So I had a free "bathe", although not the most hygienic one.

Anyway, bad weather = people falling sick easily (like me)... Zzzz...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Things getting bad... ...

I got pissed off so many times yesterday I almost lost my appetite.

First, 3DS Max crashes as usual whenever I click on the "Modifier List" with an object selected.
If anyone knows the solution to that please help me!
Click to Help Me!

Second, MSN has that irritating yellow bar telling me that I have "2 Invitations" but whenever I click on it and got directed to a webpage, it states clearly that I have "No Invitation". Really irritating... ... ...


Maybe I'm not looking "far enough", like Garfield. >.<

Tuesday, November 3, 2009






Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween~! Mwuhahahaha!!!
(I did this using Flash. O.O
Crazy over Adobe Flash nowadays~!)

Ok I'm like a day late. But never mind, it's still Halloween on the other side of the World. :P

And guess what I did the whole day?

Trick or Treat?
Wrong Guess.

It will be stupid to dress in costumes and walk around the streets of Singapore because nobody does that. I bet more than half of the Singaporeans do not know when is Halloween...


I spent my whole day rotting... =.='''

No homework done again... =.='''

Talking about that, I should do my HTI journal but *looks at the time* *shakes head*...

Monday, October 26, 2009

So How Was the 1st Week of School?

*Sniff Sniff*


*Sniff Sniff*

"Temporary" Flu...

So How was Week 1???
Not to mention it's already Week 2 NOW... >.>

Week 1 was... Bad? Rather bad? Quite Bad? Maybe not that Bad? But Not as Good as I had expected...


Draw objects in 1,2, 3 point perspective. Die. :X
Plus Board Game & Flash Game Proposal. NVM. Type Words me no die. :)


Die even more. 3D Studio Max. No. Wouldn't Die.
But my Lecturer talk like that. I'll Die. He's Thai.


Yay! Short Day!
But. Have to find objects that look like the letters in my FULL name. Die.
You know why? My FULL name has 21 letters, plus they even want us to put our hp numbers too. :X


Ooo... Flash...
Die again. Why? Stupid Blackboard a lot problems.
Cannot play Flash Image & Video with IE, Firefox, .... ....
But luckily, I found a wonderful browser known as Opera.


:) :) :)
Elaine. XD My Common Foundation Lecturer.
Finally a voice that I understood, pleasing to the ear & I wouldn't doze off while hearing her talk.
But she's taking my class for HTI tutorial for only 3 weeks. T.T

GEM. :)
Met some new friends as well. Although the lecturer went straight into the topic. But I'm okay.
Seriously. Haven't copy stuffs for 1 year. :) Lols.


Slacking... In... Progress...


Chionging... Slowly... In... Progress...
Not to mention I'm actually supposed to do 3DS Max now.

Monday, October 19, 2009

First Day of Sem 2...

1st day back to school was already nightmarish and bringing me back to my emo days.

Let's start with the night before school start. I thought I wanted to make a good head start by sleeping early, but my friendly neighbourhood lizard refused to let me do so by dropping on my head. It gave me a shock of my life and wasted my precious 15 min trying to re-wash my hair again with shampoo and using the hair dryer to dry it.

And that's not the end of the tale of the lizard.

Because of that, I can't sleep properly and kept dreaming about lizards. I finally fell asleep after I dreamt that the lizard died... =.='''

And the next morning at Dover MRT station. While OK. Not Late. Good.

And met Zhenyi again? O.O
OMG she early?

And after that I headed to T3A32 with the guys. Ok. Not THAT crowded. Good.
The air-con still as strong as ever. But Yong Zhen no longer beside me. Because her body is usually hot so I'll just grab her arm and hold it. Lols.

But then, when we went to FC5 for lunch, we met Lester & his gang and I saw Yong Zhen too. :)
So I followed her all the way to her class at T5.

Then after the break ended, headed back to T3A and more talks and blah blah. I think only 20% or even less of what the lecturers said went into my head today.

One lecturer had a funny accent. 9 out of 10 sentences he said I don't understand!

Another one talked with a flat tone. (My Chem teacher used to talk like that too, that's how I got F9 for my Chem. :X)

And for some reason I felt like dying for the whole day until lessons were over for the day... Lols... >.<

Me EMO. Now also a LOT daiji le... >.<

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jolin~ Love & Live!!!

I was overjoyed when I saw Love & Live on sales in CD stores.
I was anticipating for it, although I didn't really show it... >.>

Well that was BEFORE I saw that I was cheated $1.95 by Music Junction because Love & Live was sold for $28.90 in Music Junction but it only cost $26.95 at CD-Rama!

Morale of Story: Don't go to Music Junction!!! :X

CD-Rama FTW!

The Cover of Love & Live~

With the irritating PG sticker... No idea why the Board of Film Censors always have to stick a sticker on my beautiful Jolin album. :X
I mean, since it's PG, no one will care about it. Since when any children go with their parents to buy a PG disc unless they have no money???

Inside Love & Live~ 6 songs from “越慢越美丽慢歌演唱会

The songs are awesome~!
Not to mention Jolin sang an old song from her first album:


Jolin should sing more old songs!!!

And I'm perfectly sure there's a small hole on the sticker of my Love & Live CD (on the left).
Another one more reason to support CD-Rama...

The 2 DVDs~

花蝴蝶庆功演唱会 & 越慢越美丽慢歌演唱会

I'd prefer the Slow Song concert compared to the normal concert.
It made me more engrossed than ever and my eyes were fixed upon the screen looking at Jolin's beautiful face. Furthermore, the camera didn't zoom in and out that often and it was fixed most of the times on Jolin.

Exactly what I liked the camera to do. XD

Not to mention Jolin talked more than ever in any of her concerts before. If she does more talking, she will leak more stuffs from her personal life~ Woots~ ^^

And the free calendar~ Woots~! XD

I think I'm retarded, took me a while to figure how to fit the calendar together... =.='''

And I thought the calendar is going to be big. LOLS.

Oh well~ Haha!!!

I've a habit of watching and listening to my new discs at a certain timing. Like Midnight. More Peaceful.

I understood why I liked that timing today.

While I was watching my last disc,花蝴蝶庆功演唱会, this afternoon, I swore my house gate at least banged twice, kids were running along the corridor, which was just beside the TV & even a garang guni came in to join the "fun". I was practically pissed off... =.='''

But anyway, back to the main point again.

I really like Love & Live. Because this is the first time I actually took and posted pictures of Jolin's album on my blog!!! XD

Forgot to add that, I like the lyrics book a lot too! This is the first time that so many of the description words in Jolin's lyrics book are in English. O.O But the main point is that the photos are beautiful too~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oops! Jealous

Yesterday I went to Hide-And-Seek to buy Oops! J for the first time in my life! :)

Must support Jolin, you know? XD

Even the carrier looks nice! XD

And the Oops! J icon on both sides! So cute!
But somehow it resembled something Xiao Gui drew before in his 2nd book... Hmm...

And you know something???
Even the box is so cute~!!! XD

Don't you think so?

The 3 bottles that I bought.
Buy 2 get 1 free. O.O

The photo is a little bit dark although it's in the morning... O.O

I find this feeling awfully familiar.
I think Jolin hold that bottle in her hand like this before too? Lols.

Anyway, I think the bottle is well-designed.
It fits nicely in the hand when you grasped it.

Not a good idea if it slips and fall, you know? >.>

And the shop owner of Hide-And-Seek is a fashion Designer who appeared on TV recently, known as Keith I think.

He thinks Jolin is really hardworking too. XD

But when I heard him talking about so many good points about Jolin, those were never the reasons that made me liked her in the first place and the reasons why I supported her till now.


After that Huiling and I somehow walked around Chinatown because she felt like going there.

2 Bo Liao people, talking about a Bo Liao subject and walking at a Bo Liao Shopping Center. O.O

And Guess what she saw?

The 1st time she walked passed she said she wanted to drink the Bubble Tea, then after that she said she wanted to eat the Xiao Long Bao. I was like. O.O

And and and, she even wanted to take photo together with that poster!!! >.>

So Embarrassing... ... ...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Carrot Ish Bored

Yes! I'm striving for PERFECTION by rotting at home... =.=

Come to think of it, I think the Holiday is a little bit too long? Nothing much to do at home now except for watching videos & reading books/online manga. I don't even have the mood to play games anymore...

Sick of lvling up & dcing at Maple... ... ... F5!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009


I don't feel like Sleeping...
I don't feel like Sleeping...

I don't feel like Sleeping...
But I'm going out tomorrow in the Morning...

I don't feel like Sleeping...
And that stupid Li Yi said her schedule very de booked...

I don't feel like Sleeping...
But I know I'm Sleepy & my back is aching because I'm not leaning on anything...

I don't feel like Sleeping...
And I just want to keep typing...

I don't feel like Sleeping...
I want to post something about my Eeyore!!!

After "bathing" and sitting on the metal thingies to dry...
(Looks a little bit like an old man...)

I don't feel like Sleeping...
But my Laptop batt is going to flat soon and I'm too lazy to charge it...

I don't feel like Sleeping...
I don't feel like Sleeping...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The only THING that I would be happy about...

Probably one of the few things that I would be happy about after I saw my results...

At least I'm not wasting the $1700++ school fees, not to mention the about $300 spent on materials during Orientation, as well as the perhaps $100 spent on printing fees and everything else.

The other thing that I was happy about after I saw my results:

Iain gave me an "A" for ONOW! In fact, I think he gave everyone in my class an "A" for ONOW as long as we submitted all the works that needed submitting!

And the LAST thing that I was happy about after I saw my results:

I got an average of "B" for HTI aka Philosophy (which somehow I said confidently when I first saw the year 2 seniors and they told me about it, and I said that I would have no problem in it).

The score that I saw, told me that, I had perfectly not much problem in crapping, except that I can't ace it. LOL.

The rest are just "C"s, except for OC (presentation thingy) which I got a "B" and I thought I ought to do better, since I'm presenting about Jolin anyway.



And yesterday, I spent quite a long time talking to a friend from the same course as me. He's few years my senior although he's the same year as me, but he knew a lot of stuffs due to frequent visits to the SD office. O.O

And he told me that there's 4 different roles in our FYP (Final Year Project):
- Group Leader
- Concept Artist
- Script Writer
- Coder/Programmer

Looking at the lists of roles, the only ones that I would probably be interested in are Concept Artist and Script Writer. But no one knows more than me that my ART is really CMI. Plus, Concept Artist's final submission is 40 full-coloured A3 pages. So... Not for ME...

As on the other hand, Script Writer has to submit some 100 pages thingy. I gave it a thought then I was like... Hmm... Might be possible for me if I had sufficient time which I supposed so. Not only that, I get to come out with most of the Character & Plots. XD

Just like what I wanted if I didn't realise that my language isn't good enough, thus changing my ambition numerous times, from a story writer to a game designer. (Although I was pretty sure I wanted to be a Script Writer too in the past. Well... That's the past anyway...)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh My God???!!!

Oh My God???!!!

Look! See! See what that free change face, skin colour & hair coupon did to my looks!!! O.O

This is an eyesore. Should I use real money to change back my looks or to something else so that it would at least be a pleasure looking at it?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

亲爱的依林姐,生日快乐!!!Happy Birthday!!!


(I know, I know, so mushy, nevermind, I vomit first. *Vomits*)


To Be Fit,
You Have To Be Both Physically & Mentally Healthy。




寻找你的Mr. Right。




Happy Birthday to Chan Li Yi!!!

Sorry. This post is 1 day late because I was busy playing Maple and plus I was at your house for the whole afternoon. (See, I got excuse.) Besides, I don't think someone posted a post specially on HER BLOG to wish me "Happy Birthday" anyway. If I'm not wrong, I think your post on that day was about Neopets.

Click to see LINK:

Carrot is not lying.


You may wonder the significant of me putting up this photo.

Firstly, it's drawn by me.

Secondly, it's drawn by me...





I don't think I need to go into detail to what those 2 represents.

But if you remember, that Carrot is my plushie.
And that Cat is called Fawn after you gave it a random name.

And this is one page of my Plushie Passport aka the Story of my Plushie, Carroty Chong. :P

I know you wouldn't see this till Thurs, unless you used Internet at JB.

But would you kindly right click that picture and save it in your lappy, then use it as your MSN display pic? :) Because I did that too. (But I didn't right click and save it. :P)

Carrot ish Gone CASE.

Yesterday I forgot is Chan Li Yi's Birthday.

Today I forgot is Jolin's Birthday.

Wow?? O.O

I actually forgot the birthday's of the one of the 2 most important people in my life??? O.O

Carrot ish Gone CASE.
Carrot ish Gone CASE.
Carrot ish Gone CASE.
Carrot ish Gone CASE.
Carrot ish Gone CASE.
Carrot ish Gone CASE.
Carrot ish Gone CASE.
Carrot ish Gone CASE.
Carrot ish Gone CASE.
Carrot ish Gone CASE.

All I can think of is my stupid Maple need to chiong to lvl 50.

Stupid Maple.
Acutally I quite like this account though.
Because of the free bandanas and cash shop items.

Must... Must... Chiong... To... Level... 50...!!!

If only I could STOP DCING in MAPLE!!! What the hell. I can dc up to once in every 5 mins in most maps. Except for pq and mc. O.O

And my stupid backache. *Ouch*

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I think...

I'm back to normal again. :)

The old Carrot who loves to rot at home is back again!!! XD


I got freaking problem, emo for more than a week...

But anyway, after Wed's outing, I'm okay again. :)

Oh yah, Wed's outing, Zhenyi that gua 大牌, made me & Zi He waited for her for 1 and a half hours. And I had to pay extra $2 for overstaying in the MRT station. =.='''

I learnt my lesson, next time must give her morning call 2 hours in advance. =.='''

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Ever since the start of my holidays, I'm kind of depressed. Sad over something. Emo over something. Got bored at almost everything. And I would rather spend a whole day outside than with my laptop, playing games.

I think I lost my laughter.

Carrot with no laughter makes an emo Carrot.

But someone brought back my smile again.

With her crap talk of a "Li Yi" Card that I needed to use to book her.

Then I crapped back saying that I already had a "Carrot" Card which gives me the priority to everything.

The drawings are so cute!
Of course I'll screenshot it down!

Back to Kranji!

Wow. That sounds... Weird?

I don't know. For my case, Secondary education had never been the best part of my life. So yah, how come my title sounds as though I'm happy to go back to Kranji???

I'm only happy to see my teachers again but only SOME.
Like Miss Audrey Lee!
Literature Rocks!
Lit FTW!

And we didn't really stay there for very long, just pop in there for a while before meeting Amy at Lot 1.

For some reason, Angeline came along with me, Yuit Ping & Joey. So... Erm... A little awkward.
And since Yp said she wanted to eat at Subway and I don't have a good impression of breads, me and Angeline when somewhere else to eat.

Then after that, Amy "popped" out.
(Aiyo, ever since I know Zhenyi that gua now everyone also become guas and pop out liao lah. :x)

And she go buy Taiwan fried chicken that don't know took her how long to finish.

(My English got problem sia, in this post. Don't Care. :x)

At first we wanted to watch movie, but the show that me & Yp is interested in only starts at 7.30pm. But Joey got to go home early. So final decision - Amy's House. XD

But go there like sian sian. Then I also suffering from "depression" cause I miss Class 58 too much. We also like play everything also sian.

Poker Cards also Sian.

Card Games also Sian.

Board Games also Sian.

Good lor. Wonderful. Then they decided to play sports.

So we played Basketball but had to walk quite a distance to get to a Basketball court which no one was using. And they bullied me. T.T
3 VS 1 Cause they said my Basketball skills are better.

After that I think less Sian liao.

Then for some reason I didn't feel like going home,

So I accompanied Amy to Lot 1 to buy her favourite pen to give Miss Serene Lai. (Don't know what's her freaking problem... Teachers' Day gift should buy Miss Lai's favourite pen mah.)

Anyway, fast forward to the part where I was at Roof Top Garden eating potato chips cause not full enough. And I was like gazing at the entrance to Roof Top Garden because I know some people from my class lives around CCK area so I down there hoping can see them.

And I saw a familiar figure, with that familiar dress and familiar bag walking pass (although not that clear) but I was sure I know her.

And I saw Evelyn. :)

So Happy. :)

I siao le lah. Miss 58 so much, I see someone from 58 also happy. Scarely see someone from 57 also happy. Lols.

Then after that back to normal liao. No longer depressed or emo liao.


My English got Freaking Problem in this post nia. After effects of emoing for few days. Lmao.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Class 58!


We came a long way.

From winning the "Amazing Race" during Orientation to painting the walls at T1441-4, followed by Brick Boys, Plushies, Wire Sculptures, Linocut, Silkscreen, Labyrinth, Portfolio, Dossier and a hell lot of assignments.

Although it was only 4 months, it felt as though we had been together for one year (because of the long hours spent at school together to chiong finish our assignments). O.O

Now it's really time to say goodbye.
And the only time we can spent together again next semester is during HTI. O.O

The BEST & WORST 4 months that I ever had.
You'll all be missed.
Class 58 FTW!

And we seriously need to take a new photo. ==

Monday, August 24, 2009

Down to the LAST ONE!

I've no exams because I'm in Design School. That's good and bad at the same time.

Good - No exams. No need to memorise stuffs. Plus I've holidays earlier. XD
Bad - "No exams. No need to memorise stuffs. Plus I've holidays earlier." means that I've lesser time to complete my pile of assignments.

Well fortunately I'm down to the last one. But there isn't much time and I'm here slacking. WOW.

At least Portfolio is over!!! YAY! XD

Spent the whole day at the printing shop today. :x

I went with 3 other people.
4 people = 4x more discussion = 4x slower making decision = 4x time delayed

Well at least it was faster than the last time when I went to the printing shop with *ahem* someone.

Now I'm left with HTI Dossier. Not quite sure how to start exactly. But I got a rough idea I suppose.



Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Last Lap. 最难的煎熬。

My assignments are down to last two before I officially graduate from Common Foundation (if I can pass all my modules). But this last 2 assignments are giving me a hell of a headache.

Yesterday, me, Yong Zhen, Pris & Zi He went crazy over the discussion of it. Cause they required us to print out after doing and blah blah blah (basically a lot of requirements). =.=''' And they wanted to print today but I haven't even start yet! O.O

So I said I wanted to print tomorrow but they are afraid that not a lot of print shops are opened tomorrow... =.=

School of Design is tough.

So Teachers' Day when I go back to my Secondary School, I'm going to psycho people to come in by wearing the shirt I printed while I was doing Silkscreen. :P

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blogger got problems, I got problems, We all have problems...


Seriously, I think Blogger got problem lah.


Few days ago it can't load properly and now it is perfectly fine. Fortunately the problem didn't persist otherwise I might consider a change of blogs. =.='''


Lots of homework not done and I'm happily slacking away.
Especially my FDS 3D Model based on our tessellation which is due this Friday.
I even wasted my long National Day holidays chionging a Taiwanese drama called "Fated to Love You" (“命中注定我爱你”).

Yah. Channel U got show.
But the anticipation of the next thing that will happen in the show "woke" my chiongster mentality up.

HTI Journal not done.

VAS Silkscreen not done.

GC (no idea what to do) 100 shots + 2 best shots?

And plus a whole bunch of sketchbooks which needed to be filled up. Not to mention the portfolio...

BDC figure drawing next week. (Need to make my charcoal stick thinner... =.=''')

Modules that no longer needs fretting:

ONOW (Done long, long ago...)

OC (Done today but I think I missed quite a few points. Results satisfactory but not good enough. T.T)


Who don't???

Thursday, July 30, 2009

No Longer STRESS!!!

Yes! My stress period is finally over! My OC lecturer said that my content is okay and my slides just need a little bit of modification.

For HTI I got the photocopied version of the book that I need to prepare for my seminar.

I did some homework today while I was hanging out with Li Yi while waiting for our SPOT (Singapore Polytechnic Outstanding Talent) briefing to start.

I got into SPOT. Although I had no idea how I got in. "O" level results? I don't think it's based on my semester 1 results.

And Li Yi thought that it's impossible for her to get in with her "O" level results so it's the semester 1 results they used to select the students eligible for this programme??? O.O

And throughout the whole briefing they practically propaganda us to join. Although I think I've doubts of joining. But the thought that someone thought I was outstanding was good. :) At least not OUT STANDING! Lols!

Li Yi will probably kill me if I say I'm not joining. Cause she's excited that we are actually attending the same thing together.
We've been separated for 4 years since primary school. T.T

And oh, my SPOT rep is my dear lecturer, Elaine! That's a good news I suppose? At least I don't have to go all over SP to search for her? O.O

Blogger seems to be normal again. At least for Internet Explorer?

My life seemed normal again? I supposed. I was so emo this afternoon. =.=

I only ate about 50% of my food or even less. And I took 1 hour to finish a cup of drink which I could easily finish in 15 min... =.='''

Life seemed bad at that time. The leap from my common foundation into my specialisation (Games Design & Development) course seemed almost impossible to cross with all those assignment deadlines drawing close together in one go!!! X_x

Oh, and I almost got a shock of my life when I saw my 3 lecturers together today. Lols!

I was making my way to the library to photocopy my HTI stuff when I saw Shirlynn and Huei Hoon. In my mind I was thinking, "Ok, it's them." when I saw them. But all of a sudden, Peggy called me and that gave me a shock of my life! Lols!

Oh well, they all seemed to know me. Haha! Maybe I made too much noise in class? :P

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jolin Tsai - OC Individual Presentation

Okay I'm scared of OC now. As seen from my topic, I'm doing a presentation about Jolin.

Jolin is my everything, so I'll do my best in presenting about her.

But I got a big problem here. Seems that my structure is wrong, according to my lecturer. And not only that, if I exceeded 10 min while presenting, marks will be deducted... I know I'll have a tendency to exceed because I support Jolin for 6 years. To put it simply, I can talk about Jolin for the whole day if I want.

That's a big problem. Ah~ I shall time myself during the presentation, just like how I time myself for 2.4km run. =.='''

I shall correct this sentence, "
Jolin is my everything, so I'll do my best in presenting about her."

Not only is Jolin my everything, OC is my everything too because that's the only module I seemed to be able to score well in, other than ONOW (of course)...

This is getting scary... Change Topic...
To something happier for me. :)

Since I'm on the topic of Jolin, when I went to to search for photos for my powerpoint slides, I met Jolin online!!! In the forum though... But still... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And our names are together~ :)

Side by Side~ XD

Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Celebrations? No...

As you can read from my topic, no birthday celebrations at all. Partly my fault, partly my lecturers fault (because of the assignments they gave)... Actually, Yuit Ping kept asking me to go out but I was the one who requested to push it all the way to our September holidays. Lols!

Oh well, at least I can go out with a peace of mind at that time. Nowadays, my assignments can come in one whole pile in one go without any warning at all so I can't just happily plan to go out, and the next minute, I'll have a whole pile of assignments that can't be finished.

No one understands how I feel except for my classmates...

Well, at least I no longer have any more BDC homework~!!! YAY!!! Submitted my workbook & sketckbook last Wednesday! But for BDC, we still have to hand in another drawing of human figures...

FDS - Tessellations DONE!

Tessellation 1 - Monochrome

Tessellation 2 - Colours
(Almost got a shock of my life when I uploaded those photos just now without converting the colours from CMYK [for printing] to RGB [for web]... The colours totally changed... =.=''')

When printing 2 days ago with Zi He & Zhenyi. Actually it wouldn't be that long, if we weren't waiting for Zhenyi to do finish all her club stuffs before trying some test printing. Then she stress lols, cause she faced a lot of problems. Stress until didn't hear her handphone ringing. Haha. Okay, don't badmouth her liao. :x

After going into our respective courses in semester 2, the person that Zi He & I'll miss most will most probably be Zhenyi. No more entertainment in class. T.T For some reasons, Zi He & I are the only people in our class who feel that we're continuously entertained by her. Haha! XD

Oh yah, and that will also be the time that we bade farewell to the rest of our classmates. T.T
And also the time when I'll see a HUGE DECREASE in the number of girls in my class. T.T

I can go on ranting about the rest of my modules but I don't want. Not much happy moments for them for the recent assignments.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me~!

Ok. Maybe this year's birthday isn't that "Happy" because I actually still had quite a lot of unfinished work left. For example, Graphics Communication's homework dateline is tomorrow and up till now I still have totally no clue what to do... T.T

Well at least I finished, BDC, FDS & VAS for now.

And since it's my birthday, Eeyore who is my birthday present last year, is celebrating his ONE YEAR OLD BIRTHDAY too!!! (Although I'm not sure whether he's bought on my actual birthday itself.)


And oh yah, another photo I took for VAS and made it black and white (because they want us to).

One of my favourites. O.O

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rotting at home for the no. xxx time...

Although now is definitely not the best time to rot and do nothing but playing online games. Cause quarantine at home just means that now all our assignments had to be done at home and posted online (aka facebook) to show our lecturers.

So recently my new friends on facebook are all lecturers. *Gasp*

*Pray they don't click on my blog link on facebook =.='''*

Ever since last Wednesday, I had been playing Maple Story.

From my Night Walker in Aquilla -> Dragon Knight in Aquilla -> (back to) Night Walker in Aquilla (again).

And I got so bored I started playing my Gunslinger in Fornax.

And I took one classic screenshot.
3 ghosts in MC. LOL!

Cause we were playing swap and it's the other pt turn to win. So we can't kill, letting them win. Might as well die! Lols! Haha!

Actually I think I died first, because gunslinger's attack is really pathetic. =.='''

Wednesday, July 15, 2009






This is probably the best thing that can ever happen to me during my busy term 2 at poly!

So basically we had combine lectures with other classes today, and it turned out that one girl from the other class got H1N1, and thus all the classes that had lectures together with that girl got quarantine! Lols! XD

But Zhen Yi really 赚到 lor!
She didn't come for lectures today and still get to stay at home for a week!
Or maybe she should come to school tomorrow? :P
Then we all chat with her ONLINE. Haha!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

When I went to Food Court 5~

When I went to Food Court 5 yesterday, amazingly everyone was studying there.

Except for me and my group of friends because SCHOOL OF DESIGN HAS NO EXAMS!!!

Anyway, the main point is that I saw CHAN LI YI at Food Court 5!

Ah~ I haven't seen her for a long time, then I missed her so much I didn't want to walk away...

When I told her this, she pushed me away and asked me to go... >.<

我跟 Li Yi (how to write your Chinese name?) 好有缘哦~
Practically almost everytime I went to somewhere near Food Court 5 I'll see her.


Chan Li Yi's Birthday - 14th September
Jolin Tsai's Birthday - 15th September

I like Virgos! Lols!

And the last time I went on a cruise, it's called Superstar Virgo.

Okay, lame sia... =.='''

And I don't see the point of coming to school yesterday,

For VAS, after Louis debrief us about our next project and telling us the materials to buy, we were let off 2 hours earlier at about 10am. (And we started class at 9am.) So we rotted at the library for 2 hours... o.O

Then after that we went for OC (and my group didn't even need to present today), and there's no ONOW too so we were let off early to go home again~ XD

(It's rare that I can get to feel the warmth emitting out from the sun when I'm making my way home.)

Because I'm usually released around 5pm! So I can get to experience Sunset instead. Plus a train packed like sardines... =.='''

Monday, June 29, 2009

I want to announce something too~

Ahem... Caroline Chong Chun Fung here.

I want to declare something too after reading Chan Li Yi's recent post:

I AM SO TOUCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First Day Back to School...

Not the best topic to write about but life has become more interesting ever since I went to Design. XD

But first, I shall start with some little things that happened just before holiday ends.


Currently, my Baby Eeyore is undergoing one of the stages of the water cycle called "Evaporation" because I accidentally dropped it on the floor and it became dirty. So my Eeyore had to take a bath. X_x

And not only that, I finally became a Dragon Knight!!!
To show all those that has no idea what is a Dragon Knight...

And yup, I'm still doing Orbis PQ, need to get about another 9 feathers before I can get the bracelet. But I heard from others that it's really hard to obtain the bracelet after getting 40 feathers.

And today, when I told Yong Zhen about my 3rd job advance, she told me how she did her job advance for a Priest.

She had to use Magic Claw to attack the boss and the boss is really strong plus it can summon tauromacis and her hp is so pathetic and they kept attacking her...

After hearing it, I laughed so hard she thought I went nuts! Lols!!!

And for FDS (Foundation Design Studio) today, we had to DRAW WITHOUT THINKING! o.O

Not only that, we had to draw really, really, really slow, like a snail crawling through the paper. *Faints* A lot of people seemed to fall asleep while drawing it! Lols! And Priscilla who was sitting beside me went to sleep after drawing for a while. LOL!

This is the end product after drawing really, really, really slow and really, really, really long...

I'm currently still experiencing my craziness over Jolin.
So... Can you spot Jolin's name in my drawing?

Although we are supposed to draw without thinking. But I can't help myself. It's so boring and the first person I thought of was Jolin... >.<
Don't tell my lecturers, okay? :P

Click on image to enlarge.

So can you spot it?

I wrote Jolin's name twice.

I'm going to reveal the answer...



Give it a try first!


Here goes~

Here's the answer. Did you managed to spot it?
Click on image to enlarge. XD

You thought DRAWING WITHOUT THINKING is easy? Didn't you.
No. Actually you're wrong. Half-way through drawing, either your mind wanders off somewhere else or you'll fall asleep.

Even if you aren't bored over what you're drawing, you'll be bored at the speed you're drawing at.

And not only that, look at the portion of the drawing I've only completed! o.O
It's on an A2 paper. *Faints again*

After FDS, it's lunch break and suddenly, we were enthu about going to Food Court 1, hadn't been there for weeks. Haha!

And then, we had our next lesson, BDC (Basic Drawing Class). Sian... Haix... *Sighs*

But I think this week was okay, because we didn't had to emo for few hours without talking and drawing still life on a large piece of A2 paper with charcoal in a dark room with only a lamp shining...

This term, we are learning how to draw humans and so we go back to the very basic.

The Human Structure aka BONES. o.O

And we had to draw the front and side view of a human skull. o.O

After that, we were supposed to do 2 workbook exercises in class but I only managed to finish one, my friends too.

So the exercise that I did was to draw the side view of a human.

Introducing my Model~

Zhen Yi!!!

Actually it's our model because Zi He & Arina drew Zhen Yi's side view too.

At first I wanted to draw Zi He cause he was sitting beside me, then I saw Zhen Yi and I thought that she would be easy to draw because her hair covers most of her face :P. Except for the part when she kept moving...

The End Drawing

Not bad I think, at least it looked like her. XD