Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to Keming...

Actually Li Yi and I planned to go back to Keming during Chinese New Year eve but because Li Yi has to work, we pushed our visit forward. And also because Li Yi has to work, we had to combine few activities in a day.

So firstly, yesterday, I met Raewen and Yuit Ping at Yew Tee MRT station before bringing them to see Bonnie like what I had promised them long ago. Yuit Ping was rather late because she sat the MRT heading the wrong direction... o.O

We played with Bonnie for a long time and the 2 of them started taking photos of Bonnie the "star" dog. Amazingly, Bonnie ate anything that's on the ground, including TREE BRANCHES. I wonder what's so nice about tree branches, yucks... ...

After that, we had lunch (or brunch for me & Li Yi) at Li Yi's house consisting of instant noodles and pizzas. And the 4 of us drank 1.5 litres of Mug Root Beer... o.O

And somehow, I managed to persuade Yuit Ping to go back to Keming with Li Yi and I. And so we headed back. Li Yi's Gu Ma brought us inside. Sadly, all the teachers that we wanted to find were not in the staff room. But Li Yi suddenly saw 林老师 (our Primary 5 Chinese teacher) somewhere near the Canteen in the video camera installed in the General Office (or whatever it's called) and we immediately rushed out.

Instead of finding him, we found my Primary 6 form teacher, Miss Inpa, and started talking to her. And told her my miserable English grade and my not-so-bad Maths grades... She remembered me, including my name. XD Probably, I was too talkative in the past?

My ex-Chinese teacher, Miss Tay (Primary 3 Chinese teacher), remembered me too! XD She was sitting beside Miss Inpa. They said I didn't changed a lot compared to other students. Haha!

And another female teacher came as well. I forgot her name but I know she used to be Head of Science but now she's the VP I think.

After that, another male teacher came by (no idea who he is because he didn't teach us before) and we started talking to him again as we were waiting for recess so that more teachers would come down to the canteen.

And Yuit Ping said she wanted to look at the canteen stores afterwards so I accompanied her. Even the canteen aunty found me familiar! Lols! But not for Yuit Ping because her hair changed a lot...

While we were waiting, I saw Miss Tay again and asked her to helped me find 林老师. 林老师 slowly popped his head out of the door to look at his visitors (us). And he remembered me too, including my Chinese name!

At first he said, “你的名字有什么“凤”?”
And I said, “对对对!”

Then after that he guessed my name to be “春凤” because he think it couldn't be “北凤”. o.O Oh well, at least he guessed correctly...

And just then, the primary 1s started flocking down because it's their recess. And I saw my Primary 1 form teacher, Miss Deanna Koh (forgot how to spell her name again, haha)! I wanted to talk to her in the past (when I was in upper Primary) but I didn't dare to because she seemed rather fierce compared to the past when I first known her.

But anyway, I decided I shall talk to her and so we went forward. She said she found me familiar and Yuit Ping too (the first time someone found Yuit Ping familiar). I told her she was my form teacher in Primary 1 10 years ago and she said that makes her kind of old now. But I told her to think positive. Lols!

We exchanged handphone numbers and after that, when I had nothing else to say, we left to find other teachers. Oh, and she mentioned that 10 years ago, we were all little angels compared to the children now... Aww~

The next teacher we found was Mrs Gill (I think that's how it's spelt), but we had to wait for a while as she had to dismiss the students in the canteen queueing up back to their classes as well as her own PE class students.

Mrs Gill was my CCA teacher (IT Club). After waiting for don't know how long, she came back to where we were and talked to us. She asked about our grades (as all the other teachers did) and about the schools we wanted to go to (same as all the other teachers). She also mentioned that we were little angels back in the past compared to the monsters now. Lols! XD

But I felt kind of uneasy when I talked to her. Maybe because she was fierce in front of the primary school students but kind in front of us.

Mrs Gill was the last teacher we met before leaving the school (or that's what I thought). Li Yi said she wanted to see her Gu Ma so we followed her into some room in the school that I had never been before.

We stayed there for some time before leaving. Oh, and Li Yi's Gu Ma remembered me too but only as "Carrot"... >.>

When we were leaving and walking around somewhere at the carpark. I saw another teacher who was rather fierce (not one of the teachers I liked but anyway, she didn't taught me before). She is Miss Jasmine Koh I think.

After that, I saw a familiar figure in a car and realised it's Pillow (nickname for my primary 5 form teacher, Mrs Pauline Leong). So I ran forward and chatted with her. I thought she left and probably I wouldn't get a chance to see her again for don't know how long...

And after all that, we officially left Keming and headed for Jurong Point to collect Li Yi's new spectacles and had our dinner there (bloated from eating too much again). However, we didn't get to shop like we had planned because we spent too much time at Keming.

But I still ended up penniless when I went home because I bought the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Guidebook as well as Rainie Yang's 3rd Edition of her album, Not Yet a Woman (半熟宣言).

And just, just before we went home, I alighted at Bukit Gombak with Li Yi to wait for her to cut her hair and for her hair to do treatment. We waved Good-Bye to Yuit Ping who was in the MRT. Lols!

She asked me to withdraw money using her card but somehow because I didn't try it before and maybe the machine was faulty, I couldn't withdraw money. But I realised afterwards that I pressed the correct buttons (because I tried withdrawing money from a different machine and succeeded). I wasn't the one who went wrong, it's indeed the machine!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass

The main character of Code Geass, Lelouch.

Japan had fallen into the hands of Britannia, and ever since then it's known as Area 11. From then on, Japanese were known as Elevens.

Code Geass is about a student named Lelouch who met a girl named C.C. on a terrorist truck by chance. Lelouch went forward to check out if the people in the truck (he didn't know they were terrorists are first) were safe when they crashed into a building. However, the terrorists suddenly drove the truck away and carried Lelouch with them when they were chased by Britannia soldiers.

When Lelouch's life was threatened by Britannia soldiers, C.C. saved him and got shot on her head by a bullet. At that moment, Lelouch was afraid that his life would end there before he could even accomplished anything. Just then, he heard a voice in his head, C.C. talked to him and said that she would grant him a power but he had grant one of her wishes in return.

Lelouch accepted the contract.

The power he had gotten was Geass. The power to make anybody follow his orders with total obedience. And the second power he had gotten was the Black Knights, an organisation that Lelouch set up with the terrorists he met at the very start.

With the help of the Geass and the Black Knights, Lelouch was determined to find the reason for the death of his mother and avenged his mother's death, killed his father (the King of Britannia) and create a peaceful world for his sister, Nunnally.

When okto first aired it on TV and I first watched it, the first thing that came into my mind was that the Japanese are showing it in an anime how badly they suffered when a country attacked them and they didn't even considered how badly Singapore suffered when the Japanese invaded Singapore during World War 2 and especially during the Japanese Occupation!

Anyway, after realising how awesome the storyline was, that didn't mattered to me anymore, besides it's all history. Perhaps my summary wasn't that good because my English is pretty bad so the storyline seems pretty weird.

This anime is something comparable to D.Gray-Man but sadly it didn't have that many episodes. Anyway, D.Gray-Man sometimes gets quite boring too because the story was too dragged so short and sweet might be a pretty good option too.

RuneScape Christmas Gift Pack

My mind was completely occupied with the submitting of the choices and that Li Yi will be going to SP with me so I totally forgot about this.

My Mother ordered for me the RuneScape Christmas Gift Pack as a Christmas present for me. But it arrived during the Chinese New Year period...

Actually, I only wanted the book but since I saw that there was this pack that cost 19.90 pounds, I decided that I should buy this, but I didn't know that the stupid shipping charge costed $40+ Singapore dollars!!! So overall this pack costed almost $100 Singapore dollars! Luckily, my Mother offered to pay for me. XD

When the postman delivered this pack to my house, I didn't hear someone knocking so I had to go to the Post Office to collect it. The postman stuffed a piece of paper in my gate to notify me to collect the package and at first I thought that it's another one of those flyers, so I was about to throw it away. And I was going to throw it down the rubbish bin in the HDB flat that is connected to the main dustbin!!!

Fortunately, the dustbin lever is spoilt so no matter how I stepped on it, the lid wouldn't open and I didn't thought of using my hands to open the lid. When I was taking the lift down to my grandma house (thinking of throwing the paper at the dustbin on that level), I was staring at that piece of paper and suddenly realised it's from the post office!!! Thank goodness I didn't throw it away! Phew~

Anyway the Pack consists:

The 1st RuneScape novel: Betrayer at Faladour
Not bad, after reading the first few pages and I didn't imagine it to be 400 pages thick!

A Dragon Armour T-Shirt.
Maybe it doesn't look nice at first glance but it actually looks pretty cool when I wore it! XD

And a RuneScape Wall Calendar.
I forgot to read in details that it's a WALL Calendar, I thought it was a desktop calendar, so now I'm trying to figure where should I hang this... Hmm... (No space... T.T)

Friday, January 16, 2009

JAE 2009 Part 2

I probably didn't mention some stuffs yesterday (or this morning) because I was in a rush to off the computer and I was tired. Well, at least now I don't have to worry about choosing the courses any more.

Anyway, when I was deciding which courses to put, I got a big headache (same for everyone else I supposed). I only know my 1st 2 choices and the rest were a complete blank (or half blank). I couldn't ask my Mother cause she stopped schooling at Secondary 4. And I was too lazy to go back to school to consult the teachers...

Luckily, I got one teacher's MSN and she so happened to be online because she didn't go to school on that day as she was sick. She's my Lit teacher. My hand was freezing when I was chatting to her online (scared) and I didn't do well for my Lit either...

Well, at least it's someone I could ask, so when I told her I wanted to go Games Design and Development, she replied with "Interesting..." (Instead of discouraging me to go which I supposed most people would do) And she told me that since I wanted to go into Games Design, I should probably choose courses that would enable me to be that like Animation, etc.

So ever since then, I'm roughly able to come out with more courses rather than being stuck at the 1st few...

Oh and I forget to mention that I somehow typed the JAE pin no. wrongly in my 1st attempt to log in and I thought there's something wrong with the system or I'm at the wrong page. Luckily, after the 2nd try, I logged in and started typing in the courses code. I finished roughly around the time when Li Yi finished. I didn't take long to type in the courses, I took a LONG time to confirm that I type in the correct courses code...

Oh, and before that I was teaching Li Yi how to use screenshot to take down her choices. We can't print because my printer is kind of faulty (and dusty) and Li Yi has no printer...

Li Yi's side of story (she told us to blog about the JAE thingy together): http://snowy-sparky.livejournal.com/8068.html

JAE 2009

I "met" Li Yi online about an hour ago to post in our choices together. But I carelessly forgot ALL about my JAE pin no. and left it at my grandma house, so I got to rush all the way up and down. And when I was at my grandma house, I suddenly remembered I had one cup of unfinished milk so I drank it... Lols... Anyway, that's not the main point...

Actually, I only submitted my courses just now. And without much amendment, as in the courses I had put in there are fixed, I wouldn't take out any or add any other courses. Except I shifted them around a few times (in my brain) cause I'm too lazy to rewrite the courses codes again... Haha... XD

So Li Yi and I logged in together and submitted the courses together.

Here are our courses choices:

My Choices with Games Design and Development as the Top Priority and I'll definitely appeal if I didn't get inside.

Li Yi's choices and she just assured me that she'll get inside SP for my sake, right?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"O" Levels - Results

Am I sad? No, I'm not sad.
Am I happy? No, I'm not very happy but I'm still quite happy!

Well what I can say, my results are not bad considering the fact that I can still play computer games and watch TV during the "O" levels period. (According to my mother.) I got more As than I expected, lesser Bs than what I expected and more Cs that I didn't even know would exist...

Firstly, everything related to English was done badly, both English and English literature.
One more grade and I would failed.
I got C6 for both. (The Cs that I didn't even know would exist. Actually I sort of predicted it, it's just that I didn't know that it will really happened...)
Which is kind of sad.
And that dear cat friend of mine asked, "So did you still have your skin?" Because I told her that my English teacher would skin me alive if I didn't do well.
Maybe I'm not really that sad that my English didn't do well because I kind of expected it. I'm just sad that I made Miss Yong disappointed. 起码她看得开,不然我会很惨,没有啦,我真的不想让她失望,但是我的英文一向来都不是很好啊!

Actually, I kind of avoided Miss Yong at first. When I finally thought that she wouldn't see me because she walked passed me without noticing me, I still ended up talking to her because she saw Amy and was talking to Amy... >.> Then I had to stand around that area because I'm waiting for Amy. Miss Yong almost knocked my head again... >.> Well at least I said something to Miss Yong before leaving the school forever, so that I wouldn't feel that guilty...

And Raewen was avoiding Miss Lee because she didn't do that well for Lit and English I suppose. But of course still better than me!
However, when we were about to leave the school, Miss Lee saw the both of us and gave us a pat on the shoulder. Wonder what that means? I know Miss Lee would be sad, even I'm sad, 95.5% passes for Lit (I think) and 0% distinction.
Then Serene must 添油加醋, say my Lit jialat. I also know it's jialat... >.>

Secondly, both Maths were pretty good.
At least it's good compared to my prelim results.
I got A2 for both. (One part of the more As than I expected.)
I really got to thank my mother for that because she told me that my Maths used to be good and I got to do well for it. So ever since then, I sort of worked quite hard for it...

Thirdly, so far all my subjects under the same category got the same grade. For example, English & English Literature, Elementary Maths & Additional Maths.
Since I only had one science because I dropped Chemistry, there are no other similar subjects with Physics.
Physics is the only B I got and I'm super happy about it! Because it's not a low B, it's a B3!!! (Lesser Bs than what I expected, I thought I would be getting straight Bs...)
I had been failing Physics even since the start of last year. Even if I did pass, it's only by a few mere points.
I was clapping and cheering till I almost cried when I saw the statistics and it showed 100% passes for Physics!!!

Lastly, both Chinese and Combined Humanities (SS/Elect. Hist.) got A1!!! (The other part of the more As than I expected. I didn't thought I would really get another A1!)
At first I didn't notice I had another A1. Sort of like skipped Comb. Hum. when I was looking at the grades.
When I noticed it I was overjoyed! At least my brain didn't burst from all those memorising for nothing!
Chinese and Combined Humanities may not really be under the same category but it's something similar. I mean they're something like Language/Humanities. And they both start with C! Lols...

So overall my L1R5 is 15 and my L1R4 is 12. The only stupid thing is that because my grade for English is so BIG, my L1 grade and my R4 grade is the same... >.>

And most of my friends are so smart, their L1R5 range from 8-12 and I'm not in that range... >.> Well at least I made a huge jump compared to my prelim L1R5, I jumped by 12 grades! XD

Anyway, congrats to Joey Lim!!! Top student!!! Woot~
I'm truly happy for you, seriously. I clapped and cheered very loud when I saw your photo on the screen, okay? At least I'm better than those other 2 who made you carry their paper bags... XD

Saturday, January 10, 2009

"O" Levels Results - Out Soon

"O" Levels results are going to be released soon. This coming Monday at 2pm.

And this is exactly part of how I feel now, emo.
The other part is worried and scared... X_x

Although I don't seemed worried, according to a lecturer I met at Singapore Polytechnic.

Yes, I went to Singapore Poly Open House today! It's amazing, because it's the first time I'm concerned about my future school. Or hopefully, it'll be my future school...

I should have been there early because I didn't know that I could tour around the Poly and look at the various facilities inside the building for each particular course.

I intended to meet with Li Yi to go with me to the Open House but somehow things cropped up and she couldn't go. So Amy volunteered to go with me. This is probably the 3rd time that she had been there, including the time when we were forced by our school to go last year.

Since both of us are too lazy to go there early in the morning, I met Amy at 4pm at Yew Tee MRT station. And the Open House ends at 6pm. So we have sufficient time to tour around the booths at SP but insufficient time to look at the facilities of the course that both of us want to go to.

Upon reaching there, lecturers started coming up to us and talk to us. And the first question that they asked, "Are you getting your results soon?", "Have you taken "O" levels?", etc. Super irritating and Amy and I were asked this similar question about 5 times...

After we got bored looking at the booths, I suddenly realised that we could take the shuttle bus to look at the buildings at SP. So we boarded it. Since it reached the building with the course that Amy wanted to go in first, we alighted there first.

And we got lost trying to find our way. Until one kind soul realised that we're lost and offered to help us find our way.

Amy wanted to go in Music and Audio Technology. Actually the course is pretty cool. They let us listen to the songs that their seniors composed and it's pretty good. They even gave us the CDs containing the songs that we heard, lols. XD

We were also brought to the recording room too. Luckily I got the excuse that I accompanied my friend here so I wasn't dragged into the next room to try singing... o.O

Anyway, I told Amy it's pretty interesting and somehow she persuaded me into considering to put that course in one of my choices. Sadly I didn't get to go to look at the facilities for the course that I wanted... T.T Well at least I asked the lecturer all I wanted to know... XD

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Recently, I'm spending my days in front of the computer until I'm quite sick of it. Although beforehand I didn't imagine that too happen... Well, that's perhaps I didn't know my computer can lag that badly.

Recently, I also received news from my friends that "O" levels release date is 12th Jan, although I'm not very sure but I supposed that's the confirmed date.

"O" levels is distant yet scary.

Distant = It happened quite long ago, during last year so it's history... XD
Scary = Results... X_x

However that dear Li Yi, enthu kid, is happily finding the courses she wants to get in.
For me, I'm still waiting for the results before I choose, just in case I give myself false hopes.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!!!

At the start of this year, I decided I shall change my blog's wallpaper.

The designing of the wallpaper didn't take up a lot of time, it is the lagging part afterwards (when I modified the layout) that takes up most of the time. My computer lags 24/7 and New Year day isn't an exception.

Every wallpaper I created at that moment mostly represents the person/thing that I like at that moment. So this wallpaper, featuring Rainie Yang, is my current favourite singer now (and forever and ever?). I'm not sure how long this will last, but I got a feeling, it will be pretty long.

Jolin of course is not forgotten, she will always be at the top of the list in the past, present and future!

This New Year is going to be better than last year, I suppose. At least I don't have to go to school tomorrow! XD

However, compared to last year of fearing of Secondary 4 life and phobia of going back to school, this year worrying of the "O" levels results isn't going to be any better either. So at the mean time, I shall enjoy my LONG holiday.

And my dear computer, please don't hang... >.>'''